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OUR SCHOOL By the pupils of the 4th form English teacher: Antonio Orihuela Il·lustració:Víctor Vila.

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1 OUR SCHOOL By the pupils of the 4th form English teacher: Antonio Orihuela Il·lustració:Víctor Vila

2 ENRIC: Hello, my name is Enric. XAVI: I’m Xavi. YAIZA: I’m Yaiza. TOGETHER: This is our school. Its name is Pins del Valles. YAIZA: Our school is very big. XAVI: I like our school. ENRIC: There are many pines in our school.pines TOGETHER: Do come in !

3 GRANADA: Hello my name’s Granada. MERCÈ: Hello I'm Mercè. BOTH : This is the nursery school playground.nursery school MERCÈ: Here the youngest pupils in the school play with beach buckets and spades.youngest beach bucketsspades. GRANADA: This is a ship. Here they play, too. MERCÈ: This is the P-3 classroom. GRANADA: Their teachers’ name is Teresa. MERCÈ: This is the games corner. GRANADA: This is P-4 classroom. MERCÈ: Their teachers’ name is Cecilia. GRANADA: They are working.They are working BOTH: Bye-bye!!

4 LAIA: Hello,my name’s Laia. ESTELA: Hello my name’s Estela. JAHANGIR: Hello,I’m Jahangir. ALL TOGETHER: This is our classroom. JAHANGIR: Do come in! LAIA: Our teacher’s name is Rosa Mari. ESTELA: In our classroom we do Maths, English,Art... JAHANGIR: This classroom is very big. ESTELA: In this wall we put our drawings.drawings. LAIA: We do dictations, copies and exam, too. TOGETHER: See you!

5 GERARD: Hello my name is Gerard. XENIA: Hello I'm Xenia BOTH: This is our English classroom. XENIA: Our English teacher is Antonio. Antonio is friendly. friendly. BOTH: But he get angry when we don’t pay attention.get angrypay attention. GERARD: The English lessons are funny.funny. XENIA: The pupils have fun in the English lessons.have fun BOTH: We like English. GERARD: English is the best.the best BOTH: Bye-bye

6 JÚLIA: Hello, my name’s JÚLIA MARIA: Hello,I’m MARIA. BOTH: This is the music room.Do come in! MARIA: Our music teacher is ESTHER. BOTH: Good morning ESTHER. JÚLIA: This is the piano. MARIA: Here we sit down and do our music work JÚLIA: Here we listen to music, too. BOTH: We like music !!goodbye!!

7 LUCAS: Hello my name is Lucas. ALAN: Hello I’m Alan. JAVI: Hello my name is Javi. TOGUETHER: This is our classroom. ALAN: Here we do our school work. JAVI: our teacher’s name is Jesus. LUCAS: In the classroom we do English, Catalan, Social and Natural. ALAN: There are twelve girls in our classroom. LUCAS: There are ten boys in our classroom. TOGETHER: Bye-bye.

8 GEMMA: Hello, my name is Gemma. MARTA: Hello I’ m Marta. BOTH: This is the computer room. Do come in! MARTA: In the computer room there are seventeen computers. GEMMA: There is one television. MARTA: There are two printers.printers. GEMMA: The computer’s teacher is Assumpta. MARTA: Here we do English every Friday with the computers. GEMMA: Normally, we do work in pairs, because there aren’t enough computers. enough computers. MARTA: There are a white blackboard, too. BOTH: Goodbye!!!

9 ELOI : Hello, my name is Eloi. JAN: Hello, my name's Jan. CALA: Hello, I'm Cala. ALL TOGETHER: This is the library. ALL TOGETHER: Do come in! CRISTINA: Hello, boys. ALL TOGETHER: Hello, Cristina. CALA: This is the shelf with the youngest pupils’ books.youngest JAN: T his is the library bathroom. ELOI: These are the cups of the school.cups JAN: This is the shelf with the terror books. CALA: This is the reading corner. ELOI: These are the computers of the library. ALL TOGETHER: Bye,bye!!!!

10 LAURA: Hello, my name’s Laura. ALBA: Hello, my name’s Alba MARIONA: Hi, I’m Mariona. TOGETHER: This is the headmistress office.headmistress ALBA: This is Montse Carque, she is our headmistress. LAURA: Montse Carque is a very hard-working person.hard-working MARIONA: The headmistress office is big. ALBA: At the school there is a secretary and a deputy head, toodeputy head LAURA: The secretary’s name is Merce. MARIONA: The deputy head’s name is Carme. TOGETHER: Bye-bye

11 MARIA: Hello my name is Maria. SÒNIA: Hello my name’s Sònia. BOTH: This is the caretaker’s office. MARIA:This is the caretaker, his name is Josep.caretaker SÒNIA: This is our sickbay.sickbay SÒNIA: This is our lost clothes corner.lost clothes corner MARIA:This is the goldfish bowl.goldfish bowl MARIA: These are our cups.cups. SÒNIA:This is the teachers’ room. BOTH:This is the parents’ association room. Bye-bye

