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Violet395nm Complete UV and UV led curing solutions The Technology is from JAPAN and manufactured in China for Cost Reduction

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1 Violet395nm Complete UV and UV led curing solutions The Technology is from JAPAN and manufactured in China for Cost Reduction

2 High power UV LED – the benchmark for UV needs

3 Violet395nm Lamps is a special light Emitting Diode technique. Violet395nm is used as an complete replacement for traditional mercury based UV lamps. Violet395nm offers an excellent harvest in the field of UV curing. Violet395nm offers various Advantages over the traditional UV. Violet395nm curing is done by flooding over the Over Print Varnish (OPV),inks,cast and cure to the violet395nm series of lamps This process will result into curing various substrate rather can term any substrate available, since it does not generate the heat like conventional UV curing system Many different types of test has been done using different OPV’s  having different properties., like low migration,high gloss,odorless, high refractive index etc…. Many such tests which has limitations in conventional UV curing system Ultimate Solution for any over print varnish, printing,coating, spray,roller application etc… as you can think and apply. Perfect for food grade packaging industry due to ozone free, migration free printing and coating !!!


5 Traditional UVUV LED 300watts,200watts/inch,KW depends upon the size of lamps used, so higher KW Consumption It is in milli watts to watts and not KW (Saves 90% of Electricity) Requires 3-phase energyWorks in single phase Takes time to start –loss of energyImmediate lightning up Fluctuation in eminence of the spectrums, broad range spectrum Narrow range spectrum, of 395nm constant Incompatible with Renewable source of Energy Can be easily powered by Renewable source of Energy High heat,ozone gas generation, mercury based lamps Zero to room temperature heat, no ozone, no mercury High chances of fire, and various mechanism used to control the heat resulting more consumption of space and electricity, risk Small mechanism, and no fire

6 Free radicals, which are left uncured and ultimately results in uncured, semi cured, odor, migration These would not occur in Violet395nm curing system as the wavelength is very narrow and constant remittance i.e. 395nm..

7 ParametersUV LEDClassic UV SpectrumNarrow Band 365/375/385/395nm Broadband Spectrum 200-400nm EfficiencyHighLow Service LifeExpected: HigherLower Temperature InfluenceLowerHigher Immediate ActivationYesLong time(4-5mins) Dimming Range0-100%30-90% Energy ConsumptionVery LowVery High Mercury EmissionNoYes Ozone GenerationNoYes-High Exhaust Air DuctingNoYes SizeSmallVery Bulky

8 Uncured Free Radicals Reason For Uncured 1)Deflection of light Angle irregular 2)Variation in GSM of Substrate. 3)Variation In GSM of Coating. 4)Fluctuation in Power. Substrate with OPV Coated Conventional UV Angle Of dispersion Deflection In Angle for Curing

9 Angle Of dispersion Substrate with OPV Coated No Uncured Free Radicals Reason For Fully cured 1)Deflection of light Angle is proper. 2)The reaction is almost instantaneous and zero emissions are generated. 3)Complete Penetration Due to proper light Angle dispersion. INK/Coating/OPV Substrate Constant angle for curing

10 Porous Substrate OPV Porous Substrate UV LED lamp Conventional Lamp

11 Spectrum range UV LED v/s Conventional UV. Mercury Lamp -200 to 440nm UV LED 365/395nm Advantages of Constant wavelength 1)Constant Wavelength Cure 100% of OPV. 2)No chance of Miss hit. 3)No- Odor.

12  Penetration over Porous Substrate as compared to Mercury based Conventional UV Lamps:- a) Deflection in angle in conventional UV Lamps is not uniform as in UV LED is constant. Because conventional UV is reflection technology, whereas Violet395nm is direct technology with low power consumption b) Penetration is irregular due to broad range spectrum and no constant eminence, violet395nm emits constant 395nm so best curing c) Conventional UV lamps gives ozone and mercury reaction which have a  Less life and deteriorates after interval of time. resulting in harmful gas generation d) UV LED rays is simply Light Rays gives constant life as life is 85% higher than Conventional UV lamps. e) Emission of Ozone in conventional UV lamp affects the health and environment of Industry.

13  Intensity of violet395nm LED is high compared to any other LED UV productsThe violet395nm no dark areas  Providing life <10,000hrs.  Constant spectrum of 395nm improves curing  Low maintenance cost after a prolonged period of time.  Mercury and ozone free  Instant illuminating time

14  There are various applications of Cold UV curing like  Printing- sheet fed, flexo, screen,pad printing, article printing,circular printing  coating - grauver, flexo,sheetfed, screen spot UV, special effects, drip off effect, cast and cure application special models  Rigid-moulded articles, like scale printing, circular screen printing,  Films – met pet printing, metpet coating, through grauver, flexo, sheet fed offset, screen  Spray coating for, ceramic, wood coating, PCB,through spray, brush, roller coating flood coating

15  The sheet-fed press prints on individual sheets of paper, as opposed to continuous rolls of paper used on web presses. Sheet- fed presses come in different sizes. The larger commercial sheet-fed presses handle much larger sheets of paper. Sheet-fed presses can also print on card stock, plastics, metal, and other substrates.web pressescard stocksubstrates  Some of the parts commonly found on a sheet-fed press, especially those used for offset printing include the printing plates and plate cylinder, blanket, and impression cylinder. printing platesplate cylinderblanketimpression cylinder  Examples: Brochures, business cards, fliers, pamphlets, books, and booklets are typically printed on sheet-fed presses. Brochuresbooklets

16  Frequently used for printing on plastic, foil, acetate film, brown paper, and other materials used in packaging, flexography or flexographic printing uses flexible printing plates made of rubber or plastic. The inked plates with a slightly raised image are rotated on a cylinder which transfers the image to the substrate. Flexography uses fast- drying inks, is a high-speed print process, can print on many types of absorbent and non-absorbent materials, and can print continuous patterns (such as for gift wrap and wallpaper).packaging  Some typical applications for flexography are paper and plastic bags, milk cartons, disposable cups, and candy bar wrappers. Flexography printing may also be used for envelopes, labels, and newspapers.

17 Free From Odor as the UV coating and inks used does not contain the BP,ITX etc harmful p/I Formulated without VOC solvents. No reaction of OPV with Mercury and ozone Gas which is major reason for odor if we use even high grade OPV in regular OPV Lamps. Ozone gas cannot be removed in conventional UV Lamps. High Molecular weight formulation. Hence No Migration. Food Grade certified OPV can be used in violet 395nm curing. Photo-initiator used in violet395nm UV OPV is special grade and by virtue of the chemistry it wont have odor. Any other photo-initiator cannot be cured with Cold UV process. Chances of using low grade /quality OPV can be controlled.

18 Full Plug and Play system with PLC interface and HMI control and display Single Phase operation Water cooled system Variable sizes available depending on coater Highly Efficient

19  Address: 306 Room No. 404 Building, Sangda Industrial Area, Yannan Loo, Futian District, Schenzhen, China  India Office: F-9, Bhatia Estate, Opposite Garuda Petrol Pump, Hindustan Naka, Kandivali West, Mumbai-400067, India Mobile- +91-9820700489  Tel: 008613520732136 008613714714104  Email: support@ Web:

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