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Воздухоочиститель F-VXD50R.

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1 Воздухоочиститель F-VXD50R

2 Механизм [nanoe] очистки
Offense + Defense НАПАДЕНИЕ Дезактивирует 28 видов вирусов и аллергенов Частички nanoe атакует вирусы и аллергены в воздухе Захват вирусов и аллергенов 3D воздушным потоком Inhibiting virus & allergen with super alleru buster ЗАЩИТА

3 Польза [nanoe] для человека
Экспериментально доказано что дезактивирует [nanoe] can inhibit 99.9% of the птичий грипп virus and 98.2% свиной грипп, и опасные для жизни человека бактерии. Experiment result after 4 hours 99.9% inhibited 99.9% inhibited Avian Flu Virus (H5N1, H9N2) Test Laboratory : Large Animal Medicine Research Unit, Research Center for Animal Hygiene and Food Safety, Obihiro University of Agriculture & Veterinary Medicine, Japan Test Methodology : 4-hour exposure to electrostatic atomized water droplets in a 45-liter box Canine Distemper Virus Test Laboratory : Rakuno Gakuen University, Japan 98.2% inhibited

4 = nano-technology + electric
Что такое [nanoe] ? = nano-technology + electric [nanoe] are long-life water-wrapped micro particles created from water molecules. It can penetrate into fabrics thoroughly and reach in far corners to absorb viruses and allergens. Atomizing Electrode The cold electrode forms condensation of moisture in the air, and high voltage is applied for generating nano-sized water molecules

5 Характеристики [nanoe]
Plentiful in Moisture OH - Radical [nanoe] contains moisture around 1,000 times to minus ion. Being wrapped in water molecules, it is long-life and able to retain its effectiveness even moving for long distance. Water Molecule [nanoe] wrapped in water molecule Comparison of Distribution After 5 Minutes Обычные ионы Normal ions decay before spread throughout the room [nanoe] spread to every corner after 5 minutes

6 Characteristics of [nanoe]
Microscopic Scale [nanoe] is only one-billionth of steam in volume size that can deeply penetrate into cloth fabrics to restrain dirt. Steam around 6,000nm around 6nm * 1nm (nanometer) = one billionth of 1 meter [nanoe] are tiny enough to penetrate into clothes for inhibiting mold and odors steam particle Allergens (such as pollen, mite droppings and corpses) are enclosed and inhibited The odors can be removed even it has infiltrated deeply inside the fabrics

7 Characteristics of [nanoe]
Water Originated Low Acidity [nanoe] comes from condensed moisture in the air that water replenishment for the appliance is not required. [nanoe] possesses the chemical property around 5.5 in pH scale that is good for human skin. 7 8 9 10 11 6 5 4 3 milk of magnesia Basic baking soda sea water Neutral pure water Acidic black coffee acid rain orange juice

8 How do [nanoe] Fight Against Virus ?
Вирус или аллерген блокируется Inhibit virus or allergen Virus Virus Qty (%) with [nanoe] without [nanoe] Test Laboratory: Japan Food Research Laboratories Test Methodology : Measurement of change in virus numbers in test box by CPE method Effect on Inhibiting Virus with [nanoe] without [nanoe] Effect on Inhibiting Allergen Test Laboratory: Panasonic Research Centre Test Methodology : Measurement of direct condensation in chamber by Gauze method Allergen Qty (%)

9 How do [nanoe] Fight Against Mold ?
Surround mold surface Inhibit mold mold spore hypha Effect on Inhibiting Mold Test Laboratory: Japan Food Research Laboratories Test Methodology : Measurement of change in mould spore numbers in 10sq.m test room Mold Qty (%) natural reducing time (minute)

10 How do [nanoe] Fight Against Odor ?
Strike odor particles Decompose & remove odor odor particle Methylmercaptan Deodorization Test Test Laboratory: Environmental Control Centre Test Methodology : Examination using 6 stage odor intensity indicator method in a 10sq.m test room Odor Intensity (rank) natural reducing Odor intensity down to 1 after 90 min. time (minute)

11 3D Airflow 30cm above the floor Large house dust mostly float near the floor Fine dirt floating in the air Odors & smokes, etc. Allergens like mites’ corpses & droppings Allergens such as pollen Ceiling Floor Usually, various types of pollutants appear at different position between the ceiling and the floor in the room. In response, the 3D circulation airflow is divided into two modes, Front Airflow and Upwards Airflow, in order to remove these pollutants respectively. Upward Airflow Front Airflow

