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A Magician With a Ball 10 th G, Chapter 4 - English.

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1 A Magician With a Ball 10 th G, Chapter 4 - English

2 AGENDA: Interview with famous cricketer Cricket is a popular in all the common -wealth countries (South Asian countries). Now it is being played in more than twenty countries in almost all the continents. Great Legendary players from past Bradman, Sobers, Hutton, Chandrashekar, Kapil Dev and Gavaskar Iconic players of 20 th century – Sachin Tendulkar, Jayasurya, Brian Lara, Brett Lee, Wasim Akram, Rahul Dravid, Steve Waugh

3 Great Spinner – B S Chandrasekhar A Great Spinner and bowler from 70’s Debut match in 1964 against the English team led by Mike Smith. In his 15 years, wickets scored – 247 (test match) Career Highlight: In 1972 home series match scored a whooping 35 wickets against England With his fastest leg-breaks and unpredictable balls – a dangerous and widely respected bowler.

4 Interview excerpts with Chandrasekhar Chandrasekhar bowling arm was struck with polio. But he turned his handicap into advantage and never let his spirits down and moved onto become a great bowler. In his Initial career, Chandrasekhar slowly overcome his nervousness to bowl against iconic spinners of his time (like Vivian Richards) Gained experience over time by carefully studying the opponents weakness. Toughest Test Match The 2 nd test at Manchester in 1971, (took eight wickets and won the match) Reason for his fear of fast bowlers- reported in news papers The fast bowlers from around the world intimidated him by hitting him purposefully and hence used to bat at No.11 or 12. Spinning league with Prasanna, Bedi and Venkataraghavan – used to scare even mightiest batsman.

5 Contd.. Toughest batsman to bowl against - Ken Barrington (could play with spinners confidently) Finest batsman now- Rahul Dravid Greatest test match – Oval test in 1971- scored 8 wickets His standpoint on ODIs overriding test matches. ODI are entertaining and hence test cricket has taken backseat and but there will turn around Advice to young crickets – work with determination, dedication and perseverance Retired – 1981 Hobby – lover of music, close friend of singer, Mukesh

6 Activity Pick out words, if any, from the lesson that begin with the following prefixes: i)un _____________ unpredictable ii) im _____________ immortal iii) mis ____________ misunderstand iv) dis _____________ disadvantage

7 Match the following WordExplanation CaliberTo say what will happen in future DisasterThe first public appearance ImmortalTrue nature PredictThat which last for ever DebutAbility of a person An unexpected tragic event

8 Pick odd man out googly, chinaman, leg cutter, inswinger, late cut Late cut (type of batting- others r type of spin bowling) gully, long off, silly point, straight drive, square leg Straight drive (style of hitting ball- others r styles of fielding) pull, square cut, popping crease, on drive, reverse Popping crease (markings on the circket field - others r batting style) Sweep, sixer, match referee, leg umpire, umpire, groundsman Sixer (type of shot – others r people who help conduct the game) bats, wickets, pads, gloves, square drive Square drive (Style of batting – others r accessories)

9 Give the adjective Difficulty Immortality Height Advantage Fame Greatness Confidence Passion Normally Fun Difficult Immortal Higher Advantageous Famous Greater Confident Passionate Normal Funny

10 Change voice (active/passive) When the person or thing that performed the action is important, we use the active voice. The passive is used when the doer is unimportant or unknown and the sentence emphasizes the action 1. The teacher distributed the answer scripts in the class. Answer scripts were distributed in the class 2. They declared Sachin Tendulkar the man of the match. Man of the match was Sachin Tendulkar 3. The match was won by India. India won the match 4. My birthday was celebrated on 1st July. 1 st July is my birthday 5. They have admitted him to the hospital. He was admitted in the hospital

11 Match the Q with answer in circle and change to passive A: Who discovered the electron? B: Electron was discovered by Thomsan A: Chandrashekhar didn’t have all the advantages in life. B: Polio struck his bowling arm A: We did not attend the wedding B:Invitation was not given to us A: What happened to the WTC? B:The WTC was attacked by terrorist A: Where is your pen? B: My pen was stolen by someone

