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24-26 of September 2011. Geneva is the city of watches. They are everywhere.

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1 24-26 of September 2011

2 Geneva is the city of watches. They are everywhere

3 The main “monument” in Geneva is the fountain. 130-140 meters height

4 In the Hotel Moderne.

5 Clocks are everywhere, because Switzerland is the very punctual country.

6 The fountain is very high. It is even higher than Northern Tower in Moscow-City.

7 The lake of Geneve «Lac de Genève (Lac Léman)» is very clean.

8 Water is bright. Swan 1. Swan 2.

9 Rainbow

10 Tramway rails are beautiful! People and cars don’t notice them at all.

11 Tram is like a sausage This is only half of the tram.

12 Look, how nice this tram is!


14 The famous hadron collider (адронный колайдер) is here. Geneva The length is 27 km. CERN Switzerland France

15 It is possible to visit CERN with a guide.

16 CERN is impressive.

17 People are working here. Not nuclear physicist, but general engineering users.

18 This is picture of ATLAS. This is special apparatus which records particles after collision. The real ATLAS is 10 times bigger and It is located under the ground. ≈12 meters i.e. the real diameter is 120 meters.

19 Traffic light is interesting. For buses For bicycles For cars Also for bicycles

20 Would you like to play chess or checkers?

21 Yes, I do.

22 Will you accept draw?

23 Geneva at night.

24 Not many people in the street at 21:00.

25 Geneva in the morning.

26 Pass for people is situated at level below water.

27 Vehicle registration numbers in Switzerland are very small.

28 My wolf. wife

29 My dangerous wife.

30 Second day we spent in Montreux (Монтрё). It is called Switzerland Riviera (Швейцарская Ривьера).

31 This is me!

32 All Russians are a bit crazy…

33 Photoshop? No!

34 Château de Chillon (Шильонский замок).

35 In the basement of Chillon castle. Wine is here.

36 Everyone knows famous poem of George Byron “The Prisoner of Chillon, 1816” («Шильонский узник» поэма Джорджа Байрона).

37 The Prisoner of Chillon 2011…

38 Wonderful view from the castle…

39 One more view from the castle…

40 Lets swim in the lake!

41 The water is fresh!

42 Water in the lake is wanderful! Look! I am here!

43 Now look at “chicas españolas!”

44 Chicas españolas (испанки).

45 Las chicas españolas son mejores. “Типа испанки – лучшие”

46 Wow!

47 View from the mountain to the castle.

48 Just a view… Château de Chillon (Шильонский замок).

49 Montreux (Монтрё)

50 The lake looks like a sea.

51 2000 steps down to Montreux…

52 In Lausanne (В Лозанне).

53 In the morning of third day. 11:00

54 9 children in child-wagons.

55 3 child-wagon. Mama hero!


57 Seagull or just a gull.

58 What a nice swan!

59 It is like a doggy. Cria-cria!

60 Let’s go to the lake!

61 Hunting.

62 Birds, come to me! No, cria-cria!

63 Cria-cria!

64 My food! No, cria- cria!


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