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The Turk First chess playing machine, made in 1770.

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2 The Turk First chess playing machine, made in 1770.

3 Computing Machines Begin to appear in 1940's

4 Claude Shannon Father of Information Theory & Computer Chess

5 Position Evaluation Chess position is evaluated to assign a value Value = 2.1

6 Minimax Algorithm Values propagate up to give better estimate

7 Type A Strategy Examine all variations to a fixed depth

8 Type B Strategy Examine selected variations to variable depth

9 First Program Written in 1957, 7 years after Shannon's paper

10 Alpha Beta Pruning Doubles how deep computers can look ahead

11 First Milestone Computer defeats 1500 rated player in 1967

12 The Bet Levy bet a computer could not beat him in 10 years

13 Levy Wins In 1978 Levy wins the bet

14 Fredkin Prize $100,000 to beat the world chess champion

15 Personal Chess Computer Annual sales of $100 million

16 Garry Kasparov Became world chess champion in 1985

17 Deep Thought First chip designed to play only chess

18 Deep Blue IBM takes interest in computer chess

19 2010 PC chess programs defeat world champion

20 Future Humans will always enjoy chess

21 Arimaa Playable with a chess set, but different rules

22 Bobby Fischer Proposed random initial setup for chess

23 Aamir Arimaa is aamir backwards with a leading A

24 Arimaa is Difficult High branching factor, no opening books, few captures

25 Arimaa Challenge $10,000 to beat top human players before 2020

26 Arimaa and AI Will require a breakthrough in AI before 2020

27 Questions More info at

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