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PlexiDeck MMA Sales Training Presentation READY FOR SERVICE IN ONE HOUR! Plexicoat America PlexiDeck Systems

2 Introducing PlexiDeck™ MMA Initial end-use applications
Agenda What is MMA? Introducing PlexiDeck™ MMA Initial end-use applications Selecting the Right Coating System for the Job Identifying and bidding a project Conclusion

3 PlexiDeck MMA Training Scope
This presentation has been prepared for the PlexiDeck Dealers and Sales Representatives in order to assist with the proper sales of PlexiDeck MMA coatings. The chemistry of MMA technology, selection of coating systems, estimating, application and safety are described. During this presentation you will see how these systems fit into your markets.

4 Terminology Methyl Methacrylate (MMA) – PlexiDeck MMA Resin
Acrylic Resins (MMA) – PlexiDeck MMA Resin Powder Hardener (BPO) – the powder benzoyl peroxide catalyst Bond Test – a quick test of MMA adhesion to concrete Curing and Cured – MMA does not “dry”, it is a chemical reaction created by adding BPO catalyst Shot Blast – the preferred method of surface prep Diamond Grinding – if done correctly, an acceptable method of surface prep

5 Terminology Gauge Rake, Trowel, Roller – used for spreading self leveling coating Spiked Shoes – useful for walking on wet coating to broadcast Spiked Roller – (porcupine) essential for degassing self leveling coatings Tempest Fan – high velocity fan used with ductwork to ventilate MMA Prep Cleaner – used for cleaning brushes and tools and floor prep

6 What is MMA Technology? MMA Systems are reactive acrylic coatings for floors, deck coatings and overlays and polymer concrete for repair, sloping and restoration. Plexicoat America is a specialty supplier of MMA technology. PlexiDeck MMA resins are based on proprietary formulations only available from Plexicoat America. PlexiDeck MMA is a liquid applied with rollers, trowels and brushes; covering concrete, steel, wood and other substrates for aesthetics, repair and protection.

7 Introducing PlexiDeck MMA Product Basics and Definition
Plexicoat MMA products are categorized under the chemical family called “methacrylate reactive resins.” Plexicoat MMA systems generally consist of two components; a liquid resin and an initiator (powder hardener/BPO). The two components are mixed at the construction site and liquid applied to a surface. The liquid then changes its physical state to a solid, i.e., it cures via a chemical reaction called polymerization.

8 The PlexiDeck MMA Difference
PlexiDeck MMA resins are different from other reactive resins commonly used in the construction industry; including epoxy, unsaturated polyester, polyurethane and hybrids. The most significant difference between PlexiDeck MMA and these resins is in cure time. PlexiDeck MMA products are fully cured and ready for service within one hour of completed application. None of the resins listed above provide this rapid cure process.

9 The PlexiDeck MMA Difference

10 PlexiDeck Dealers and Sales Representatives are the exclusive reseller of Plexicoat America Coatings!

11 Top 10 Reasons to use PlexiDeck MMA
Down Time Costs Slashed – Cures to full specifications within an hour Experience & Technology – MMA resins have been tested and used for over 30 years Superior Application – Plexicoat America provides Applicator Training Durability – Excellent bond strength and intercoat adhesion provides a tough, hard and long lasting floor Remarkable Versatility – PlexiDeck MMA bonds to concrete, metal, wood and even glazed tile and glass Easy Maintenance – Easy to clean using standard industrial methods Instant Repairs –PlexiDeck MMA chemistry allows molecular fusion of new to old MMA coatings Environmentally Safe – PlexiDeck MMA resins are 100% reactive, VOC compliant and use no solvents Sub-Zero Installations – PlexiDeck MMA Systems are available that can be installed to -200F Chemical Resistance – Superior chemical resistance in a wide range of industrial, commercial and marine installations

12 PlexiDeck MMA Characteristics
One hour cure, even at -200F 100% reactive Seamless Zero VOC’s Solvent Free Easy Maintenance Impervious and Waterproof Non porous and stain resistant Many colors and textures available Different degrees of slip resistance Excellent Chemical Resistance Impact and Abrasion Resistant Thermal Shock Resistant … and UV Stable

13 PlexiDeck MMA Applications Important Features and Considerations
Curing Process Plexicoat MMA is a two-component system, consisting of a liquid and a powder hardener. The hardener dissolves instantly into the liquid and serves as initiator for the curing process. This hardener has no effect on the physical properties of the cured resins; therefore, the finished products are consistent from one batch/project to the next. Bond Tests Plexicoat MMA products cure in only one hour; therefore, bond tests can be performed prior to every application. A bond test is done by placing patties of Plexicoat MMA material on the prepared substrate, waiting 45 minutes to one hour for material to be tack-free, and chiseling out with a hammer to test bond. This simple test assures adequate preparation and successful application for every job. Application Temperature Plexicoat MMA systems can be applied at temperatures ranging from -20 F to 104 F. Most other resins require a minimum temperature of 40 F to cure slowly. Contact Plexicoat America for more information on low temperature formulations and additives. Viscosity and Temperature Sensitivity The viscosity of Plexicoat MMA resins is much lower than other materials. This enables Plexicoat MMA to penetrate into the substrate and form a superior bond. The viscosity of other flooring resins increases substantially and temperatures decrease causing less penetration. Temperature changes have only minor impact on Plexicoat MMA materials.

