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Supported by 13 international patents, PURETi transforms the surfaces of the world into sustainable, self-cleaning materials that greatly benefit the environment,

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1 Supported by 13 international patents, PURETi transforms the surfaces of the world into sustainable, self-cleaning materials that greatly benefit the environment, while significantly reducing costs associated with cleaning and maintenance. The SCS certification makes it an Environmentally Preferable Product and point worthy in the LEED program of the U.S. Green Building Council.

2 Facility Maintenance: Windows Creates self-cleaning windows. Window washing frequency is cut dramatically. Window washing becomes twice as easy. Annual maintenance cost is reduced by 60% or more. ROI of 40% or higher. Improved window aesthetics: sparkling clean windows all year round. Environmental Impact: Uses at least 50% less water, energy, chemicals usually used to clean windows. Improves outdoor air quality by continually breaking-down harmful green house gases: NOx, Methane, etc. PURETI: SUSTAINABLE, ENVIRONMENTALLY- BENEFICIAL SOLUTIONS

3 Facility Maintenance: Facades and Dimensional Stone Upholds the intended visual appearance of building facades and cement surfaces throughout a facility. Significantly delays the degradation of architectural metal, sidewalks, bricks, stone, and other cement surfaces. Reduces the need for large-scale cleaning restoration projects. Reflects sunlight off building surfaces (i.e., roofs) helping to keep building cooler and reduce energy costs related to climate control. Environmental Impact: Improves outdoor air quality by continually breaking down harmful green house gases: Nox, Methane, etc.

4 PURETI: SUSTAINABLE, ENVIRONMENTALLY- BENEFICIAL SOLUTIONS Facility Maintenance: Indoor Air Quality and Odor Elimination Proactively and continuously eliminates stubborn odors that emanate from “odor sponges” like furniture, carpets, walls and drapes. Effectively eliminates common odors caused by: Tobacco smoke and fire damage Oil and gas Breaks down indoor air pollutants tied to Sick Building Syndrome: Fumes from cleaning chemicals and office supplies Formaldehyde found in new furniture and upholstery Environmental Impact: Can reduce heating/cooling energy costs by 50% because less outside make-up air is needed to keep indoor air fresh and healthy.

5 Transportation: Fleet Maintenance Maintain a consistent, green, clean appearance of branded vehicles. Reduce current fleet cleaning costs by at least 50% by reducing water, energy, chemicals and labor expended in cleaning. Improve cabin environment for drivers by eliminating offensive odors and pollutants: Tobacco smoke, diesel fuel, human waste, etc. Environmental Impact: Use 50% less water, energy, and chemicals to clean fleet vehicles. Reduce environmental impact of operating vehicle by transforming exterior into a sustainable air-scrubbing surface that works continuously to reduce harmful air pollutants (NOx, Methane). PURETI: SUSTAINABLE, ENVIRONMENTALLY- BENEFICIAL SOLUTIONS

6 Solar Panels, Signs, and Beyond…. Solar panels become self-cleaning & washing frequency is cut in half. Electrical output loss from dust factor is cut in half from 5%-8% to 2.5%-4%. Annual maintenance cost is reduced by 60% or more. ROI of 40% or higher. Payback in 6-12 months. Maintain high-end picture quality of outdoor LED signs and “Jumbotrons” by preventing the build-up of dirt, grime, and dust. Cleaning is cut in half. Outdoor LED screens and “Jumbotrons” range from $500k-$2 million, PURETi helps ensure intended impact of investment is realized. One application lasts for up to 3 years. Environmental Impact: Use 50% less water, energy, and chemicals to clean. PURETI: SUSTAINABLE, ENVIRONMENTALLY- BENEFICIAL SOLUTIONS

7 Case Example: Palace of Auburn Hills The Palace of Auburn Hills, Michigan serves as the home of the NBA’s Detroit Pistons & hosts over 80 concerts annually. After PURETi application to facility’s signature windows, Palace will save $45,000/year in window cleaning costs. Represents a 60% annual savings in window cleaning costs. ROI of 45% annually. Improved aesthetics of the facility will make venue more appealing to customers and prospective event bookings. REAL WORLD IMPACT: R.O.I.

8 PURETI: TESTIMONIALS “PURETi UV-PCO technology is an exciting development, which can address environmental and public health issues faced by the large cities using a sustainable manner.” - Dr. Alexander Orlov, (B.E./M.S.E., M.S.E., M. Phil., Ph.D.) “PURETi is the wave of the next generation of green technology… PURETi will help us preserve and protect the Michigan State Capital for years to come.” - Michigan Senate Majority Leader, Michael Bishop On September 9, 2008, PURETi was applied to the Michigan State Capital. “The potential revolutionary impact of CSG’s PURETi UV-PCO technology is difficult to overestimate. In the 75-year history of our company we have introduces many, if not most, of the innovations in our industry. During that time span, few if any products have built such excitement about the possibility of dramatically improving performance and cost in the restoration and maintenance industry.” - James Degan, President and CEO, Stuart Dean, Inc.

