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Review Questions. 1. Minimalism is A) little makes lots B) lots make little C) small ensemble D) electronic.

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1 Review Questions

2 1. Minimalism is A) little makes lots B) lots make little C) small ensemble D) electronic

3 2. Process music maker A) Glen Ford B) Steve Reich C) Iannis Xenakis D) Don Rickles

4 3. Procedural music is A) fast B) algorithmic C) slow D) microphonic

5 4. Crossover is related to A) L-systems B) recombinance C) markov chains D) genetic algorithms

6 5. Axons are part of A) markov chains B) recombinance C) the brain’s wiring D) stochastics

7 6. Neural networks have A) markov chains B) allusions C) signatures D) Hidden units

8 7. Gradus refers to A) Gradus ad Parnassum B) composer’s block C) markov chains D) data driven programming

9 8. agents involve A) object-oriented programming B) dies irae C) 2-D automata D) markov chains

10 9. association networks are A) small B) markov chain related C) universally connected D) gradus centered

11 10. World Anthem created by A) data B) rules C) stochastics D) agents

12 11. Alice is a A) computer program B) recombinant C) composer’s tool D) all of the above

13 12. Déjà vu is related to A) association B) analysis C) adaption D) all of the above

14 13. Rules-based programming is A) data driven B) uses agents C) acquires knowledge D) chooses based on rules

15 14. From Darkness, Light is by A) David Cope B) Alice C) Emily Howell D) Alena

16 15. Emmy is based on A) recominance B) rules C) stochastics D) markov chains

17 16. Alice is good for A) extending music algorithmically B) creating new styles C) acquiring knowledge D) developing intuition

18 17. Allusions are A) references B) pointers C) vague plagiarisms D) all of the above

19 18. signatures are A) composer’s blocks B) gradus based C) reflect consciousness D) composer cliches

20 19. Gradus learns A) harmony B) counterpoint C) melody D) none of the above

21 20. dendrites are part of A) markov chains B) allusions C) conscioiuness D) the human brain

22 21. Dies Irae is A) a harmonic depression B) a harmonic progression C) an allusion to death D) a signature

23 22. Neural networks A) adapt B) learn C) model D) all of the above

24 23. Synapses are A) spaces between axons/dendrites B) transmitters C) receptors D) markov nodes

25 24. sequences A) repeat B) repeat at different pitch levels C) develop D) all of the aboe

26 25. Wolfram A) wrote NKS B) worked with CA C) developed WolframAlpha D) all of the above

27 26. Emily Howell uses A) cannot learn B) carrot stick approach C) develops ideas D) uses only German

28 27. Emily’s network has A) half as many weights as nodes B) twice as many weights as nodes C) few weights D) none of the above

29 28. Land of Stone by A) Cope B) Alice C) Emily D) Alena

30 29. Backtracking means to A) track backwards B) remember and try again C) reverse and try again D) all of the above

31 30. ANN means A) Association network nodes B) artificial neural network C) a necessary neuron D) a nother nothing

32 31. a feed forward neural network A) called a perceptron B) uses backpropagation C) gets it right first time D) does not need training

33 32. Emmy involves A) association B) backtracking C) nodal networks D) voice-leading

34 33. voice leading is A) how voices lead to one another B) how chords move C) how melodies work D) all of the above

35 34. destination pitches give us A) correct voice leading B) better harmonic progressions C) stronger melodies D) none of the above

36 35. Emmy first used A) chopin mazurkas B) bach chorales C) rachmaninoff symphonies D) beethoven

37 36. a function is a A) programming action B) variable C) constant D) none of the above

38 37. emotions are a A) part of intelligence B) not a part of intelligence C) a part of programming D) always accurate

39 38. learning involves A) memory B) association C) mistakes D) all of the above

40 39. Predicting is an important part of A) learning B) intelligence C) memory D) all of the above

41 40. complex adaptive systems involve A) completely random events B) events too complex to predict C) follow markov orders D) involve l-Systems

42 41. Emergence involves A) complex interactions of environments B) unpredictable behavior C) predictable behavior D) all of the above

43 42. Agents have A) built-in data and functions B) only external influence C) variables D) conflcts

44 43. Example of emergence A) weather B) markov chains C) Stochastics D) non-linear math

45 44. Boids is an example of A) stochastics B) probabilities C) chess D) emergence

46 45. MGC is good for A) turning numbers into sound B) turning numbers into.mid files C) turning numbers into images D) turning numbers into more numbers

47 46. Prime numbers are a good example of A) pi B) geometry C) algebra D) descrete mathematics

48 47.Mozart composed A) concertos B) musikalishes wurfelspiele C) symphonies D) all of the above

49 48. tossing dice produces A) twelve outcomes B) two outcomes C) one outcome D) eleven outcomes

50 49. chess is a game of A) probability B) stochastics C) markov D) skill

51 50. recursion is a form of A) a process references itself B) a process ends abruptly C) a process repeats itself D) a process reduces itself

52 SPEAC means A) statement, preparation, extension, antecedent, consequent B) stableness, preparation, extension, antecedent, consequent C) statement, preparation, extension, antecedent, consecutive D) statement, prenatal, extension, antecedent, consequent

53 52. “I saw the saw saw” exemplifies A) different meanings B) different consequences C) different spellings D) none of the above

