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Scientific Method Biology 1B Mrs. Yanac. Process to Solve Problems 1.Ask a Question / Identify a Problem 2.Research 3.Make a Hypothesis 4.Design an Experiment.

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1 Scientific Method Biology 1B Mrs. Yanac

2 Process to Solve Problems 1.Ask a Question / Identify a Problem 2.Research 3.Make a Hypothesis 4.Design an Experiment 5.Organize & Analyze Data 6.Make a Conclusion 7.Repeat OR Change Hypothesis/Experiment

3 Experiment  Control  Not exposed to treatment (stays the same)  Independent Variable (Manipulated Variable)  What is being tested  Scientist controls this  Dependent Variable (Responding Variable)  What happens as a result of what the scientist did

4 Valid Experiment Other things that need to be considered”  Sample size  Number of items tested  Trials  Number of times experiment repeated  Minimum of 3 trials required for an average Sample size Trials & vice versa

5 Patty Power  Mr. Krabbs wants to make Bikini Bottom a nicer place to live.  He has created a new sauce that he thinks will reduce the production of body gas associated with eating crabby patties from the Krusty Krab.  He recruits 100 customers with a history of gas problems.  He has 50 of them (Group A) eat crabby patties with the new sauce.  The other 50 (Group B) eat crabby patties with sauce that looks just like new sauce but is really just mixture of mayonnaise and food coloring.  Both groups were told that they were getting the sauce that would reduce gas production.  Two hours after eating the crabby patties, 30 customers in group A reported having fewer gas problems and 8 customers in group B reported having fewer gas problems.

6 Patty Power 1.What was the Control Group?  Group B 2.What was the Independent Variable?  New sauce 3.What was the Dependent Variable?  Amount of gas 4.What should Mr. Krab’s conclusion be?  The new sauce appears to work as it reduced the amount of gas produced in 60% of the people. 5.Why did 8 people in Group B report less gas?  Placebo effect

7 Slimotosis  SpongeBob notices that his pal Gary is suffering from slimotosis, which occurs when the shell develops a nasty slime and gives off a horrible odor.  His friend Patrick tells him that rubbing seaweed on the shell is the perfect cure, while Sandy says that drinking Dr. Kelp will be a better cure.  SpongeBob decides to test this cure by rubbing Gary with seaweed for 1 week and having him drink Dr. Kelp.  After a week of treatment, the slime is gone and Gary’s shell smells better.

8 Slimotosis 1.What was SpongeBob’s Initial Observation?  Slimotosis on Gary’s shell 2.Independent variable?  Cures – Seaweed & Dr. Kelp 3.Dependent variable?  Slime & odor 4.SpongeBob’s conclusion?  Gary’s symptoms disappeared BUT SpongeBob can not be sure which cure worked.  Redo experiment, testing only one variable at a time.

9 Marshmallow Muscles  Larry was told that a certain muscle cream was the newest best thing on the market and claims to double a person’s muscle power when used as part of a muscle-building workout.  Interested in this product, he buys the special muscle cream and recruits Patrick and SpongeBob to help him with an experiment.  Larry develops a special marshmallow weight-lifting program for Patrick and SpongeBob.  He meets with them once every day for a period of 2 weeks and keeps track of their results.  Before each session Patrick’s arms and back are lathered in back are lathered with the muscle cream & SpongeBob is lathered with regular lotion.

10 Marshmallow Muscles Results TimeSpongeBobPatrick Initial518 After 1 Week924 After 2 Weeks1732

11 Marshmallow Muscles 1.Control Group  SpongeBob 2.Independent variable  Muscle Cream 3.Dependent variable  Amount of marshmallows lifted (strength) 4.Larry’s conclusion  Muscle cream claims not true since both Patrick & SpongeBob improved. Muscle improvements due to Larry’s special workout.

12 Microwave Miracle  Patrick believes that fish that eat food exposed to microwaves will become smarter and would be able to swim through a maze faster.  He decides to perform an experiment by placing fish food in a microwave for 20 seconds.  He has the fish swim through a maze and records the time it takes for each one to make it to the end.  He feeds the special food to 10 fish and gives regular food to 10 others.  After 1 week, he has the fish swim through the maze again and records the times for each.

13 Special Food Group Time (minutes/seconds) Regular Food Group Time (minutes/seconds) Microwave Miracle FishBeforeAfter 11:061:00 21:541:20 32:041:57 42:152:20 51:271:20 61:451:40 71:001:15 81:281:26 91:091:00 102:001:43 FishBeforeAfter 11:091:08 21:451:30 32:002:05 41:301:23 51:281:24 62:092:00 71:251:19 81:001:15 92:041:57 101:341:30

14 Microwave Miracle 1.Patrick’s Hypothesis  Feeding fish microwaved food would make them become smarter 2.Control Group  Fish that eat regular food 3.Independent variable  Microwaved food 4.Dependent variable  Time required to complete maze 5.Patrick’s conclusion  The special food does not appear to be a big factor in helping fish become smarter

15 Let’s look at some more… Open your binders

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