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African First Ladies Initiative Cora Neumann, MPH Honorable Anita McBride Co-founders Gery Ryan, PhD Director, RAND African First Ladies Initiative 2012.

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1 African First Ladies Initiative Cora Neumann, MPH Honorable Anita McBride Co-founders Gery Ryan, PhD Director, RAND African First Ladies Initiative 2012

2 Challenges Facing Africa’s Women and Girls Nearly 500,000 women die each year from pregnancy-related causes, the majority of these deaths are in Africa. - UNFPA Today, 60% of the children unable to attend school are girls, 40 million of them in Sub-Saharan Africa. - World Bank HIV rates in Sub-Saharan Africa average 6%, compared with 1% worldwide, disproportionately affecting women. - UNAIDS

3 Resources Flowing Towards This Need Despite this increased resource flow, African women and girls are falling further behind their Western counterparts. Major shift in global aid focus towards women’s and girl’s issues in developing countries, particularly in Africa.

4 Key First Ladies have demonstrated that they are:  Deeply committed to making a difference  Focused on women’s health and education issues  Want to develop their skills as leaders, and to impact greater change Many African First Ladies have the will to help lead this charge Resounding Need For Increased Leadership Around Women’s Health And Education In Africa

5 What Makes First Ladies Influential? First Ladies have impacts at all levels of society: National Local International First Ladies have improved effectiveness across sectors Public Private enterprise NGOs Few individuals can impact at local, national and international levels and across multiple sectors.

6 To Address This Leadership Need, RAND Launched the African First Ladies Initiative Initiative developed in close consultation with African First Ladies Angola Benin Burkina Faso Burundi Cape Verde Chad Comoros Ethiopia Gabon Haiti Kenya Lesotho Malawi Mali Mozambique Namibia Nigeria Rwanda Senegal Sierra Leone South Sudan Swaziland Tanzania Uganda Zambia

7 RAND African First Ladies Initiative African First Ladies Health Summit African First Ladies Fellowship Program In-Country Programming Global Conferences & Network Development I. II. III. IV. The African First Ladies Initiative has worked with first ladies from across Africa to support their efforts to become champions of change for the health and education of millions of women and children across the continent.

8 African First Ladies Health Summit I. April 2009: AFLI founder convened the African First Ladies Health Summit April 2009 20 Countries Represented 13 First Ladies 7 country delegates First Ladies Delegations Summit brought First Ladies and global NGO and government leaders together to discuss First Ladies’ priorities in health and education

9 African First Ladies Fellowship Program II. Fellowship, launched September 2010, is a mentored, 2-year program, co- sponsored by First Ladies, to train chiefs of staff and senior advisors in methods to: Negotiate and define the role of the First Lady and her office Assess problems, identify solutions, and shape policy Structure and manage an executive office Engage national & international public and private stakeholders Together with African First Ladies, ministry officials, US & UK first lady offices, and key partners, RAND developed a leadership program for First Ladies and their senior advisors: the African First Ladies Fellowship Program. 24 First Ladies and 36 fellows have participated to-date.

10 In-Country Programming AFLI assists First Ladies as they launch and/or strengthen policies and programs addressing their nation’s top challenges, mainly related to MDGs. III. Additional projects facilitated between First Ladies and CARE, Clinton Global Initiative, Massive Good, UNFPA, Population Services International, Merck, IPPF, UNFPA, Vestergaard Frandsen, Komen Global Initiative, Women Deliver, mWomen, Architecture for Humanity and more. Key examples: Kenya: Mrs. Odinga and the Global Alliance on Improved Nutrition host a high- level, global roundtable on nutrition, and collaborate to implement follow-up programming. Namibia: Mrs. Pohamba and the Ministry of Health launch a nationwide, comprehensive PMTCT campaign Sierra Leone: President and Mrs. Koroma convene USG, USAID, UNICEF, UNFPA, IRC, MSF, IMC and World Vision to coordinate the renovation of Mattru Jong hospital and the building of birth waiting homes in the very underserved South. Tanzania (in process): Mrs. Kikwete’s office builds awareness and engages key national stakeholders to support GE’s Healthymagination maternal health program. Zambia: The US State Department and Mrs. Banda collaborate to host the AGOA African Women’s Entrepreneurship Program in Zambia and design follow-up efforts.

