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Group 4 John Scheetz Mike Weals James Scanlon Eric Miller Eugen Rosca.

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1 Group 4 John Scheetz Mike Weals James Scanlon Eric Miller Eugen Rosca

2 Presentation Agenda Introduction and Video (Eric) Network Topology (Eugen) Software, Hardware, and Database (James) Internet, Intranet, and Security (Mike) Decision Support System and Centralized System (John) Questions and Answers

3 Introduction Main customers are funeral homes and weddings Other income comes from pine arrangements and the selling of antiques and primitive style furniture An IT system is nonexistent All records are kept by hand in folders Had a simple website, but the host of the website got hacked after 5 months of activity and the website was lost Looking to expand

4 Eric’s Tour of CCF

5 Network Topology Network topology is the layout pattern of interconnections of various elements of a computer network Four Main Topologies: Bus Tree Star Point-to-point

6 Bus Topology Bus Topology Each node is connected to a single cable Two subcategories: Linear bus, this network topology in which all of the nodes of the network are connected to a common transmission medium, which has two end points Is distributed bus topology is a topology in which all nodes in the network are connected to a common transmission medium which has more endpoints that are made by adding branches to the main section

7 Tree Topology Tree Topology This topology has a central root node that is connected to one or more other nodes that are one level lower in the network. It has a point-to-point link between the second and top level central nodes. At the same time, the second level nodes that are connected to the top will also have nodes connected to it that is one level lower

8 Star Topology Each network host is connected to a central hub. In contrast to the bus topology, the star topology connects each node to the hub with a point-to-point connection

9 Point-to-Point Topology This is the simplest topology and it is a permanent link between two endpoints Two subcategories: Permanent topology, this is a point-to-point communication channel that appears, to the user, to be permanently associated with the two endpoints Switched topology, this uses circuit-switching technologies, a point-to-point circuit can be set up dynamically, and dropped when no longer needed

10 Software - Payroll Current Payroll System Everything is done by hand Checks Net Pay Payroll Mate Calculates taxes and net pay Generates various reports Prints checks

11 Software - General Accounting Currently has nothing in place outsources accounting work during tax season QuickBooks Pro 2012 Manages: Income Expenses Bank Accounts Inventory

12 Hardware Laptop Computer compatible with software recommended Features analyzed: Processor Screen Size RAM Hard Drive Battery Life Cost

13 Compared Hardware We Recommend Option 3 – Dell Vostro V131

14 Customer Relationship Management Database CRM database is useful to reach customers Evolutions of CRM  Measuring Metrics Recency Frequency Monetary Value Report Analyze Project

15 Supply Chain Management Offers efficiency and ways to control costs Potential to eliminate wasting inventory Use both upstream and downstream flows of information Need a clear sense of communication between areas of supply chain Currently all information is transferred via telephone We recommend using a central database

16 Supply Chain Management Database Suppliers Supplier (The Growers) Suppliers (Florida, Hawaii, and Canada) No Manufacturer Distributor (United Floral and Columbiana Floral) Retailer (Carrollton Country Flowers) Customer (The buyer of the flowers) Customers Customer (The recipient of the flowers)

17 Internet and Intranet An effective website can help build customer relationships and generate new business A data driven website should be used Online ordering service for individual customers and businesses The website will help the flower delivery service An intranet will allow the staff to access company and customer information Can use the information as a marketing tool

18 Small Businesses with Websites

19 Security Systems A Security system needs to protect company and customer information Secure Socket Layers should be added to provide security in online communications and transactions through the website Cisco ASA 5500 Series McAfee Total Protection for Small Businesses Symantec Endpoint Protection Small Business Edition Backup Exec for Small Businesses

20 Recommendations – Internet and Security A computer with an internet connection needs to be implemented at the shop Data driven website installed Intranet Hardware vs. Software firewalls Would recommend the Symantec Endpoint Protection Small Business package - offers more value Cisco ASA 5500 Series – Least likely to recommend Hardware firewall and expensive

21 Type of Decision Support System Carrollton Country Flowers has no formal computer system in place, so the implementation of a DSS must be very basic The recommendation = implement Microsoft Office Access and Excel will give the best benefit for a beginning DSS. CCF can put in a database containing customer accounts, vendor accounts, and a product list

22 Centralized or Decentralized System? Centralized systems have the top tier of management making all of the decisions. Centralized are usually small companies. Decentralized systems spread out the power to managers in order to cover all aspects of the business. Decentralized is usually used in major corporations.

23 Centralized! Carrollton Country Flowers is considered to be a centralized system because the two owners make all of the decisions. The recommendation is that CCF stays as a centralized system because they are so small. There is no need to spread power.

24 Carrollton Country Flowers Special Thanks to Eric Miller for his cooperation and dedication to our project. Questions and Answers?

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