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VISUAL/SPATIAL INTELLIGENCE Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences.

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1 VISUAL/SPATIAL INTELLIGENCE Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences

2 Visual/Spatial... n “... the capacity to perceive the visual world accurately, to perform trans-formations and modifications upon one’s initial perceptions, and to be able to recreate aspects of one’s visual experience, even in the absence of relevant physical stimuli...” (Howard Gardner)

3 Aspects of Spatial Intelligence n sensitivity to the relationship between line, color, shape, space, and form n an ability to manipulate and mentally rotate objects

4 Aspects of Spatial Intelligence n the capacity to create a graphic likeness of a real object n the ability to understand the components of visual and spatial displays within the graphic arts

5 CAREERS n Graphic artist~ Surveyor n Architect~ Navigator n Map-maker~ Ship captain n Artist~ Explorer n Urban Planner~ Mechanic

6 More CAREERS n Cartoonist n Cartoonist n Curator n Curator n Chess player n Photographer n Photographer n Fashion designer n Florist n Florist n Graphic designer n Web designer n Interior designer n Pilot n Sailor

7 HOBBIES n Reading maps n Painting n Playing chess n Drawing diagrams and illustrations n Repairing machinery n Understanding geometry n Completing jigsaw puzzles n Drawing n Orienteering n Taking things apart n Building things n Doodling n Mechanics

8 More HOBBIES n Sculpting n Diagramming n Models n Mazes n Murals n Ikebana n Photography n Cartooning n Collages n Flow Charts n Origami n Film and video

9 Which is not the same?

10 Diane Arbus, Photographer

11 Architect I. M. Pei

12 Photographer Annie Leibovitz

13 Director Steven Spielberg

14 Johannes Gutenberg

15 Artist Georgia O’Keefe

16 Artist Leonardo da Vinci

17 Artist Mary Cassatt

18 Explorer Ferdinand Magellan

19 Navigator Vasco da Gama

20 Oceanographer Jacques Cousteau

21 Cartoonist Bill Watterson

22 Fashion Designer Marc Jacobs

23 Respects body, material, environmental boundaries n In the visual realm, but not limited to the visual realm. n Sensory n Creative n Visualization n Organized, though not always conventionally

24 In the classroom... n Offer shape, color, and size variation... n Offer chances to move, explore, create... n Blocks, puzzles, gears, nuts and bolts, geometric solids, trinomial and binomial cubes, cylinders,... n Offer artistic supplies—real paints and sculpture materials and tools if possible, easels, paints, pens, inks, origami papers,... n Light tables, materials to manipulate on light tables (sand, rice, leaves, etc.), sand and water tables, materials with different textures, smells, sounds...

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