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Purchasing from the Consolidated buy. Step 1 Log-in to CHESS

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1 Purchasing from the Consolidated buy

2 Step 1 Log-in to CHESS

3 Step 2, click on consolidated buy tab and scroll down to products and prices and click

4 Step 3, select the product tab that best meets your requirement. Listed below is only a small sample of the products available.

5 Step 4, example, lets purchase a ruggedized laptop Latitude E6430 ATG

6 Step 5, Compare at least (3) products by putting a check mark in the box, then click the compare tab

7 Step 6, this will show a picture of the basic product. To view the basic product, click view detail button.

8 Step 7, need upgrades? Choose the options you require, example below

9 Step 8, notice that the base prices have changed, based on the selected options chosen.

10 Step 9, if the lowest cost product meets your minimum requirement, you must purchase the lowest cost product, if not then purchase the product that meets your minimum requirement.

11 Step 10, return to the Chess webpage and click vendor POC’s under the Consolidated Buy tab.

12 Step 11, Select the vender that matches your purchase selection and click on the vender link.

13 Step 12, vendor contact information is located here.

14 Step 13, Final step Either call the vendor or send a e-mail and request a quote for the product and options you have chosen. Once the quote has been received, reviewed and confirmed that everything is correct. Begin the process of submitting the GFEBS PR Once the E-order has convert over to AXOL call the vendor to place the order.

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