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REXONA TAKE IT EASY! 20 Aug – 30 Sep, 2007 Presenter: I2B International University.

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1 REXONA TAKE IT EASY! 20 Aug – 30 Sep, 2007 Presenter: I2B International University

2 Content 1.I2B Introduction 2.Objectives 3.Market Analysis 4.Creative Idea 5.360 degree Activities 6.Execution in Reality 7.Timeline 8.Financial case

3 I2B Introduction I2B stands for Idea 2 Innovation in Business We are 9 students from International University. We are from diverse background: > Marketing > Finance & Accounting We are Executive Board of the Business Club of our university which is established to be the bridge between students and enterprises. “We are ambitious We are creative We are dynamic” And together we build the common vision and love for business That’s why we are proud that we are a Strong team –I2B team

4 Objectives Change consumer mindset so that they will think it is necessary to use Rexona deodorant in their daily life Increase brand awareness in consumer’s mind Double monthly sales Double currently market share

5 Market Analysis

6 Screening Market Direct competitors: Nivea, Refre, Izzy, Fa Market leader: Nivea Consumer observation: Body odor is very troublesome and a sensitive topic => people are often afraid and don’t want to talk about this problem Product image: – Nivea: mature – Refre: young and active – Rexona: reliable

7 SWOT analysis Strength: + Strong financial status + High quality product Opportunity: + Large population with few people using deodorant=> very high potential market Weakness: + Later market entry compared to Nivea Threat: + High competition

8 Target Market Consumers from 16 to 25 years old

9 Brand Position “Rexona is a deodorant with 24-hour anti-odor feature which contributes to a person’s confidence, supporting them to catch valuable opportunities in their life”

10 Creative Idea

11 Big Idea “Take It Easy” (“ Ch ẳng đ áng mà lo! ”)  “Take It Easy” attitude: People who are willing to cope with every challenge, who dare to take their valuable opportunities with confidence and comfortableness  “Take It Easy” sign

12 KEY OBSERVATION: 1.I’m very afraid to get close to others when I have body odor 2.With body odor, I lost my confidence and felt uncomfortable when talking or working with others. 3.I lost my business deal and girlfriend due to body odor 4.If I have body odor, people will think that I’m smelly, lazy and impolite KEY INSIGHT 1.Body odor can affect greatly to a person’s confidence, comfortableness and their relationship 2.Sweat and body odor can make people lose good opportunities 3.Body odor can affect personal image NEED/OPPORTUNITY 1.Rexona brings you confidence and comfortableness 2.Rexona helps you not to lose good opportunities and feel freely to do what you want EARLY IDEA “REXONA - TAKE IT EASY!”

13 “Take It Easy” Sign  These two fingers are related to the two hands of clock  A hand language means we can do it, we can take it under any circumstances  Through advertising, TVC and promotional activities, we will build it as a new trend for young people

14 Spoke Person Representative Celebrity: – Bao Thy – Miss Audition, an exclusive singer of Nguyen Production – very popular with youth and blog community Why choose her: Hot young idol Confident and successful young person => appropriate with brand image Supported by majority of virtual community which is growing bigger gradually in Vietnam

15 360 Degree Activities

16 To educate consumers & increase brand credibility To raise awareness, promote understanding and experience of shoppers. To raise awareness and strengthen consumer preference To promote experience, strengthen consumer relationship To increase brand interaction & educate consumers To raise awareness PR Activation POSM Online Event Camp Ads To increase sales

17 Advertising Advertising and TVC with brand image and spoke person, Bao Thy, on HTV7 & 9, VTC5, YouTube – Launching Rexona official TVC after 2 - week teaser running ( View attached file) Running educational articles about body care focusing on sweat and body odor on magazines such as Tiep thi gia dinh, The gioi phu nu, 2!, etc.

