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Making Inferences Level One Mrs. Hunsaker. The Earl’s Supper John Montagu loved to play cards. He could play for hours at a time. He would not stop to.

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1 Making Inferences Level One Mrs. Hunsaker

2 The Earl’s Supper John Montagu loved to play cards. He could play for hours at a time. He would not stop to eat or sleep. Once he played all day and night. He got hungry. He wondered what he could eat without having to leave the game. Then he had an idea. He told his servants to bring him meat between two pieces of bread. His friends thought this was a wonderful way to eat. Other people liked it too. They named this way of eating after John Montagu. By now you may have guessed his full name. It was John Montagu, Earl of Sandwich.

3 Montagu asked for meat between two pieces of bread so that he would not get the cards dirty. because he thought it would bring him luck. because there were no plates in the house.

4 People called this kind of food a Montagu. sandwich. snack.

5 From the story we can guess that John Montagu was tall. foolish. rich.

6 We can also guess that Montagu won the card game. Montagu ate this kind of supper again. Montagu’s friends didn’t like playing cards with him.

7 The Running Fish “The grunion are running!” You may hear these words in California on summer nights. Grunion are small, silvery fish. They “run” on the night of a full moon, when the tide is at its highest. A wave washes the grunion up on the beach. They dig a hole with their tails. Then they lay their eggs. The next high wave washes the fish back out to sea. A month later the eggs hatch. The baby fish work their way up through the sand. They catch a wave out to sea. Grunion are good to eat. People try to catch them. But grunion can tell when there are many people on the beach. They will swim along the coast and find another place to lay their eggs.

8 The grunion eggs hatch after a week. in the sand. in the sea.

9 You won’t catch any grunion in daylight. during the summer. in California.

10 Grunion are hard to catch because they’re very big fish. you never can tell when they’ll be running. they can tell when there are people on the beach.

11 When a baby grunion goes out to sea, it will look for its parents. does not really need its parents. is afraid of the waves.

12 The Great Race An old story tells about a tortoise and a hare. The hare bragged about how fast he could run. He tried to get the other animals to race against him. None of them would do it. At last the tortoise agreed to a race. The hare laughed. The tortoise was the slowest animal in the forest. He had short legs and was covered by a shell. The tortoise started off slowly. Soon the hare was miles ahead. He thought the race was as good as won. He lay down to take a nap. While he was sleeping. The tortoise plodded by. After a while, the hare woke up. He started running again. But by then it was too late.

13 A tortoise is like a dog. bird. turtle.

14 The hare. won the race. lost the race. forgot about the race.

15 The word plodded means ran fast. moved slowly and heavily. stopped.

16 From the story we might guess that the hare was a fast runner. never raced again. wasn’t really a very fast runnerwasn’t really a very fast runner.

17 A valuable Baseball Card Do you collect baseball cards? Many people do. You can save them. You can trade them with your friends. But did you know that some old baseball cards are valuable? One is worth nearly 2,000 dollars! It shows a picture of Honus Wagner. He was a great baseball star in the early 1900’s, when the first baseball cards came in cigarette packages. Wagner did not smoke. He made the cigarette people stop using his picture. Only 30 of the cards are still around today. How would you like to have one in your collection?

18 Baseball cards were first made 30 years ago. have always come with bubble gum. have been around since the early 1900’s.

19 Wagner wanted the cigarette company to stop using his picture because they hadn’t paid him. the picture didn’t look like him. he didn’t smoke.

20 Few of the Honus Wagner cards are still around because people didn’t know they would someday be valuable. Wagner ordered them destroyed. the cigarette company went out of business.

21 The Honus Wagner card is valuable because it came in a cigarette package. few are still around. Wagner was a great star.

22 Chess Chess has been played for at least 1400 years. It spread from India to other parts of the world. The board used in playing chess was pretty much the same everywhere. But some pieces had different names in different places. In some countries, they used pieces called elephants. We know them as bishops. The rules, too changed from place to place. A French chess player would move some pieces differently than as Arab or a /Chinese. Different rules might be used even in different parts of the same country. About 200 years ago, people around the world began to play chess by the same rules. Do you play chess? It’s not a hard game to learn. But like most games, it’s hard to learn to play well.

23 Chess is an old game. a new game a hard game to learn.

24 Chess was first played in France. India. China

25 Today the rules of chess change very few years. are the same as they were 1400 years ago. are the same everywhere.

26 Three hundred years ago, two strangers sitting down to play chess would set up the board differently than today. have to agree on the rules first. end up fighting.

27 You are ready to move to the next level!


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