12 RAQUEL: Hello, my name is Raquel ! JUDIT : My name is Judit! MAR: I'm Mar! RAQUEL: This is our Kitchen. JUDIT: Our kitchen is big. MAR: This is our cook. RAQUEL: Our cook’s name is Wagner. JUDIT: Wagner cooks very well. MAR : The food is very good! TOGETHER. Bye-bye

13 ALBERT: Hello my name is Albert PERE: Hello my name is Pere ADRIÁ: Hello I’m Adriá TOGETHER: This is the dining room ALBERT: The dining room is very big ADRIÁ: We have dinner in two turnsin two turns PERE: My favourite food is pizza ALBERT: My favourite food is spaghettis ADRIÁ: And my favourite food is lentils PERE: For Christmas, Father Christmas come to the dining room TOGETHER: Bye bye

14 ANDY: Hello my name’s Andy. ORIOL: Hello I'm Oriol. OSCAR: Hello my name is Oscar. EVERYONE: This is our new gym. ANDY: The gym is very, very big. ORIOL: There is a lot of material. OSCAR: There are mats, balls, skipping ropes... In the gymmats,balls,skipping ropes ANDY: The floor is green. ORIOL: To go to the gym is very funny.funny. OSCAR: Our P.E.teachers’ name is Asumpta. EVERYONE: See you!

15 IVAN: Hello I’m Ivan. NIL: Hello I’m Nil. BOTH: This is the playground. NIL: We play in the playground. IVAN: We play football,tennis, chess, basketball...chess NIL: We go to the pinewood.pinewood. IVAN: Our playground is big. NIL: There are many trees in the playground. IVAN: In the playground there is a farm with many animals. BOTH: Good bye!

16 JAVIER: Hello, my name is Javier EDUARD: Hello, my name’s Eduard. NOËL: Hello, my name is Noël. ALL TOGETHER: This is the basketball court JAVIER: the basketball court is very big. EDUARD: The baskets are very tall.baskets NOËL: At the basketball court we can play many games. JAVI : At the basketball court we play basketball leagues.leagues. EDUARD: The basketball court monitor’s name is Sonia NOËL:We like playing in the basketball court. TOGETHER: Bye-bye

17 BERNAT: Hello my name is Bernat. GUILLEM: And mine’s Guillem. BOTH: This is our football pitch. GUILLEM: It’s very big. BERNAT: On Tuesday and on Thursday we can play football,but the other days we can’t. GUILLEM: I like playing football. BERNAT: I don’t like playing football. BOTH: See you!

18 ROSA: Hello my name is Rosa. PAULA: Hello,I’m Paula. BOTH: This is the pinewood.Do come in.pinewood PAULA: There are two monitors at the pinewood. ROSA: Their names are Mercé and Margarita. BOTH: Good morning… PAULA: There is a blackboard where you can draw and write. ROSA: There is a table-tennis, too.table-tennis PAULA: We make huts with the falling leaves BOTH: Good bye!

19 EMMA: Hello my name is Emma. ONA: Hello I'm Ona. EMMA: This is our orchard.orchard ONA: In the orchard we cultivate tomatoes green beans, potatoes, beanspeppers... BOTH:This is Laia. She is our orchard’s monitor. EMMA: There is a green house, house, ONA: Here we do ecological fertilizer.ecological fertilizer BOTH: See you!

20 ANDREA: Hello,my name’s Andrea. ADRIANA: Hello, I’m Adriana. ANNA: Hello, my name’s Anna. EVERYONE: This is the ANDREA: In the farm there are five goats.goats. ADRIANA: There is one sheep.sheep. ANNA: There are many ducks. ANDREA: There are five rabbits. EVRYONE: Hello animals!!! ADRIANA: I like animals… ANNA: I love animals!!!I love animals!!! EVERYONE: See you!!

21 vocabulary Pines: pins. Nursery school: escola infantil. Youngest: mes joves. Beach buckets: galleda de platja. Spades: pales. They are working: estan treballant. Drawings: dibuixos. Friendly: amable. To get angry: enfadar-se. To pay attention: estar atent. Funny: divertit. To have fun: divertir-se. The best: el millor. Printers: impressores. Enough computers: bastants ordenadors. Cups: copes. Headmistress: directora. Hard-working: treballadora. Deputy head: cap d'estudis. Caretaker: conserge. Sickbay: infermeria Goldfish bowl: peixera. Lost clothe corner: racó de la roba perduda. In two turns: en dos torns Mats: matalassos. Skipping ropes: cordes de saltar. Chess: escacs. Pinewood: pineda. Basketball court: pista de bàsquet. Baskets:cistelles Leagues: lligues Fooball pitch: camp de futbol. Table tennis: taula de ping-pong Orchard: hort. Green beans: mongeta tendra. Peppers: pebrots. Ecological fertilizer: Adob ecològic. Greenhouse: hivernacle. Farm: granja. Goats: Cabres. Sheep: ovella. I love animals: m’encanten els animals.

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