18 “Take It Easy” Camp A 2-day camp at Madagui for Rexona consumers Target participants: Students The main language of this camp is English => a chance for young people to practice and improve their English skills Main Activities: – “Take It Easy” Seminar – how to deal with challenges and stresses in daily life – Team Building Games – “Take It Easy” Contest – “ Take It Easy” Camp – fire night with lots of entertainment – King & Queen Tango – a dancing contest

19 Event “Rexona – Take It Easy” Idea : An entertainment night based on the theme “Take It Easy” with the combination of music performance and fashion show with the participation of famous singers, bands, and designers. Main Theme & Color : – Theme: “REXONA – Take It Easy” – Color: Purple – White – Silver Grey Target Audience : 16 – 25 male & female Estimated attendance: 4000 people Venue: Lan Anh stadium Ticket arrangement: -1000 people for RoadShow promotion  promote awareness -500 people for outstanding students having tough life  society-oriented -3500 people for product promotion  promote sale

20 PR Activities  Activities for Spoke person: Bao Thy – Miss Audition - Present in press conference - Present in Rexona event  Pre PR for event and camp activities to raise awareness  Post PR for road show, event and camp to remind consumers  Educational articles about body odor and self- care

21 POSM Theme: – “ Take It Easy” attitude and sign will be used in all materials delivered to the public to increase brand awareness and create a new trend Tools: – Banner & Street banner – Leaflet – Premium – cinema ticket, umbrella, armband, bracelet.

22 Execution In Reality

23 Tools used in reality 20 millions VND Blog TVC online Activation Website

24 Online Marketing Rexona Blog: – Main theme: “Rexona – Take It Easy” – “Rexona Idol” contest – “Take It Easy” picture contest – Sharing stories of Rexona consumers about their dilemma and embarrassing moments TVC online: – A “ Take It Easy” TVC will be made and uploaded on YouTube, Metacafe, and our website

25 Online Marketing Rexona Website: – Educational articles about body odor and self-care – Detailed information about Rexona and its promotion – EQ test for personal assessment and identification so that people can have chance to understand their strengths and weaknesses then they can easily overcome their life challenges – Rexona TVCs, advertisements – Frequently upload news, events about Rexona and new, current trends of young people (music, fashion, etc.) – A consultant corner for consumers about body odor and self- care – 200 first members will receive free cinema tickets

26 “Take It Easy” Website

27 Rexona Activation Objective: Raise and strengthen consumer awareness about Rexona brand through main theme “Rexona- Take It Easy” Venue: Main universities, and high schools – University: Economic university, Technology … – High School: Le Hong Phong, Bui Thi Xuan.. Time: 1 – 29 Sep, 2007

28 Rexona Activation Main Activities: – PGs deliver leaflets including sample EQ test, enclosing with educational articles about body odor to attract consumers visit website – Dancers will perform break dance in theme song “Take It Easy” remixed to attract audiences – At the end of the performance, all PGs and dancers will show “ Take It Easy” sign

29 PR for Activation Create a photo gallery of activation campaign in blog and website Pre, during and post PR for this campaign at university and high school’s websites Post information and pictures about the activation campaign on website

30 Uniform

31 Venues Architect Uni Le Hong Phong High School Nguyen Thi Minh Khai High School Natural Science Uni Note: Examples

32 TimeLine TimingActivities 1 – 10 AugLicense Approval for promotional activities (camp, event, road show) 1 – 18 AugDesigning Blog, Website, and leaflet Producing TVC Designing uniform 10 – 12 AugPrinting leaflet 10 – 12 AugRecruiting PGs and dancers 12 – 18 AugTraining PGs 18 – 20 AugCampaign review 20 Aug – 30 SepExecution 1 – 5 OctReport

33 Financial Case ItemsPrice (VND) UnitTime (Day) Total (VND) PG Wages50,000461,200,000 Dancer Wage200,000363,600,000 PG Uniform200,0007-1,400,000 Transportation fee50,0007-350,000 Activation license1,500,0001- Leaflet7006,000-4,200,000 Cinema ticket20,000200-4,000,000 Website design and domain cost 2,000,0001- Miscellaneous expenses1,750,000-- Total20,000,000

34 Reason To Believe Campaign’s theme mainly focuses on creating positive attitude toward Rexona => consumers think using Rexona is essential in their daily life “ Take it easy” concept and its sign are really cool and creative idea Online marketing tools are evaluated as increasingly effective tools “Take It Easy” slogan and sign will become a new language trend in young community We provide promotion to attract people to visit our website We will deliver 6000 leaflets so at least 4000 people will be exposure to our campaign

35 Thank You!

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