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Air Armament Symposium

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1 Air Armament Symposium
4-5 Oct 05 Maj Gen Jack Catton HQ ACC/A8

2 Setting the Stage Joint & Combined Operations are here to stay
What Today’s Weapons bring to the Joint Fight What Future Weapons need to bring to the Joint Fight

3 Joint Warfare Joint force’s two main strengths:
A diverse set of capabilities inherent in the various services and other organizations that comprise the force An exceptional ability to integrate those capabilities in pursuit of a common aim Supporting the Joint War Fighter seen through our ACC/A8 lens: Acquire Sustain Modernize Weapons support Joint Warfare Attributes

4 Joint Attributes Knowledge empowered Networked Interoperable
Expeditionary Adaptable / Tailorable Enduring / Persistent Precise Fast Resilient Agile Lethal CAPSTONE CONCEPT for JOINT OPERATIONS Version 2.0 July 2005

5 Weapons Capabilities (ACC/A8’s Top 8)
Adverse weather capable More precise Increased carriage Extended range Improved mobile target kill Increased flexibility Warhead versatility Data linked In support of Joint Attributes

6 Persistent, Resilient, Lethal
Adverse Weather Tomorrow Technologies GPS, INS Guidance Seekers Automatic Target Recognition SDB I & II WCMD-ER JASSM Today JSOW Effects Deny Weather sanctuary Navigation and impact accuracy JDAM WCMD MK-80 Series Yesterday Persistent, Resilient, Lethal

7 More Precise Technologies Laser Guidance GPS/INS Guidance Seekers
Directed Energy DE Tomorrow SDB I & II WCMD-ER JASSM Today JSOW Effects Service more targets per sortie Smaller Warheads Minimize collateral damage JDAM WCMD Yesterday LGB Precise, Lethal, Expeditionary

8 Persistent, Lethal, Fast, Adaptable / Tailorable
Increased Carriage Technologies Weapon size Bomb rack capability BRU-61 Tomorrow Pneumatic Racks WCMD BRU-57 SDB I & II Today Smart BRA Effects Force multiplier Targets per sortie JDAM JSOW 1 “Smart Bomb” per pylon Yesterday Persistent, Lethal, Fast, Adaptable / Tailorable

9 Extended range Technologies GPS/INS Guidance Standoff with wings
Tomorrow Technologies GPS/INS Guidance Standoff with wings Seekers JASSM-ER JASSM SDB I & II WCMD-ER Today JSOW Effects Target access Reduces attrition Battle field coverage JDAM WCMD Yesterday Resilient, Lethal, Enduring / Persistent

10 Improved Mobile Target Kill
Tomorrow Technologies Direct laser or EO / IR guidance Wide area munitions coverage Future seekers and Data Link WCMD LGB Effects Deny sanctuary Navigation and impact accuracy Hellfire Today Maverick Yesterday Land Maritime Agile, Fast, Precise, Interoperable

11 Increased Flexibility
Tomorrow Technologies Cockpit reprogrammable fuze Mixed weapons loadout UAI Multi-Event Fuzing Universal Armament Interface Joint Programmable Fuze FMU-152 JDAM and LGB Today Effects Maximize lethality Minimize collateral damage Field weapons faster Yesterday Interoperable, Adaptable / Tailorable, Agile

12 Agile, Lethal, Adaptable / Tailorable
Warhead Versatility Tomorrow Technologies Varying effects Alternate fills Self destruct (clean battlefield) Dial a Yield Agent Defeat Today Penetrator Penetrator BLU-113/122 Massive Ordnance Air Burst Effects Deny enemy any sanctuary Cleaner battle field Weapons tailored to target SFW Passive Attack Weapon (PAW) Yesterday Agile, Lethal, Adaptable / Tailorable

13 Data Linked Technologies Common message set Miniaturized components
Networked weapons & platforms Technologies Common message set Miniaturized components Multi wave forms Enablers Weapon In-Flight Tracking Re-Targeting Bomb Impact Assessment Abort capability Networked, Knowledge Empowered, Agile, Precise, Adaptable / Tailorable, Fast, Enduring / Persistent, Lethal

14 Summary Joint & Combined Warfare is here to stay
Key Joint Attributes supported by our weapons capabilities and each Service’s core competencies build a great joint team Weapons of Today are great but Future weapons must be even Better in order to maintain the clear advantage our nation enjoys today Thank YOU all for helping build the #1 Team in the World

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