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ACET The ASPiS project UK e-Science AHM Oxford, 08 Dec 2009 Jens Jensen, STFC.

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1 ACET The ASPiS project UK e-Science AHM Oxford, 08 Dec 2009 Jens Jensen, STFC

2 ACET Who… Developers: Eric Liao (KCL CeRCH), Andrea Weise (Reading ACET) Others: Roger Downing, STFC e-Science Mark Hedges, KCL CeRCH Adil Hasan, Liverpool Jens Jensen, STFC e-Science

3 ACET ASPiS iRODS as datastore SSO login via Shibboleth PERMIS access control policy Provenance metadata in PASOA Funded by JISC

4 ACET Target Users 1.Arts and Humanities 2.STFC facilities –Was Diamond Light Source (no IdP) –Now ISIS Neutron Source 3.SRB users on the National Grid Service

5 ACET iRODS PASOA Shib service PERMIS PDP PERMIS PDP Disk Apache User

6 ACET Shib login So what does it do? Single password Password managed by home institution S.E.P. Home institution provides attrs ASPiS can use these for access control And for provenance

7 ACET User Authentication User National Grid Home (institution)

8 ACET Shibboleth login Home Inst. Home Inst. iRODS

9 ACET Shibby stuff Use ePTID for login Same account every time Caveat on reuse in UK federation Use ePEntitlement for “VO mgmt” Home institutions IdPs manage it Attrs available to rule engine and µservices Alternative to individual authentication

10 ACET Shibby stuff Web based PHP front-end for iRODS Permits persistent deep linking?

11 ACET iRODS Rule Engine to manage data workflow Microservices calling out to ext’l services No changes to iRODS itself Improves maintenance Except fed back upstream

12 ACET Log attrs Access Ctrl Update metadata Update metadata PASOA PERMIS PDP PERMIS PDP Branch on file type Branch on file type Document metadata Document metadata Image metadata Image metadata Rule Engine iRODS Example Rule workflow

13 ACET Example workflow All files: timestamps, owner, checksum,… Microservice workflow: µservice, parameters Images: create thumbprints, extract JPG metadata PDF files: text summary (no formatting)

14 ACET UK Access Management Federation (Shibboleth) UK Access Management Federation (Shibboleth) Shib Service Provider STFC iRODS STFC iRODS Reading iRODS Reading iRODS King’s iRODS King’s iRODS ASPiS iRODS Federation Two Federations

15 ACET PASOA P P Q Q Q Q Q Q P P P P 1ary id problem iRODS MySQL databases ?

16 Query interfaceProvenance data EU provenance portal


18 Screenshot of successful query (shows 1 warning and result)

19 ACET TODO “Real” µservices, Prod’n infrastructure µservices workflow management? Interface to MSS (use HPSS from IN2P3 for?) Integrate with NGS portal? TextGrid involvement? Relation to use of iCommands? Service redirect (file held at remote site) ‘ls’ doesn’t go through the rule engine (PEP in µservice)

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