11 Case Study 1: Sierra Leone Mrs. Sia Nyama Koroma Launched Women’s Initiative for Safer Health (WISH). Played pivotal role in adoption of national legislation for free maternal and under 5 health care. (April 2010) Works extensively in remote rural areas to reduce stigma among local leaders around hospital births. AFLI is assisting Mrs. Koroma through: Assisted President and Mrs. Koroma in convening USG, USAID, RAND, UNICEF, UNFPA, IRC, MSF, IMC, Rotary and World Vision in Sierra Leone re: renovation of Mattru Jong hospital and birth waiting homes. Mentoring Fellows to organize more effective office; to engage in policy analysis as they select causes and programs for Mrs. Koroma to advocate/support. Advising Mrs. Koroma on roles she can play to support implementation of universal health care. Facilitating partnerships or speaking engagements for Mrs. Koroma with: Clinton Global Initiative, CARE, UNFPA, Komen Global Initiative, Women Deliver, TED Women, mWomen. Mrs. Koroma has risen as a leading African First Lady champion for maternal & newborn health

12 Case Study 2: Namibia Mrs. Penehupifo Pohamba Former midwife and established champion for maternal and child health in Namibia Works closely with Health Ministry Advocates for increased nursing training programs Office oversees PMTCT programs, community-level birth waiting centers, maternal and RH education programs Despite successes, Mrs. Pohamba recognizes need for additional support AFLI is assisting Mrs. Pohamba and her Office through: Mentoring of Fellows in policy analysis, office management, articulation of mission and annual strategic plan. Currently advising on nationwide PMTCT campaign. Based on Fellowship, First Lady submitted domestic policy recommendations to National Planning Commission for increased support for First Lady’s Office - PASSED in Sept. 2011. Advising on MOUs and parameters for partnerships with UNFPA, CDC, UNICEF, WHO. Affected population: MCH services for 400,000; care for 700 orphans. Identifying funders for scale up of successful community-based Birth Waiting Homes.

13 Case Study 3: Kenya Mrs. Ida Odinga, Wife of the Prime Minister Former teacher and founder of the Kenya League of Women Voters Established champion for girls’ education, women’s health issues, nutrition Works closely with international NGOs to advocate for increased programming in Kenya Mrs. Odinga has quickly become a highly visible advocate and recognizes the need for a coordinated, well-managed platform AFLI is assisting Mrs. Odinga and her Office through: Providing feedback to senior advisors on identification and management of partners. Assisted in coordinating Mrs. Odinga’s First Ladies’ roundtable on nutrition, hosted by Global Alliance on Improved Nutrition. Helped match Mrs. Odinga with Global Health Council, CARE, Women Deliver, LitWorld, Komen Global Alliance, UNFPA for speaking engagements and/or partnerships. Exploring potential for national summit, convened by Mrs. Odinga, on nutrition’s impact on education, economic development and maternal & child health.

14 Ongoing: Brought key First Ladies to speak or convene roundtables during UN General Assembly, Global Health Council, Clinton Global Initiative, Malaria No More, CARE National Conference, UNFPA, Massive Good, Komen Global Initiative, Women Deliver, Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition, TED Women, mWomen. Working to create regional and global First Ladies action networks on specific topics. Global Conferences & Network Development IV. High-level speakers and advisors involved in African First Ladies Initiative events or programming include: Ambassador Melanne Verveer, former First Ladies Sarah Brown and Laura Bush, Anita McBride (Co-Director), Jennifer Klein, Jocelyn Frye, Admiral Tim Ziemer, Congressman Donald Payne.

15 1. Raise visibility and credibility of some of Africa’s most committed First Ladies Program Successes 2. Strengthen the Office of the First Lady, which is resulting in a.internally developed standards for current and future first ladies and their offices next generation of policy leaders in women’s health and girls’ education c.increasing impact of First Ladies as champions for change 3. Improved in-country policy and programming related to: a) first ladies as partners in addressing national challenges, and b) additional resources and focus on women and girls

16 Summary Many African nations have an enormous need for leadership, particularly in women’s health and education. Many of Africa’s First Ladies are well positioned take on these challenges, driving change and working towards development goals (MDGs). AFLI, in partnership with some of Africa’s most committed First Ladies, aims to meet this need by supporting First Ladies’ efforts to develop systemic solutions to health and education challenges in Africa.

17 Key Advisors and Collaborators Organizations consulted in the development of the program

18 Thank you For more information, contact: Cora Neumann, Anita McBride, Gery Ryan,

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