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GSB S-353 Formation of New Ventures Rob Chess and Peter Reiss (also with Donna Dubinsky) March 4, 2008.

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1 GSB S-353 Formation of New Ventures Rob Chess and Peter Reiss (also with Donna Dubinsky) March 4, 2008

2 What do the Following Companies Have in Common? Group A Group B Stub HubAcumen Med. GoogleAVAcore GenentechBrion HPLuxCore SunLightBit Stem Cells, Inc.RFCo Tableau SoftwareVITE

3 353 - A Class on Startups S 353 is the GSB’s core entrepreneurship class. (Taken by 2/3 of GSB students.) This year, two sections are open to Stanford post-graduate students (i.e., Master’s, PhD’s). The Chess-Reiss sections are meant to mix post-graduate students with GSB students. The mix reflects what you might find in a startup team. The two sections are Tuesday/Thursday 8-9:45 and 10-11:45.

4 Course Rationale The Chess-Reiss sections aim to give: Non-MBAs a sense of the steps required to start a business; and MBAs an appreciation science-based ideas that might become businesses. MBAs and non-MBAs a forum to work with each other and potentially build relationships for future collaborations The startup business models we consider come from life sciences, information, internet, and electronic hardware companies. The course is taught by the business “case” method; case discussions focus on the entrepreneur who must act rather than a passive investor.

5 Course Topics - I Identifying and Evaluating Business Opportunities Identifying Opportunities Valuing a Business Opportunity Technology as the Basis for a Business Acquiring and Leveraging Resources Building Organizational Capital Acquiring Human Capital Acquiring Financial Capital Partnering

6 Course Topics - II Managing and Growing the Enterprise Evolving the Business Model and Management Team Driving and Managing Growth Marketing, Selling and Growing Revenue Managing Failure Harvesting and Distributing Value M&A IPOs

7 Who Should Take Class Anyone considering participating in a startup Founder Management team Now or later in career Anyone wanting to understand the process of starting and growing a business. Particularly valuable for non-MBA’s from the sciences, medicine, engineering, and design programs.

8 Typical Class 15 minute summary of last class 60 minute discussion of case e.g., Morgridge’s early days at Cisco How StubHub got Started IP and Ideas versus Opportunities 30 minute comments and Q&A from guest e.g., John Morgridge, Chairman Cisco Jeff Fluhr, Former CEO StubHub Lou Lange, CEO CV Therapeutics Mike Folgner, Yahoo Video Systems Manager (former CEO JumpCut) Allen Morgan, Partner Mayfield Ventures

9 Assignments and Grading Emphasis on class participation (50% of Grade) Two group assignments Analysis of student business concepts One TBD

10 Sessions 1.Business Vignettes11. Gordon Biersch 2.TechVideo12. Zaplet 3.ProjectShed13. Cisco 4.TravelFit14. Connectics 5.Trulia.com15. McAfee 6.StubHub16. Netflix 7.Hotmail17. Palm 8.Hourglass18. Summary Class 9.Nanogene 10.Student Startups Web-Based/Software (TechVideo, Trulia, StubHub, Hotmail, Zaplet, McAfee) Hardware (ProjectShed, Cisco, Palm) Life Sciences (Hourglass, Nanogene, Connectics) Consumer Products (Travel Fit, Gordon Biersch)

11 Some of Our Visitors Mike Folgner, Yahoo Video Randy Hetrick, CEO TravelFit Sami Inkinen, COO Allen Morgan, Mayfield Fund Darin Buxbaum, CEO Hourglass Melinda Thomas Jeff Fluhr, Former CEO StubHub Dan Gordon, Founder Gordon Biersch John Morgridge, Former CEO and Chairman CISCO Tom Wiggans, CEO Connectics Don Santel, Former CEO CoTherix Louis Lange, CEO CV Theraputics

12 Registration and Course Times Two sections: Tuesday/Thursday 8-9:45 and 10-11:45 Approximately 30 slots open in each. On March 10, the GSB Registrar (Academic Operations) will open registration. You must petition them for admission. To contact us,

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