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Ametis JSC. Ametis JSC History 1998-: The company foundation. 2001-:Started Manufacturing facility for DHQ 2003-: First Batch of Dihydroquerecetin was.

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1 Ametis JSC

2 Ametis JSC History 1998-: The company foundation. 2001-:Started Manufacturing facility for DHQ 2003-: First Batch of Dihydroquerecetin was produced 2005-: Became member of Amur commercial & Industrial Chamber of commerce. 2007 -: Awarded best small Scale enterprise in the Amur region for business activity in 2006. 2008-: Also, began production of bio-active food supplement. 2010-:“Ametis JSC “received the certificate of ISO 9001:2008 including HACCP, which confirms that the system of quality management and food safety meets the international requirements. 2011-:# “Ametis JSC “is the laureate of the federal program “100 best products in Russia 2011 #The food ingredient “Lavitol (Dihydroquercetin)” was awarded the Gold Mark. 2013-: Ametis JSC entered the Top 100 most innovative fastest-growing Russian companies for 2012

3 Company Profile Ametis JSC manufactures & markets Larch Tree extract(DHQ) for Food, Nutritional, Cosmetic Industries as well as for Animal Husbandries. Ametis JSC manufactures DHQ and other larch tree extracts under trade mark “Lavitol”. The annual volume of manufactured DHQ extract exceeds 11tones in 2011, which places the company as leading manufacturer and suppliers of the extracts in Russia. Holds all required certification from concerned authorities.i.e.FDA,GRAS etc.

4 Product’s Profile DHQ finds application in food products because of its ability to reduce oxidative reactions ( lipids per oxidation ) and capillary strengthening properties. Enhances the shelf life of food products. Used in Dairy, Meat, Confectionary, Alcoholic-Non alcoholic beverages and product of functional nutrition.

5 Lavitol(DHQ) SPECIFICATIONS Chemical Name3,5,7,3,4-Pentahydroxyflavanone CAS Number207-543-4 Molecular Weight304.26 SALES SPECIFICATIONS DescriptionPowder AppearanceWhite to Pale Yellow Melting Range234-236 Deg.C OdorOdor Less SolubilitySoluble in water, ethanol solution, water- ethanol solution, ethyl acetate solution and insoluble in chloroform, ether and benzene Heavy Metals( Pb and As) Not more than 0.076 and 0.005 ppm respectively

6 Properties of DHQ Following properties of DHQ support its use as additives in food products:  Antioxidant Activity: Blocks and neutralizes free radicals.  Cardio strengthening activities: Strengthens capillary walls, enhances blood flow, helps promote healthy cholesterol levels  Immune system enhancing activities: enhances immune system and supports its ability to fight inflammation.  Detoxifying properties: promotes the healthy liver by enhancing its detoxification function, by binding with toxins.  Anti-radiation activity: supports an organism’s ability to recover after exposure to toxic and radioactive elements

7 ORAC Value Data ORAC(Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) analysis provides measure of scavenging capacity of antioxidants against peroxyl radical(Reactive Oxygen Species found in body) Table : Comparative ORAChydro value of some powerful antioxidants (Note: Data Provided by Brunswick Lab.) Compound ORAC hydro value (µmoleTE/mg) Lavitol (DHQ) 95% Purity32.744 Lavitol (DHQ) 94% Purity21.940 Lavitol (DHQ)92-93% Purity19.925 Lavitol (DHQ) 88-90% Purity15.155 Leutolin12.500 Quercetin10.900 Epicatchin(Green Tea)8.100 Vitamin C2.100 Vitamin E1.300

8 Applications of DHQ(Taxifolin) in food products In Dairy Products As an antioxidant in dairy products can offer two fold benefit to the consumers: (a).When consumed as part of food particle DHQ, inhibits oxidation process taking place in the human organisms; (b).Reduces food oxidation process and thus extends the shelf life of the product while preserving their nutritive values

9 In meat products Significantly lowers the rate of lipid per oxidation in ground meat, ground poultry meat, ground pork and beef meat, chicken rendered fat, ground lamb meat etc. Increases shelf life(Doubles) of the product;

10 In Confectionary Products Greatest inhibition of Fe2+ induced lipid per oxidation was observed when DHQ was added to the lipids of Kernel nuts, Cacao Powder and Cacao Butter Degree of per oxidation inhibition in these products was 50-55% at 0.2% conc. of DHQ, 70-75% at 0.5% DHQ and 90-95% at 1.0% DHQ Increases the storage time of products 2-2.5 times.