9 Photocatalysis is the opposite of photosynthesis. It’s a natural process whereby light energy hits a mineral and triggers a chemical process that results in the breakdown or decomposition of organic matter. UV-PCO (ultra violet photocatalysis) is a technology that accelerates the natural decomposition of organic matter. Technology was discovered by two professors at Tokyo University in 1972. Discoverers are on the short list for the Nobel Prize in Chemistry. In UV-PCO, light energy from the sun or fluorescent lamps energizes a mineral called anatase titanium dioxide (TiO2) and triggers the accelerated chemical breakdown of organic molecules such as grime, bio-film, VOCs and other harmful greenhouse gases. The TIO2 is not used up in the process, so the UV-PCO process can continue to breakdown organic molecules over-and-over again until only harmless gas is left. PURETi UV-PCO technology is the world’s most advanced because its water-based formulation makes for easy application and higher surface area coverage. UV-PCO TECHNOLOGY

10 Designed specifically for glass, PURETi Clear is the only UV-PCO product on the planet that can be easily sprayed onto glass without causing any visual distortion or haziness. Creates a sustainable, self-cleaning glass surface that proactively breaks down grime & bio-film build-up. Reduces water and energy usage required for window cleaning by 50%. PURETi Clear treated windows need to be cleaned HALF as often and it’s TWICE as easy when it’s done. Can be applied to virtually any glass surface, including: building windows, solar panels, LED signs, and residential glass fixtures. Delivers environmentally beneficial air cleansing and odor eliminating benefits by eliminating VOCs and harmful green house gases NOx and methane. Applicable outdoors/indoors and is also available at an OEM level.

11 UV-PCO TECHNOLOGY The left side of this surface was coated with PURETi when it was new. 3 years later, the PURETi side is clean and new looking and the uncoated side is grey and grimy. Watch PURETi Video

12 Transforms virtually any surface into a sustainable, self-cleaning surface that proactively eliminates grime & bio-film build-up, improves air quality, and eliminates stubborn organic malodors. Common applications include: cement, stone, ceramic tile, painted walls, plastic, and metal. PURETi Clean surfaces need to by cleaned HALF as often and it’s TWICE as easy when it’s done. Continually works to improve indoor and outdoor air quality by destroying VOCs, and extremely harmful greenhouse gases like NOx and methane. Eliminates stubborn organic malodors such as tobacco smoke & human and agricultural waste. Creates a hydrophilic surface, causing water to sheet away any larger clumps of residue on surfaces. One application will last up to three years.

13 PURETi AT WORK COATED NON COATED This photo, taken in 2005 at a toll booth in Japan, six months after the application of PURETi Clean. This clearly demonstrates the grime preventing functionality of a UV-PCO coating.

14 PURETi Fresh is the world’s only one-step photocatalytic treatment for fabrics and textiles. Offers a sustainable solution to eliminating odor and cleansing air with an efficacy of up to 3 years. Perfectly balanced to remove odor-causing organic molecules in the air, while not effecting the underlying fabric or textile. Eliminates stubborn organic odors left behind by smoke damage, tobacco smoke, and human and agricultural waste. Common uses include: vehicle interiors, hotel curtains & carpets, office & home furnishings, and infrequently washed apparel. EMSL, an independent testing laboratory, confirmed PURETi Fresh’s rapid and near complete reduction of nicotine in a closed air chamber study. Light requirements are extremely low. Eliminates odor in as little as 2 days in the presence sufficient air flow and light.

15 HIGH-PROFILE CLIENTS Il Duomo in Milan, Italy: self-cleaning, surface protection from pollutants NUMMI – Toyota/General Motors JV: self-cleaning, VOC reduction LACCD Child Development Center: self-cleaning, sustainability Michigan State Capital Building: self-cleaning, sustainability Wal-Mart: water and energy savings, surface protection

16 Sustainable, environmentally-beneficial surface treatments. Deliver significant reductions in maintenance costs associated with cleaning and restoration. Positive effect on Environment: major reduction in water and energy consumption. Major improvement in indoor/outdoor air quality: eliminates green house gases, harmful indoor VOCs. Effective against stubborn organic odors: tobacco smoke, fire damage, and human waste, etc. Maintain intended building aesthetics. PURETi: OVERVIEW OF PRESENTATION


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