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Issue #6 – Predator Control Adv Animal Science Principles of Industry Sutherlin AST.

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1 Issue #6 – Predator Control Adv Animal Science Principles of Industry Sutherlin AST

2 Sheep and Predators Predators one of the most significant issues today for livestock industry Many changes to laws and methods to handling predators Public perceptions changing

3 Sheep and Predators Predator Percent of losses Coyote - 51.7 Dogs - 22.7 Mountain lions (cougars, pumas, or panthers) - 7.7 Bears - 4.5 Bobcat or Lynx - 3.3 Eagles - 1.1 Foxes - 0.5 Other (wolves, ravens, vultures, unknown) - 8.6 Source: Sheep and Lamb Predator Death Loss in the U.S., 2004

4 Predator Control Methods – Lethal – Non-lethal

5 Predator Control Non-Lethal – Translocation – Guard Dogs, Llamas, and Donkeys – Fencing – Frightening Devices – Penning

6 Predator Control Lethal – Strychnine (poisoned bait) – M-44 Cyanide Injector – Livestock Protection Collar (w/1080) – Leghold Traps – Snares – Shooting – Aerial Shooting – HR 4775 The Compound 1080 & M-44 Elimination Act

7 Predator Control US Wildlife Services Government agency to “provide Federal leadership and expertise to resolve wildlife conflicts to allow people and wildlife to coexist” Federal trappers, etc

8 Predators Coyotes Most significant of the current predator problems Considered a varmint; legal to shoot at any time Bounties still exist in many places

9 Predators Cougars Huge increase in Oregon’s cougar population in the past 15 years Cannot be hunted with dogs EXCEPT in damage circumstances

10 Predators The Gray Wolf – Eradicated in early 1900’s Last wolf bounty recorded was in 1946, Douglas County – First wolf re-entry was in 1999 from Idaho – Established packs in Oregon in 2007 – Now 24 confirmed wolves in the population






16 Predators Wolf Predations – Confirmed kills on cattle in Eastern Oregon – Take orders given for some wolves

17 Pack/AreaEnd of 2009End of 2010End of 2011End of 2012 Imnaha Pack101558 * Wenaha Pack46511 * Walla Walla Pack 8 *6 * Snake River Pack 57 * Umatilla River Pack 24 * Minam Pack 5* Sled Springs pair 2 Individual wolves 32 Radio-collared disperser 11 Minimum Total14212946**

18 US 395

19 Predators Wolf protections – Wolves east of US 395 are protected by Oregon ESA – Wolves west of US 395 are protected by Oregon AND US ESA (federally protected)

20 Predators Wolf protections – Wolves cannot be killed or harmed without permits East – by ODFW, West – by USFW – Allowed activities w/o permit: Firing shots in the air to scare animal away May not be ‘looking for’ wolves Report to ODFW

21 Predators Wolf protections – Allowed with permit: “Harassment of wolves in ways that may cause bodily harm but not death (e.g., rubber bullets or bean bag projectiles) Intentional pursuit of problem wolves to keep wolves away from livestock If a wolf is captured (inadvertently), ODFW may relocate it to the nearest wilderness area Wolf harassment under the permit must be reported to ODFW within 48 hours”

22 Predators Wolf protections – Permits for lethal control “Issued if non-lethal methods are deemed ineffective and livestock depredation has occurred. This permit allows a livestock producer to kill a wolf “caught in the act” of attacking (but not testing or scavenging) livestock”

23 Predators Wolf protections – Lethal control for chronic damage situations “ODFW and authorized agents may also conduct lethal removal of wolves after chronic depredations and ineffective non-lethal efforts” “Take Orders”

24 Predators Wolf protections – Protections continue until ‘Phase I’ is concluded Oregon Wolf Plan; rules apply until four breeding pairs for three years Then delisted; applies separately to Eastern Oregon and Western Oregon

25 What next?


27 Sources “Dealing with Wolves in Northeast Oregon” John Williams, OSU Extension Service, Wallowa County in cooperation with Oregon Cattlemen’s Association wolf task force. Accessed online at

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