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Derek Bryan & Evelyn O’ Rourke

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1 Derek Bryan & Evelyn O’ Rourke
Employer Engagement Derek Bryan & Evelyn O’ Rourke


3 Cheeverstown Who we are and what we do
Cheeverstown is a voluntary organisation that provides a wide range of residential, respite and day services to almost 400 children and adults with an intellectual disability in Templeogue and throughout various community locations in South Dublin.

4 Originally - 6 Job Coaches
All 6 were based in Tallaght and Supporting approximately 90 individuals in Tallaght Centre-based model However, not everyone from this community

5 New Directions Cheeverstown Strategic Plan 2011-2014
New model of service delivery reflective of/in keeping with the HSE New Directions 2012 2 Job Coaches in Tallaght 2 Job Coaches in Templeogue 2 Job Coaches in Rathfarnham Each hub now supports approximately individuals in their communities of origin

6 C.H.E.S.S. Tallaght Hub Evelyn & Derek based in Tallaght
Profiling of individuals & their networks * Personal Outcome Measures Geographical mapping of the community - Local paper, walk/drive, calling in and so on in partnership Employers, transport network, community facilities and so on Acutely aware of employers in this community who are employing and who are very pro-community

7 Employer Engagement Employers play a central role in ensuring that the job seeker has the opportunity to enter the labour market. Employers should therefore be viewed as a customer of the Supported Employment service provider. The employer engagement process requires the service provider to be professional and mindful of the need for the employer to meet their business agenda, and to run their business in an efficient manner. Source: European Union of Supported Employment - HOW TO GUIDE: Job Finding & Employer Engagement

8 Approaching Employers
When approaching employers, there are 5 key elements involved: • Information Gathering • The Approach • Meeting the Employer • Dealing with Objections • Agreement

9 The Approach The employer can be approached by either the job seeker, the Employment Support Worker, or by both together. Potential employers can be initially contacted through a variety of methods: There are a number of possible promotional/marketing materials that are useful when making contact with employers* |

10 Job Shadow Day - An Approach Tool

11 The Square Town Centre Tallaght “the change will bring you back”


13 Presentation Ceremony 2013

14 Next Steps Continue to use Job Shadow as an employer engagement approach tool in our community based service

15 Thank You

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