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Digital Identity Shirley Williams University of Reading.

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1 Digital Identity Shirley Williams University of Reading

2 Digital Identity We use the term "digital identity" (DI) to describe the persona an individual presents across all the digital spaces that he/she is represented in. DI

3 Facets of DI There maybe a number of facets to a person’s DI What sort of DI should an e- Researcher have?

4 Exercise Think of an established researcher that you admire. How do we establish what sort of DI do they present?


6 That’s the right one - Lets try some of the tabs

7 Impressive What else?

8 What nothing since 2005? Let’s try Google Scholar

9 Not our Mark, lets add the middle initial we saw earlier. That doesn’t help. What about adding “Reading” That doesn’t help either. But earlier we had an email address let’s try that:

10 Ok that’s the one, more to see here

11 − Mark Baker Prof Mark Baker mordillo FOAF?

12 Is this the same mordillo? Don’t know!

13 DI

14 Web 2.0 DI Interaction and dialogue Collaboration Feeds Tags Trust Reputation Lack of Control Fraud

15 Examples Blogs Social book marking Social networking VOIP/messaging File sharing Wordpress Delicious Ning Skype Flickr etc

16 Discussion Points 1 Should you try and retain separate DIs for private and professional lives? –E.g. multiple Facebook accounts Is your DI altered by: –The people you follow? –The people who follow you?

17 Discussion Points 2 Does a Web 2.0 DI help your research career? Can Web 2.0 DI damage your research career? If you ignore Web 2.0 is it not there?

18 Thank you You can find me at: Email: Twitter,, Skype: shirleyearley Blog: Second Life: Rosie Luna etc

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