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Germicidal Medical Lamp (Medilite™) with Germs Eradication and Air Purifying Properties Introducing.

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1 Germicidal Medical Lamp (Medilite™) with Germs Eradication and Air Purifying Properties

2 Introducing Medilite™ Germicidal Medical Lamp with Nano TiO2
Medilite™ Germicidal Medical Lamp is your new beacon of light. Our GML features; Built-in anion generator that purifies the air TiO2 coating that provides germicidal properties Energy saving light source So we’ve designed and produced an anion air-purifying energy-saving lamp with germicidal properties of small volume with ease of use. Now, that’s a 3-in-1 lamp.

3 Why Do We Need a Medilite™ Lamp?
Poor Indoor Air Quality Air Borne Diseases Allergens Asthmatic Issues Foul Odor Smoke Dust Mites Mold & Yeast Infestation Haze

4 How Can a Medilite™ Lamp Help?

5 What is Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) ?
Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) is an oxide of the metal titanium which occurs naturally as a rutile in some acid igneous rocks and metamorphic rocks, and is also in sedimentary rocks and beach sands. TiO2 is found in heavy mineral sand deposits rutile and is often associated with a common titanium mineral, ilmenite, together with zircon, monazite and magnetite. TiO2 is a common application found in skin care products (lipstick, sunscreen, cosmetics) and cleansing products (soap, toothpaste)

6 How Does TiO2 Work? When combined with a balanced light source as a catalyst, the TiO2 becomes reactive and a photoreaction occurs. The photoreaction in the presence of a catalyst is known as photocatalyst Photocatalysis reduces harmful microorganisms into harmless Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and Water (H2O) which is expelled during the respiration process. Thus completely eliminating the microorganism, making our Germicidal Medical Lamps (GML) completely safe for humans and animals.

7 The Photocatalyst Process

8 Tested and Researched IMR ALS Technichem

9 Benefits of Medilite™ Germicidal Medical Lamp (1)
ELIMINATES the growth of airborne pathogens and allergens NEUTRALIZES dust, airborne bacteria, mold, yeast, fungi, smoke and odor DESTROYS the DNA of dust mites, bacteria and germs to prevent them from manifesting ASSISTS people suffering from asthma, air boner allergies and sinusitis PREVENTS the spread of airborne diseases spreading amongst families or colleagues in an indoor environment

10 Benefits of Medilite™ Germicidal Medical Lamp (2)
CREATES a healthy and odor free indoor air environment everywhere OZONE-FREE and environmentally friendly ZERO MAINTENANCE with lifespan up to hours AFFORDABLE and economical usage for homes and offices PROVEN and TESTED by the Institute for Medical Research Malaysia

11 How to use Medilite™ ?

12 Where to use Medilite™ ? Residential residential

13 Where to use Medilite™ ? Offices commercial

14 Where to use Medilite™ ? Commercial Cigar lounges, hotels, bars

15 Now You can enjoy better Indoor Air Quality & live a healthier lifestyle
Thank You Please contact for installing Medilite™ in your living and working rooms.

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