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Maybe you don’t know about Romania and Romanian people…

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1 Maybe you don’t know about Romania and Romanian people…

2 Romania, through its geographic settlement, is a land of beginnings, of meetings with the great events of history.

3 One of the largest dinosaur skeletons, older than 68 million years, has been recently discovered on Romanian territory.

4 Here can be found the “Bones Cave”, where in 2002 a group of American and European researchers discovered the oldest Homo Sapiens mandible, dated over 35 thousand years ago.

5 The cradle of one of the oldest and most mysterious European civilizations, known as Cucuteni Tripylla civilization (seven-thousand years old), is also here. It precedes Sumerian civilization or the Egyptian pyramids.

6 Petrache Poenaru the inventor of the pen (1827) Nicolae Paulescu the inventor of insulin (1922) Stefan Odobleja (1902-1978) the pioneer of cybernetics Ioan Cantacuzino the inventor of the vaccine against cholera (1912) Henri Coanda the inventor of jet plane (1911) Anghel Saligny the architect of the first European railway bridge (1890-1895) During the modern age, several famous Romanians brought important contributions to the World Heritage

7 Constantin Brancusi (1876-1957) one of the greatest modern sculptors Eugen Ionescu (1909-1994) the founder of the theater of the absurd Mircea Eliade the author of the first complete history of the world religions (1949 ) Ana Aslan the researcher who enormously improved the anti-aging treatment (1952) Maria Prodan Bjornson the famous designer of the sets and costumes from “The Phantom of the Opera”, by Andrew Llyod WebBer (1988)

8 Bucharest, the capital city of Romania, was the first city to use oil for street lighting. Romania was the first oil producing country.

9 Anghel Saligny Bridge (formerly King Carol I Bridge) is a railroad truss bridge in Romania, across the Danube River. Built between 1890-1895, it was the first, as well as the longest railway bridge ever built in Europe.

10 In the North part of Romania, there are seven medieval monasteries, belonging to UNESCO heritage. At Voronet monastery, you can admire the most mysterious and unique blue in the world, “the blue of Voronet”, which is impossible to be replicated.

11 The People’s House, built by the order of the communist dictator Ceusescu, is the second biggest building in the world, after the American Pentagon

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