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Lerner and Loewe By: Adam, Elkie, and Shelbi Musical Theatre.

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1 Lerner and Loewe By: Adam, Elkie, and Shelbi Musical Theatre

2 Birth Place ALAN JAY LERNER :  August 31 st 1918- June 14 th 1986 New York City FREDERICK LOEWE :  June 10 th 1901- February 14 th 1988 Berlin

3 Childhood LERNER : 1.Schooling- Bedales, Choate school, Juliard, Harvard 2.Family- His parents were prosperous retailers (Lerner Stores Inc.) LOEWE : 1. Schooling- Prussian Cadet school 5yrs-13yrs old, attended a conservatory in Berlin 2.Family- Age 7-8 he learned piano by ear. His father was a famous opera singer, and would help him rehearse.

4 Beginning in Theatre LERNER :  Began his theater career at Harvard writing for the Hasty Pudding Shows. He met Loewe at the Lambs Club in NYC LOEWE :  Performed as a concert pianist in Germany

5 Famous For… My Fair Lady Camelot Brigadoon Songs I Could Have Danced All Night If Ever I Would Leave You Get Me to the Church on Time Wouldn’t It Be Lovely

6 Impact Launched Julie Andrews career The shows are still beloved and relevant My Fair Lady was so popular in it’s original run, that it ran for over 9 years Fredrick Loewe Theatre in NYC

7 Influences Lerner :  Mentored by Hammerstein and Hart Loewe :  His Father, classic Viennese style

8 Education Lerner :  Bedales School in England; Chote in Conneticut, 1936 & 37 summers. Julliard school of Music, graduated from Harvard College Loewe :  Studied in Berlin with Ferruccio Bison; Eugen d’Albert, Emil von Rezniek, and Hollander Medal

9 Awards Lerner:  Oscar for “An American in Paris” (screenplay)  Oscar for “My Fair Lady” (sceenplay)  Grammy “On a Clear Day You Can See Forever ” Together:  9 Academy Awards for “Gigi” – Including Screenplay  2 Tony Awards for “My Fair Lady”  1 Tony Award for “Gigi”  5 Tony Awards for “Camelot”

10 Productions 1 st production – “Life of the Party” (flop) 1 st successes – “Brigadoon” Last – Camelot Other shows : What’s up? The Day Before Spring Paint Your Wagon Gigi (film) The Little Prince (film)

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