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Santa Monica High School Heal the Bay Surfrider Club.

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1 Santa Monica High School Heal the Bay Surfrider Club

2 Meetings Rationale Events

3 Beach Clean Ups

4 Earth Day

5 Marches

6 Paddle Outs *ban plastic bags


8 Lunch boxes Glassware Auto- Pipette UV- Light

9 DistillerSealer Incubator Auto-clave

10 Weekly Sampling 3 Sites 3 Replicates per Site Weekly Sampling 3 sites 3 replicates per site

11 Background SANTA MONICA PIER F ratings 6 out of 7 testing mos. in 2008 110 TMDL violations in 2008 PICO KENTER STORMDRAIN F ratings 5 out of 7 testings mos. in 2008 5 TMDL Violations in 2008 TOWER 26 Our hangout “Control” site

12 SITE NAME :___________________________ SITE GPS COORDINTE : ___________________ DATE:________________ TIME(24HR):___________________________ Surf (Circle):1. Flat2. 1-2 Ft. 3. 2-4 Ft. 4. 4-8 Ft. 5. >8 Ft. Wind Strength (Circle):1. Calm2. Light3. Moderate4. Strong Wind from Direction (Circle): 1. North2. South3. East 4. West Tidal Level in Feet (Check, scroll down and select So. Cal. Click on “Chart” tab and record “Tide prediction for Santa Monica at the hour you sampled> Or Use “The Tides” iPhone app): ________ (feet) Odor Noticeable: 1. Yes2. No Please Describe:______________________________________________________ Overall Trash Density on Beach (Circle): 1. None2. Light3. Moderate4. Heavy STORM DRAIN Storm Drain (Circle): 1. No-Flow 2. Light-Flow 3. Heavy-Flow 4. Can’t see storm drain Storm Drain Characteristics (odor, debris, color ) ___________________________________________ Weather: Has it rained in he last 72 hours (three days) Yes No BEACH POPULATION (on beach and in the water) # of PEOPLE (in water):_____________ # of PEOPLE (out of water):_____________ # of PETS:____________________ # of BIRDS:_______________ # and type of MARINE ANIMALS:_____________ Beach and Ocean Water Sampling Data Sheet 1 per site

13 1. Enterolert 2. Distilled Water 3. Seal 4. Incubate 5. Clean

14 UV light, Analyze, Record

15 Safe to Surf Boards & E-mails

16 Blogs Press Releases Surfrider Site



19 Mentorship Program

20 From plastic bags… To glassware!

21 The Edison Challenge!


23 CFUs of Enterococcus/100 mL First Flush Second Flush Light rain, but sand bar not broken

24 Communication with stores Cleanliness Organization Need Surfrider Representative Time constraints


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