54 53. the number of Cope’s principles for creativity A) 9 B) 7 C) 12 D) 5

55 54. Cope says that machine creativity depends upon A) machines can create B) quality not related to who or what created it C) the only limit of what machines can do is what humans can do D) all of the above

56 55. Richard Feynman says A) Circles are round B) Physics and math are the same thing C) QED does not exist D) science has been reduced to probabilities

57 56. music synthesis and composition are A) the same things B) not the same things C) sometimes the same things D) all of the above

58 57. creativity is a A) process B) product C) implementation D) act of derision

59 58. creativity relies on A) rules B) freedom C) intelligence D) emotions

60 59. Chess can be creative A) always B) never C) maybe D) sometimes

61 60. Stravinsky said: A) good composers borrow, great composers steal B) good composers steal, great composers borrow C) good composers define, great composers steal D) good composers steal, great composers plagiarize

62 61. Pocasso said A) Stravinsky borrowed that from me B) Stravinsky stole that from me C) Stravinsky plagiarized that from me D) Stravinsky divined that from me

63 62. Alice uses A) markov chains B) probabilities C) musical set theory D) all of the above

64 63. Fuzzy logic ranks outcomes according to A) trueness or falseness B) wrongness or rightness C) correctness or incorrectness D) all of the above

65 64. non-linear means A) not incremental B) non-continuous C) not in a line D) all of the above

66 65. Emmy depends on A) accuracy of its database B) who uses the program C) which composer is chosen to replicate the style of D) none of the above

67 66. Emmy has created A) dozens of works B) hundreds of works C) thousands of works D) millions of works

68 67. The program Sorcerer A) finds harmonic function B) finds allusions C) finds form D) finds musical structure

69 68. the best way to find signatures and allusions is by using A) pitches B) rhythms C) intervals D) timbres

70 69. typically MIDI uses X channels A) 12 B) 16 C) 4 D) 32

71 70. film uses 24 frames per second to appear analog, music uses A) tens of thousands B) thousands C) millions D) dozens

72 71. determinism can create A) correct answers B) chaos C) fractions D) all of the above

73 72. Cope did what to Emmy? A) made a million bucks from it B) gave it away C) destroyed it D) mothballed it

74 73. Emmy composed more works than Cope could A) keep B) imagine C) destroy D) ever listen to

75 74. music composing programs A) lack context B) lack emotion C) lack correctness D) lack individuality

76 75. Sara stands for A) Simple algorithmic recombinance algorithm B) Simple algorithmic replicationalgorithm C) Simple analytical recombinance algorithm D) Simple algorithmic recombinant algorithm

77 76. chess is a A) game B) art C) mental exercise D) all of the above

78 77. George Lewis is a A) programmer B) composer C) professor D) all of the above

79 78. Aaron was created by A) Harold Cohen B) George Lewis C) Chris Dobrian D) David Cope

80 79. Alena is a good example of A) recombinance B) Probabilities C) AI D) A-Life

81 80. Cellular automata have A) 2 or 3 dimensions B) 2 dimensions C) 3 dimensions D) all of the above

82 81. Conway’s Game of Life has A) 1 dimensions B) 2 dimensions C) 3 dimensions D) all of the above

83 82. pitch is which entry in a cope-event A) first B) last C) second D) third

84 83. RAM stands for A) real action memorandum B) read again memory C) random access memory D) random action memory

85 84. binary math uses only A) 1s and 2s B) 0s and 1s C) 1 through ten D) 0 through 9

86 85. Charles Babbage designed the A) first computer program B) first computer C) first software for composing D) first transistor for computers

87 86. Boden distinguishes between A) P-creativity and H-creativiy B) creativity and non-creativity C) composing and art D) books and papers

88 87. Ray Kurzweil created the A) Cybernetic Machine B) Cybernetic Chess Master C) Cybernetic Composer D) Cybernetic Poet

89 88. Pure Data is a A) composing program B) writing program C) analysis program D) none of the above

90 89. Max is a A) visual composing program B) visual authoring program C) visual visual program D) environment for design

91 90. Wagner X’d is famous Tristan chord A) borrowed it B) originated it C) defined it D) criticized it

92 91. HAL’s name comes from A) IBM B) CBS C) CNN D) NBC

93 92. Computers rely on A) chaos B) emergence C) objects D) binary math

94 93. Uncertainty principle due to A) Newton B) Einstein C) Turing D) Heisenberg

95 94. Stravinsky wrote the A) Rite of Spring B) Afternoon of the Faun C) Fifth String Quartet D) Symphonie Fantastique

96 95. Stochastics were used by A) Tom Johnson B) Iannis Xenakis C) Chris Dobrian D) Bob Dunning

97 96. ELIZA is A) word substitution software B) a computer psychiatrist C) one of the first well-known programs D) all of the above

98 97. Spires was created by A) Wolfy Mozart B) Tom Johnson C) Iannis Xenakis D) David Cope

99 98. C,D,E,F,G,A,B,C is a A) group of intervals B) minor scale C) major scale D) octatonic scale

100 99. sound color is called A) pitch B) rhythm C) timbre D) loudness

101 100. ANNs sometimes take X times to learn A) tens B) hundreds C) thousands D) millions

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