12 Look at the following extract from the interview (1) “Who do you think is the finest batsman at the moment?” (2) “It’s a very difficult question to answer”. (3) “There are three or four who can be called great but I should vote for Rahul Dravid who is technically sound and highly dependable”. How will you report this to your friend? Complete the report. (1)The author asked............................................. Chandrashekar who was the finest batsman at the moment (2) Chandrashekar said that................................... It is a very difficult question to answer (3) He was of the opinion that............................. Rahul Dravid is a great batsman as he is technically sound and highly dependable

13 Frame the questions- when answers are given. Q: Which year did you complete your SSLC? A: I completed my SSLC in 2003. Q: In which school did u study? A: I studied at Government High School, Kabaka. Q: Which subject did you opt for? A: I opted for Humanities because I like history. Q: What are your hobbies? A: My hobbies are reading books, writing letters, and playing chess.

14 Write questions for the sentences given below so that we get the underlined words as the answers. eg: Reshma is reading a novel. What is Reshma reading? 1.Chandrashekhar took eight wickets in the Oval Test. How many wickets did Chandrashekar score in the Oval test? 2. He made his test debut in 1964. He made his debut in which year? 3. Mozart was a great musician. Who was a great musician? 4. Cherrapunjee receives an average rainfall of 1,143 centimeters in a year. What is the average yearly rainfall received in Cheerapunjee?

15 Direct/Indirect and Polite Questions Information questions begin with what? who? where? why? etc. They are called wh - questions. When you ask such questions to seek information, you must be polite. If your questions are direct or begin with question words, you might sound rude or arrogant Polite forms Could you tell me.....? May I know..............? Would you mind telling me..............? Excuse me, I’d like to know........... For the Direct Questions and give the Polite Forms 1) Where do you live? May I know, where you live? 2) What do you like most? Would you mind telling me what u like the most? 3) When do you have summer vacation? Could you tell me when your summer vacation begins? 4) Why do you watch the TV Excuse me, I’d like to know why you are watching

16 Answer the question B.S. Chandrashekar was a great a) all rounder b) batsman c) pace bowler d) leg-spin bowler Ans: c) The oval is in a) Australia b) India c) England d) South Africa Ans: c)

17 contd “Chandrashekar began playing cricket with ‘a great disadvantage’.” What is the disadvantage referred to? a) He had to bowl against great batsmen. b) His bowling arm was struck by polio. c) Batsmen like Tony Greig intimidated him by swearing at him. d) The pitches on which he had to bowl were fast pitches. Ans b) The opposition started bowling intimidatingly at Chandra. They did so because_ a) they wanted to prevent him from scoring centuries b) it is a practice among fast bowlers c) they wanted to frighten him and enjoy themselves in the process d) they wanted to hurt him so that his bowling became ineffective Ans d)

18 Answer the Questions 1. Where did the game of cricket originate? How popular is the game today? It was initially played by common wealth countries. Now it is played by more than 20 countries. 2. Name a few Indians and Australians who made the game great. Don Bradman, Steve Wagh, Chandrashekar, Kapil Dev and Gavaskar 3. Who, according to Chandrashekar, was the best batsman he bowled against and why? Ken Barrington, because he could play with spinners confidently 4. How did he achieve a great name as a bowler even with his disadvantage? He never thought on his weakness and played with dedication

19 Contd.. 5. What made Chandra feel nervous in the initial stages of his international career? Playing against great batsmen like Ken Barrington, Clive Lloyd, Garfield Sobers, Mianded, Barry Richards,etc 6. Who, according to him, is the greatest batsman today? Give reasons. Rahul Dravid is the greatest batsman as he is tecnically sound and highly dependable 7. What advice does he give to young cricketers who want to come up? Play with determination, perseverance and love the game when at the field. 8. What was his hobby? Why did he fly to Bombay? Listening to music was hi hobby and he was big fan of singer, Mukhesh. He flew down to Bombay to attend his funeral.

20 Thank You

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