14 PlexiDeck MMA Health and Safety
Methacrylate resins have been in use for over 30 years. MMA specifically has a history dating back to the 1930’s and finds use in many applications: acrylic sheet goods, window panes, molding powders for automobile tail lamp lenses, aircraft cockpits, packaging seals, prosthetic devices and dental and construction adhesives. Plexicoat MMA resins in general and MMA specifically are safe products to use when proper handling and safety procedures are understood and followed. Here are some important aspects to keep in mind when working with Plexicoat MMA materials. Flammability MMA is classified as a flammable liquid by U.S. D.O.T. It has a flash point of approximately 50 F (closed cup). By definition, flash point is the temperature at which vapor directly above a liquid will ignite when exposed to a source of ignition. In comparison, the flash point for acetone is 0 F and gasoline is -35 F. Another important property is the Lower Explosive Limit (LEL). This is the minimum vapor concentration in air, which can result in an explosion when exposed to an ignition source. For MMA, this value is 21,000 ppm (2.12%). Any sources of ignition must not be allowed in areas where Plexicoat MMA is present. This includes lit cigarettes, open flame heaters and the like. Once the resin has cured, this is no longer a concern.

15 PlexiDeck MMA Health & Safety
Long Term Exposure In the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s, many tests done by and for the major MMA suppliers around the world show no evidence of carcinogenicity or mutagenicity for individuals exposed within OSHA limits. Two-year MMA inhalation studies (on rats and mice) conducted by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services also substantiate these findings (see Technical Report Series #314-national Toxicology Program, 1980s). Furthermore, the February, 1995 European Center for Ecotoxology and Toxicology of Chemicals (ECETOC) report states “MMA does not present a risk to the environment.” Toxicity MMA is rated by OSHA as moderately toxic. Maximum exposure limits have been established at 100ppm over 8 hours (TWA) and short term (STEL). Safety tests of PlexiDeck MMA materials established that it is highly unlikely vapor concentrations will ever exceed the legally permitted values if used properly. Consult MSDS for more information on exposure limits.

16 PlexiDeck MMA Health and Safety
Odor Plexicoat MMA resins have a discernable odor. This smell makes people aware of MMA’s presence. Once the product is fully cured, this odor disappears completely. MMA has an extremely low odor threshold of 83ppb (part per billion). In comparison, many other commonly used solvents, for example acetone, have an odor threshold, which is almost 1000 times higher. Volatility Plexicoat MMA resins are 100% reactive and do not rely on solvent-evaporation for curing. Total volatile organic compound (VOC) of the resins as used is less than 100 g/l, i.e., less than 25% of permissible VOC. Cure times of 45 minutes to one hour contribute significantly to this classification. In order to minimize MMA evaporation prior to full cure and for safety reasons, Plexicoat MMA resins contain an emission reductions “shield.” This, in conjunction with proper application techniques, minimizes MMA evaporation so that indoor and even tunnel applications can easily be carried out in a safe manner.

17 PlexiDeck MMA Systems MMA Product and Segment Matrix
General Application by Area PlexiDeck MMA Sealers PlexiDeck MMA SL PlexiDeck MMA Flexible SL PlexiDeck MMA Roll Coat PlexiDeck MMA Flexible Roll Coat PlexiCrete MMA PC Polymer Concrete Bridge Decks þ Concrete Rehabilitation Freezers Joint Repairs Kitchens Laboratories Parking Garages Ramps Restrooms Walls Warehouses

18 PlexiDeck MMA Products
PlexiDeck MMA Primers PlexiDeck MMA Metal Primer ST PlexiDeck MMA Bodycoat PlexiDeck MMA Flexible Bodycoat PlexiDeck MMA Topcoat PlexiDeck MMA Sealcoat PlexiDeck MMA ESD Topcoat PlexiDeck MMA Crack Sealer Plus PlexiCrete MMA Polymer Concrete PlexiPatch MMA Horizontal and Vertical Repair

19 PlexiDeck MMA MMA Systems Self Leveling Systems
PlexiDeck MMA SL Pigmented Systems is a 1/8 – 3/16 inch, solid color, mma seamless flooring and natural quartz aggregate. It is typically specified with a slip resistant finish. PlexiDeck MMA SL Color Quartz System is a 1/8 - 1/4 inch, decorative, self-leveling mma seamless flooring and colored quartz aggregate. PlexiDeck MMA SL Color Flake System is a 1/8 – 3/16 inch thick, decorative, self-leveling mma seamless floor and decorative paint chips. All the above systems can be modified using PlexiDeck MMA Flexible Resin for flexibility, thermal resistance and exterior use. Textures can range from smooth to skid resistant using various aggregates; such as aluminum oxide and glass beads. All the above systems can be modified as a thinner roll coat system.

