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Google for Education Autumn D. | Mengnan W. | Xinyue Z. | Qian Z.

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1 Google for Education Autumn D. | Mengnan W. | Xinyue Z. | Qian Z.

2 Facts 121 million children worldwide do not attend to school. 9 million more girls than boys. 65 million girls are being denied basic education, increasing the likelihood they will live in poverty or die young. Source: Tomiuc, Eugen. "World: UNICEF Report Finds 65 Million Girls Are Being Denied Access To Basic Education." Radio Free Europe Radio Liberty. (2003): 1. Print.

3 The Problem Millions of Children around the world do not have access to adequate education or are not allowed to attend school.

4 The Goal To spark dialog and unite people globally about this important cause.

5 Key Targeted Publics Community leaders Charity community School leaders Parents

6 Objectives To increase media coverage from 1% to at least 15% within 3 months of the launch of the campaign. To intensify conversation about the cause by becoming a trending topic on Twitter and increasing traffic to Google+ within 3 months. To increase customer’s rating of the Google’s commitment to education form a 6.5 to a 8 by 6 months of starting the campaign.

7 Strategies Use Google Home Page to raise awareness of cause. Host charity and other events to raise money for children’s education and generate publicity. Use social media to generate buzz and educate parents and other key target publics.

8 Strategies & Tactics Strategy #1 -Utilize webpage to provide resources about education. Tactics #1 -Interactive webpage: a thing you can click on to see what jobs you can get with a certain amount of education vs. if you received no education. It would tell you what the pay. -Place where you can donate money on webpage.

9 Strategies & Tactics Strategy #2 -Host events to spark dialog and raise money for schools around the world.

10 Strategies & Tactics Tactics #2 I. Host events: $2 a tickets. (“Education Matters”) -Have a raffle and winner gets a whole set of school supplies including laptops. -Use money to buy desks, whiteboards, etc. for schools. -Give out pencils, notebooks, T-shirts, etc.

11 Strategies & Tactics Tactics #2 II. Advertising in newspaper about the event and causes. III. News releases to raise awareness or cause.

12 Strategies & Tactics Strategy #3 -Use social media to educate parents and other target publics. Tactics #3 -Google+, Twitter, Orkut (Social media made by Google).

13 Evaluating Program Implementation -Count the number of news releases distributed and placed in media. -Count the number of schools / who participate in education matters.

14 Evaluating Program Impact -How many times “Education Matters” trended on Twitter and Google+. -See if media coverage increased 3 months into the launch of the campaign. -Post survey to see if the customers rating of Google’s commitment to education has increased.

15 Thank you for your attention

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