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TEC at SLM 24 Aug 2011 Vito Baggiolini Reporting about work initiated or coordinated by me.

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1 TEC at SLM 24 Aug 2011 Vito Baggiolini Reporting about work initiated or coordinated by me

2 Outline Progress on TEC-related initiatives –BLM raw data Logging –ACET (presented by Steen) –Misc FESA 3 Status and plans Upcoming TEC work –Planning of new versions of Linux and Java –Planning of Legacy removal Upcoming TCs 2

3 BLM Raw Data Logging BLM user community need raw data –Raw, not only filtered data as now, e.g. for UFO search –Plus extraction from LHC logging DB must be faster Eugenia acknowledges this as valid requirement to CO Solution proposed: –Separate Logging Server instance, with new HW (DM, IT) –Optimized logging extraction API: 100 – 200x faster extraction for vector-numeric data (Chris, Daniel) –Extensions in BLM concentrator (Marek) To be deployed next week (30 August) –New HW installed by IT in 513 –New data upload API ready (Chris) –BLM concentrator is being modified (Marek) New clients expected  proactive approach needed 3

4 [ACET] Diagnostic GUIs GUI’s have been identified via component providers and piquet team CCM “diagnostic” menus have been created and populated with diagnostic tools Training to be organized in the weeks to come

5 [ACET] Component integration All components at FE and MT identified and visualized Presentation for AP foreseen 02 Sep 11 Dependencies – Java prototype working on Windows and Linux. Matches process names to local/remote ports Metrics reporting – Java: JMX/mBeans central registration mechanism being investigated, to be approved by AP. Then integration work can begin in the projects – C/C++: Mark has agreed to modifying the DiaMon agent to accommodate any mechanism for local communication, such as a pipe

6 [ACET] Central tracing Dedicated tracing machine (SLC6, 64bit, non-standard) MW tracing transport running using OpenJDK for now All operational trace messages redirected (in parallel, by NMN) to tracing machine Timing messages being received – (Very) preliminary loss detection indicates 2.6% message loss

7 [ACET] Configuration feedback Agreement on configuration feedback protocol obtained so far from MW (Wojtek, Felix), Timing (Jean-Claude), IEPLC (Frank), Drivers (David) and DM (Zory) Using syslog -> mw trace transport -> CCDB A first proof-of-concept for the configuration feedback mechanism working (Encore drivers -> CCDB) Timing and IEPLC eager to use it as well Java API prototype done C/C++ API approach being evaluated (Errlog)

8 Misc progress Smooth upgrades –Donat Csikos (HU), technical student has arrived –Works on tools to help developers make smooth upgrades General purpose component diagnostics in Java servers (Daniel Teixeira) –Traces calls from clients to Java servers –Info accessible through JMX –Based on first implementation done for LHC logging server 8

9 Plans for FESA 3 State of affairs –New functionality has been developed to ~90% –Considerable work needed for Quality Assurance –Leandro takes full responsibility of C++ FESA core –Julien is responsible for FESA development GUI Plans and ongoing work: –Investment in QA: Unit tests, automatic builds, testbed –Shorter development cycle (new beta version every 2-3 weeks) –Find/use additional resources VIA starting in October Frank, Anastasiya for 2.10 support (first-line in the eqp groups) Jeremy for automatic build and testbed integration Others for demo classes, test for testbed, etc Closer collaboration of C++ community in 864 and 936 –Testing, tools, reviews, etc (Wojtek, Leandro, Katarina) 9

10 New versions of Java and Linux Recent discussions about –Linux SLC6, 32/64bit, Java 7, OpenJDK –Nicolas is tweaking and validating SLC6 with RT extensions on MEN A20 boards Motivations cited –Easier maintenance –Unification –End-of-support for SLC4 and Java 6 Need group-wide discussions with all stake holders –Pierre will lead the Linux discussion –Katarina will lead the Java discussion Results to be presented in TC in Autumn 10

11 Prepare for legacy removal during LS1 Goal: remove as much legacy as possible during LS1 Planning has to start now, involving our clients across the whole sector –Input for 2012 MARS (at the end of this year) –Problematic cases must be handled proactively Proposals for simplification/unification: –Linux as only recommended operational OS (Phase out LynxOS, but also “deprecate” Windows) –Same version of Linux on FECs and back-ends? –No new developments and minimal support for old platforms (Middleware, FESA, diagnostics, …) Organization: SL, ACCOR with MCCs –« Blocking » cases should be identified and (re-)discussed Presentation in TC in Autumn by Marc, Pierre, Javier 11

12 TC Topics (starting again Sep 15) CCDB: Background, work done and plans (Zory) OpenCBCM project and plans (Jean-Claude Bau) Build tools –Update on Java build tools (Niall, Jeremy) –The new C/C++ build system (Jeremy) Planning for removal of CO legacy in 2013 (Marc, Pierre, Javier) Upgrade Plans for Linux and Java (Pierre, Katarina) Experience with First-Line support (Marc) OASIS progress and plans (Stephane) New hardware solutions in view of CLIC (Marc, Javier) 12

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