11 In Beverages  In alcoholic beverages:  Helps in artificial ageing of wines, spirits and cognacs;  Improves taste and quality of alcoholic drinks;  Binds and removes compounds of blood plasma proteins and acetaldehyde that causes alcoholic intoxication;  Protects the liver from destruction by toxicants, removes them from organism;  Makes the taste of liquors, vodka and cognacs milder and more delicate;  Prevents hangover.

12  In Non-Alcoholic Beverages Suppresses the yeast production and increases its viability; Decreases the oxygen concentration in beverages during its storage; Improves taste and odor; Extends shelf life; Cardio strengthening activity: strengthens the capillary walls, enhances blood flow, promotes healthy cholesterol level

13 References : Seven types of vodka manufactured with DHQ in Russian Federation namely: “Rjanaya bespohmelnaya” (Kaluga), “Lixar Classic” (Saratov), “Stolichniy doctor. Antistress #7” (Moscowskaya oblast), “Numernaya” (Moscow), “Na kedrovih oreshkah” (Ussuriysk and Khabarovsk). The fortification of vodka with DHQ could reduce harmful effects of vodka on the liver and the alcohol withdrawal syndrome, and can improve the taste of vodka. “PepsiCo” Co., Ltd. manufactures mineral water “Aqua Mineral Beauty” that contains DHQ which, promotes smoothness and elasticity of the skin by strengthening the capillaries. The OOO “Advice” (Amur region/Russia) has introduced drinking water “Velikokniyazheskaya” containing DHQ. DHQ can be also used in the production of kvass(fermented beverage of Rye Bread). Preliminary research indicates that DHQ helps increase the shelf life of kvass in 2.5 times since DHQ is capable of suppressing yeast reproduction.

14 The use of DHQ in confectionaries promotes an increase in the products’ the shelf life in 2-2.5 times. There are Technical Specifications for chocolate with DHQ:“Dark Chocolate,” ‘Porous Dark Chocolate,” and Porous Dark Chocolate “Elitniy”. Moscow confectionery factory “Krasniy Octyabr” (chocolate “Mishka”) and the Company for infant food “Istra-Nutricia” (chocolate “Sibirskiy”) produced chocolates with DHQ that were recommended for prevention of cardiovascular and pulmonary pathological conditions.

15 The Application of DHQ in food Industry is regulated by following normative documentations in the Russian Federation:  According to Decision of the State Chief Medical Officer dated 11/14/2001 No 36 “About the application of the Sanitary and Epidemiological Conclusion (SEC) “, Dihydroqyuercetin is classified as an antioxidant;  The decision of State Chief Medical Officer dated 04/18/2003 No 59 “About the application of SEC 2.3.21293-03” allows using Dihydroquercetin for in manufacturing of cream, chocolate and dry milk. The maximal content of Dihydroquercetin in these products is 200 mg/Kg fat of the product;  The methodical recommendations of the State and Sanitary Epidemiological Regulation No “ Recommend norm of consumption of food and biologically active supplements "has determined the appropriate and the highest allowable level of Dihydroquercetin consumption :25-100 mg per day.

16 Competitiveness Has passed the state registration for the manufacturing of the products, produced by Ametis JSC. Dahurain larch used as raw material, grows in ecological clean area of Amur Region. According to a Russian Non-Government organization “Green Patrol” Amur region takes 6 th place of 83 in the ecological rating among the Russian region. The Dihydroquerecetin(DHQ) content in produced product varies from 70% to 99.5% that cover all demands of customer. Very high antioxidant activity (ORAC hydro Value varies from 15,155 up to 32,744 µmole TE/g) that surpasses the ORAC values of some well- known antioxidant. Is FDA registered facility. Ametis JSC received self- affirmed GRAS (generally recognized as safe) status of “Lavitol (DHQ)”. Ametis JSC is the first company received such status. Applied for FSSAI.


18 Thank you For more details please contact SAI Chem Partners(I) Pvt Ltd. New Delhi 110058 Email: Tel: +91-11-455-78-142/43

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