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About O 3 The most basic information about versatile applications of Ozone in Industry. A Must-See presentation for the beginners Brought to you by TEAM.

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1 About O 3 The most basic information about versatile applications of Ozone in Industry. A Must-See presentation for the beginners Brought to you by TEAM WATERHOUSE,

2 2 QT-PPT-0801 Intended for Use Sterilization. Detoxification (pesticides, chlorine, chemicals, etc...). Deodorant. Promote blood circulation, the activation of cells (health care). Anti-inflammatory. Analgesia. Bleaching (whitening). Anti-radiation.

3 3 QT-PPT-0801 O 3 Performance Ozone for chlorine disinfection of the 3,000-fold, cresol solution for the disinfection of 30 times. Bacterial protein, RNA, DNA as the main ingredients, from multi-carbohydrate, protein, lipid, and so pose.

4 4 QT-PPT-0801 Application Scope Used for Air Hospital disinfection, the family clean air, industrial waste gas treatment, recycling of plastic, leather and textile industries, livestock breeding grounds, chemical and pharmaceutical industries Clear water Drinking water treatment, swimming pool water treatment, ultra-pure water, cooling water treatment, water treatment process Waste water Wastewater pollutants oxidation, decomposition, purification, discoloring, in addition to taste deodorant, sterilization kill algae kill the virus, reducing BOD / COD, the elimination of surfactant bubble Food Fish meal feed industry deodorant, vegetables and fruit preservation, removal of pesticide residues in fruits and vegetables, meat in the elimination of the fungus Industry Man-made fibre production, pesticides and insecticides, cracking pulp, paper and plastic surface, creating musical instruments of wood processing, the semiconductor industry TEOS system and wet cleaning, the rubber industry of ozone weathering tests, the medical technology industries.

5 5 QT-PPT-0801 Commercial use (1) Restaurant use:  Remove the pesticide of vegetable and fruit.  Sterilize and remove the stink of meat, seafood and food and preserve of freshness.  Sterilize, disinfect and remove odor for Meat, seafood and food stuff.  Save the time in cleansing and sterilizing the working area before and after.

6 6 QT-PPT-0801 Commercial use (2) Hotel, restaurant, washing of kitchenware with sterilizing, disinfecting and cleaning effect. Sterilize, disinfect and remove odor with cleaning effect for places like fresh food supermarket, restaurant, kitchen, freezer warehouse, traditional market, aquaculture, garage, etc.

7 7 QT-PPT-0801 Commercial use (3) Cleansing the dirt for places of: Cleaning the sticky floor and all the dirt places. May clean up the odor from drain pipe, to achieve the effect of removing odor and sterilized. Keep the pipe freely flowing without attaching of germs in side the pipe,remain the pipe free of odor.

8 8 QT-PPT-0801 Commercial use (4) Using in the processing line: Sterilize and reserve freshness for fresh food, meat and food, reserve freshness for packing in order to further plants (such as removing and disinfecting the mould or spots of orchid).

9 9 QT-PPT-0801 Commercial use (5) The eliminating and sterilizing the virus of farming industry, garden.

10 10 QT-PPT-0801 Commercial use (6) Aquaculture: For water quality control and cleaning of site area to get the effect of sterilizing and disinfecting. Increase the oxygen contains in water and up rise the living rate (such as shrimp farm, frog farm and shell fish etc).

11 11 QT-PPT-0801 Commercial use (7) Livestock farming: The cleaning site area to achieve sterilizing, disinfecting, to reach the effect of cleaning, sterilizing and disinfecting for source of contamination, the excrement or dirt objects.

12 12 QT-PPT-0801 Commercial use (8) Aquarium use: sea water aquaculture may use it for clean water quality, sterilizing, disinfecting and prevent water eutrophication.

13 13 QT-PPT-0801 Commercial use (9) Application for zoo area: For cleaning the resting area of animal and pet may sterilized and removing odor.

14 14 QT-PPT-0801 Commercial use (10) Sterilize at hot spring water. The making of mineral water or spring water.


16 16 QT-PPT-0801 BACTERIA AND OXYGEN According to the relationship between microbe and oxygen, it can be classified into two species,  Aerobe  Anaerobe

17 17 QT-PPT-0801 Aerobe The aerobe can be divided to  Specialty aerobe  Concurrent anaerobe  Micro aerobe

18 18 QT-PPT-0801 SPECIALTY AEROBE It can be growing only under the condition of oxygen molecule, most of genuine bacteria and many germs are all specialty aerobe, such as :  Aspergillus oryzae  Acetobacter  Pseudomonas fluorescens  B.Subtilis  Bacillusmycoide, etc.

19 19 QT-PPT-0801 CONCURRENT ANAEROBE It can grow under the oxygen or non- oxygen condition, but it grows even better under the oxygen environment. Many yeast and many bacteria are the kinds of concurrent anaerobe, such as :  Saccaromyces cerevieiae  Colon bacillus  Proteus vuigaris, etc.

20 20 QT-PPT-0801 MICRO AEROBE This is the kind of microbe that can be regularly grown under the low oxygen pressure (0.01~0.03 bar, the regular atmospheric pressure is 0.2 bar).  Cholera vibrio  Some aeromonas hydrophila  Bacteroides spp  Aeromonas fermenfans

21 21 QT-PPT-0801 Anaerobe The anaerobe can be divided to  Specialty anaerobe  Endured oxygen bacteria

22 22 QT-PPT-0801 ENDURED OXYGEN BACTERIA This sort of bacteria can live without oxygen, while the oxygen molecule makes no harm to it. The normal acidophilus is endurable to oxygen, like  Milk streptococcus  Lactobacillus lactis (l. Lactis)  Leuconostoc mesenteroides  Enterbocteriaceae faecalis  Are the endured oxygen bacteria besides of acidophilus

23 23 QT-PPT-0801 SPECIALTY ANAEROBE The molecule oxygen makes harm to it, even though instant contacted to the air, the live would be restrained or die. The anaerobe we usually seen are rotten germs in the canning industry like  Clostridium botulinum  Botulinum thermophila  Bacteroides spp  Bifidobacterium  All kinds of photosynthetic bactria(psb)  Methanogenium, etc.

24 24 QT-PPT-0801 The pictures of microscopic for various species of bacteria

25 25 QT-PPT-0801 VIRUS (1) Virus just is the simple construction of “gene that wrapped up by protein”. Normally the nucleic acid in the organism cell contains  DNA  RNA

26 26 QT-PPT-0801 VIRUS (2) However, the virus just contains either DNA or RNA. The virus contains DNA named “DNA virus” The one just contains RNA named “RNA virus”

27 27 QT-PPT-0801 VIRUS (3) The virus with the protein named “capsid”, the capsid shape is right dodecahedron, it looks like a long pipe shape. The capsid formed by protein basic unit that normalized linking together.


29 29 QT-PPT-0801 OZ-6000 & OZ-7000 OZ-8000

30 30 QT-PPT-0801 END

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