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4th Primary School in Tarnobrzeg School life snapshots.

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1 4th Primary School in Tarnobrzeg School life snapshots

2 Mikolaj Kopernik’s 4th Primary School in Tarnobrzeg was founded in 1970. Currently there are 634 students aged between 7-12 years old, taught by 50 teachers. Marzena Jarecka-Grabias – proncipal of school with pupils Mikolaj Kopernik, school’s patron

3 The school life goes on in many places: the coatroom is a place for the youngest students to learn independence, the court is a place for sports, in the dayroom the students pass the time on playing and studying. In the coatroom In the dayroom On the court

4 Our students like to present their skills by participating in many events, like theatre plays, various contests, dancing and music shows.

5 In the school library, the students can use Internet as well as books. This is a place to do your homework, talk with friends, play chess online.

6 In our library, there are many themed displays. Through them, students can learn about, among other things, lives of their ancestors, the development of sports, the old Christmas traditions. Sculpture folk of Jan Puk Carollers`s accessories: Turon, star.

7 Our students have achievements in many domains: they win sports cups, prizes in science as well as literary, art and music contests. Cups won by students in many domains.

8 In the computer room students gain computer skills. In the gym hall they improve their physical abilities.

9 They spend their spare time on many activities: sports, watching movies, having fun in school parties, taking part in charity.

10 We are always willing to get to know and make friends with people from all over the world.

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