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Why do people pass gas, and what causes its odor?

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1 Why do people pass gas, and what causes its odor?
Intestinal gas (Flatus) Consist of: Nitrogen, oxygen, and carbon dioxide (air you swallow) Hydrogen and Methane (bacteria from food) Foods that contain sulfur Cauliflower, eggs, and meat


3 Order of digestion Mouth Esophagus
Stomach – Break down of food with ACID Small Intestine – Send nutrients to blood Large Intestine – Absorb water Anus – Elimination of waste

4 Fun facts Liver - largest organ in the body
Small Intestine = 22ft long / 1 half inches round Food stays in your stomach for 2 -3 hours Takes 20 hours to digest food

5 Cardiovascular System

6 Arteries Carry blood AWAY from heart Largest is Aorta
Shown in Red- Oxygenated

7 Veins Carry blood TO heart Largest are: Shown in blue - Non-oxygenated
Superior Vena Cava Inferior Vena Cava

8 Capillaries Smallest Blood Vessels Thin Walls Oxygen, Nutrients, CO2

9 Order of Blood Flow After your muscles/organs use blood…. Right Atrium
Right Ventricle Lungs Left Atrium Left Ventricle Aorta Back to your muscles/organs.

10 What color is your blood?
Red???????? BLUE??????? PURPLE?????

11 * O blood = Universal blood; can donate to any type!

12 Fun facts Girls 9-11 ounces 5 quarts of blood 2,500 gallons of blood
Whose heart beats faster? Girls? Boys? How much does the heart weigh? In one minute how many quarts of blood does the heart pump? In one day how many gallons of blood does the heart pump? What is the average lifetime of a heart beat? The heart does enough work to lift? Girls 9-11 ounces 5 quarts of blood 2,500 gallons of blood 2.5 billion times 3,000lb car

13 Urinary System removing waste
All body tissues depend entirely on the correct composition of the blood, which the urinary system works to maintain. Pituitary gland (brain) and kidneys work together Send hormones to kidneys when blood is not balanced

14 How does the bladder know when to empty?
Bladder stretches and expand as urine collects inside. Nerves will send a signal to the brain when the bladder is full. Brain signals the sphincter, to relax.

15 Urinary system Male Female Urethra 4 times longer than females.
Conducts semen and urine. The sphincter prevents the semen and urine from eliminating at the same time. Urethra used for waste removal only. Higher risk of infection.

16 Male / Female


18 Kidney Stones Calcium and Uric acid crystalize.
Form in Kidney then get clogged in Ureter. Block urine from passing and filling in Bladder.

19 Respiratory system Oxygen in – Carbon Dioxide out (waste)
The harder you work the more oxygen you need; therefore the faster you breathe. Why is it best to breathe through your nose? Serves as a filter to prevent debris entering lungs. Any debris that get past NOSE hairs trigger the sneeze. What is a hiccup? Involuntary contraction of the diaphragm Sucks air over vocal cords Cords snap shut, cutting off the air flow and the sound.


21 How You Breathe

22 How you breathe Cont…

23 Pneumonia Pneumonia is an inflammation or infection of the lungs most commonly caused by a bacteria or virus. Pneumonia can also be caused by inhaling vomit or other foreign substances.

24 Lung Cancer

25 Lymphatic/Immune System Fights Infection
Moves fluid (lymph) throughout body. Traps and destroys invaders, such as bacteria, viruses and even cancers. Plays large part in IMMUNITY!!

26 Thymus Gland Produces White Blood Cells, known as T-cells.
T-cells produced in bone marrow along with other white blood cells. Fighter cells!!!!

27 The Hormonal System Coordinates body function
Nervous system sends electrical signals where as hormonal sends chemical signals throughout body. Hormones control: Growth Pituitary Gland Growth of bones and other body tissues Development Metabolism

28 Growth Hormone Produced by pituitary gland.
Stimulates the growth of bones and other body tissues. After growth is complete, growth hormone regulates the body’s use of protein, as well as its use and storage of fat and carbohydrate

29 Hormones Both male and female produce both “male” and “female” hormones. Male hormones = Androgens Female hormones = Estrogen


31 Female Reproductive System



34 Male Reproductive system
What is circumcision? Foreskin that covers the head of the penis is removed. Prevents infections and certain forms of cancer Usually performed 2-3weeks after being born. Why are testicles outside the body? Temperature Regulation – Testicles must stay at about 3 degrees Fahrenheit below normal body temperature. If the testicles were inside the body; sperm production would stop.



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