12 Использование 3D потока воздуха
House Dust Sensor Upward Airflow Pollutants under 2µm Mould Spores Viruses Cigarette Smoke Airborne Bacteria Front Airflow [nanoe] are released from upward airflow [nanoe] are released from front airflow Pollutants over 2µm Pollen Dust Dust Mites Pet Dandruff Gaseous Pollutants Cooking Odor Waste Odor Pet Odor Body Odor Cigarette Odor Mold Odor Inhale from 2 sides for effective suction of dirt Powerful Inhale is at the lower suction louver Odor Sensor

13 Bacteria Survival Rate
Композитный фильтр Apart from [nanoe], Panasonic air purifiers are also equipped with the composite filter that enhance their purifying function. It can inhibit 17 kinds of virus, bacteria and allergen up to 99%. 99% Inhibit 100% 1% Bacteria Survival Rate With super alleru-buster Without super alleru-buster There is not any reactions to allergens (such as pollen, mite droppings and corpses) for the super alleru buster processed filter, which will remain transparent. There are reactions to allergens (such as pollen, mite droppings and corpses) for unprocessed filter, which will change to yellow.

14 Композитный фильтр The composite filter consists of 3 kinds of technology, Super alleru-buster, Green Tea Catechin and Anti-bacteria Enzyme. Inhibits allergens Allergen Phenolic polymer surround & restrains the allergen Filter catches the allergen Phenolic Polymer Allergen inactivated Inhibits virus Green Tea Catechin Virus Green Tea Catechin surround the virus Filter catches the virus Virus inactivated Super alleru-buster Test Laboratory : The Osaka Municipal Technical Research Institute Testing Methodology : Measurement of the reduction level in the cat dandruff by enzyme-linked Immuno Sorbent Assay Green Tea Catechin Test Laboratory : Japan Food Research Laboratory Testing Methodology : Measurement of the reduction level in virus after contact with the filter using CPE method Anti-bacteria Enzyme Testing Methodology : Testing of anti-mold function of the filter, using the Harrow method Inhibits bacteria Anti-bacteria Enzyme Enzyme Cell Wall Bacterium Enzyme works on the cell wall Enzyme eliminates the bacterium

15 Deodorization Panasonic air purifiers adopt two types of deodorization, Super Nanotechnology Deodorizing Filter and [nanoe] penetration. Super Nanotechnology Deodorizing Filter removes odors such as smokes from cigarettes and cooking, and can be used for 7 years without replacement (*). (*) Life may be shorter subject to usage conditions. Periodical maintenance is required for the filters. [nanoe] are tiny enough to penetrate into clothes and curtains for inhibiting mold and odors. Steam Particle Large particles cannot penetrate deeply inside the fabrics Allergens (such as pollen and mite droppings and corpses) are enclosed and inhibited. can penetrate deeply inside the fabric

16 Skin увлажнение The new Panasonic air purifier possesses humidifying function, incorporated with the hydration property of [nanoe], it can help keep the moisture back to the skin. With nanoe and humidifying, speed of moisturization is 3 times faster while the effectiveness is 2 times increased. effectiveness of moisturization 2 times increased Humidifying Operation speed of moisturization 3 times faster humidifying Skin Moisture (μs) normal humidifying without [nanoe] Lapsed Time (minute)

17 How do [nanoe] Hydrate the Skin ?
after 15 minutes after 28 days nanoe attach on the sebum and form a membrance on the skin. moisture retained Stratum Corneum Sebum Skin is hydrated that keeps the skin fresh and moistured keratin texture is improved Stratum Corneum Sebum with after 15 minutes after 28 days Moisture escapes from the skin letting it is dry and dull moisture lost Stratum Corneum Sebum Crack occur and keratin pieces peel off from the skin keratin peel off Stratum Corneum Sebum without [nanoe]

18 ЛИНЕЙКА ПРОДУКТОВ Model : F-VXD50X Характеристики : [nanoe] очистка
БЕЛЫЙ Model : F-VXD50X Характеристики : [nanoe] очистка 3D воздушный поток Композитный фильтр Super Nanotechnology Deodorizing Humidifying function up to 500mL/h Air quality feedback display Weight = 9.8 kg Specification (air purifying) : СЕРЕБРИСТЫЙ Super Medium Low Air Volume [m3/min] 5.1 2.0 1.0 Энергопотребление [W] 70 16 12 Champagne Gold

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