20 PlexiDeck MMA MMA Systems Civil Engineering Systems
PlexiDeck MMA Crack Sealer Plus is a very low viscosity, low surface tension, rapid curing mma resin used to repair and seal cracks in concrete structures. PlexiDeck MMA Traffic Coat System is a multi- layer, rapid curing mma resin formulated as a coating for application over concrete substrates subject to pedestrian and vehicular traffic. PlexiDeck MMA Bridge Deck Overlay System is a non-cementitious, concrete bridge deck topping material in which graded aggregates are bound together in a slurry with a mma resin binder. The system is broadcast with a wearing course aggregate. Thin polymer overlays, applied in layers up to 3/8", extend the life of bridge decks by increasing waterproofing and skid resistance characteristics, by adding minimal deadweight and by dramatically reducing lane closure times for the motorist.

21 PlexiDeck MMA MMA Systems Primer/Sealers/Topcoats
PlexiDeck MMA Primer/Sealer is a seamless floor coating consisting of fast curing mma resin in clear or pigmented finish. PlexiDeck MMA Primer can also be used as a sealer to increase substrate strength and eliminate dusting. PlexiDeck MMA Metal Primer ST is a rapid curing methacrylate, rust inhibitive, corrosion resistant primer used to prepare steel prior to the installation of PlexiDeck MMA Systems. PlexiDeck MMA ESD Systems is a seamless floor coating consisting of fast curing mma resin and can be used as a pigmented topcoat over PlexiDeck MMA System applications where controlled Electrostatic Dissipation is required.

22 PlexiDeck MMA Systems Repair, Patch and Underlayment
PlexiCrete MMA PC Polymer Concrete is a 100% reactive, high strength, mma based polymer concrete.  It is typically used for repair, sloping and grouting. PlexiCrete MMA FX Polymer Concrete is a 100% reactive, flexible, mma based polymer concrete.  It is typically used for repairs where additional flexibility is necessary. Introducing PlexiCreteTM is an easy to use kit of PlexiDeck MMA Polymer Concrete; which is sold in a pail containing 31 lbs of PC powder and ½ gallon of resin. Introducing PlexiPatch is an easy to use kit of PlexiDeck Fibers; which is sold in a kit containing 1 gallon of fibers and 1 gallon of resin. The PlexiDeck Fibers can also be purchased in bulk.

23 PlexiDeck MMA Additional Products
PlexiDeck Moisture Barrier PG2, PG3 & PG3/FC A unique 2-component, moisture tolerant, chemically enhanced epoxy based product which reduces the passage of water vapor and moisture through slabs on or below grade, thus eliminating delamination of adhesives, floor coverings and coatings. PG2 can be used beneath PlexiDeck MMA Systems. PlexiDeck Urethane Concrete Systems Plexicoat Urethane Concrete Mortar or Slurry is a three component trowelable urethane system that has outstanding wear performance and can withstand higher heat exposures than typical unmodified urethanes. The product has good thermal shock capabilities, is a good choice for hot wash down areas and resurfacing areas where a durable shock resistant surface is needed. PlexiDeck P-007 Polyaspartic Topcoat Plexicoat America PlexiDeck P-007 Polyaspartic Topcoat is a two component 85% solids polyaspartic aliphatic urethane clear coating. PlexiDeck P-007 Polyaspartic Topcoat has excellent chemical resistance, hardness, abrasion resistance, UV stability and has an excellent clear gardner color. However, the outstanding feature of this product is its exceptionally quick tack free time of around 1-2 hours* for foot traffic and full traffic in 24* hours (*based on temperature of 70 F).

24 Mixing Charts – Self Leveling

25 Mixing Chart – Civil Engineering

26 Mixing Chart – Civil Engineering

27 PlexiDeck MMA Estimating

28 PlexiDeck MMA Estimating

29 PlexiDeck MMA Estimating

30 PlexiDeck MMA Estimating

31 PlexiDeck MMA Life Cycle Cost vs. Epoxy

32 Ordering Plexicoat Products is as Easy as 1, 2, and 3
Call or Plexicoat America Customer Service (800) Dealers will place purchase orders with Plexicoat America and Plexicoat will ship materials from their Baltimore, Maryland warehouse. Typically ships same day or next day if orders are in by 10 AM. PlexiDeck MMA materials are shipped in pails and drums. The resins are clear and can be pigmented during application or in the store. This will reduce waste of leftover material.

33 Plexicoat Price Lists are upon request
Contact Information Technical and Sales Support - Training Plexicoat has set-up a very interactive portal site to provide items such as: Product Data Sheets MSDS Case Histories Project Calculators Helpful Hints Plexicoat Price Lists are upon request

34 Plexicoat America Contacts:
Contact Information Technical and Sales Support - Training Plexicoat America Contacts: Bob Brodsky – (410) Jeffrey Low – (410)

35 What is PlexiDeck MMA Technology? What are the Top 10 Attributes
Summary What is PlexiDeck MMA Technology? What are the Top 10 Attributes Selecting the Right Coating System for the Job Understanding Cost Estimates & Sales Happy selling!


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