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2 10 YEARS OF HOME CARE ONG – Public Utility Institution – who offer home care services in bucharest, to all persons without discrimination.  Members of team - 34 : - executive = 29 - administrative = 5  Carried persons = 570/ months  Monthly expenses( medium ) = 23 000 Euro

3 Services package - drug administration - i.v.infusions - wound care and dressing - ablations – suture removal - stoma care - catetherisation, lavages, condom application - lavages, intestinal irrigations -feeding, gastric catheters - glycemia monitorisation - peritoneal dialysis - physilological parameters monitorisation - health education ( patients, family, next of ‘kin) - body hygiene, patients early mobilisaton - dipers change - paliative care

4 Emergency Universitary Hospital Bucharest Social Work Ministry Health Inssurance House of Bucharest O.P.S.N.A.J House Localy Sector Council 3, 5, 6 Localy Sector Council 6, 1,2 (PHARE Program) United Way Partnerships and funds

5 Work activity of White Yellow Cross foundation during 10 years techniques patients visits ’96-99 37482 1786 14040 2000 47360 3616 20349 2001 75321 5359 25560 2002 146188 7332 34944 2003 138817 5650 30799 2004 109148 5750 24140 2005 139114 6016 33829 1\2 2006 56520 3244 15003 T O T A L 749950 38753 198664

6 Carried patients profile Major part of our patients are eldery people

7 PATIENTS PROFILE DEPENDING ON PATHOLOGY The plagues are a majority Multiple dressing – (ex. scars) It needs a lot of time and a large amount of medical supplies.

8 The partnership with Mutual Help Association Bucharest  M.H.A.B. Society has a wide range of medical equipments for recovery.  M.H.A.B. was founded with help of “ Mutualite Chretienne d’Alliance” and “ Mutualite Chretienne d’Anvers.”

9 The partnership with Universitary Hospital A major part of our patients come from Universitary Hospital CLINICNumber of patients 2003200420052006TOTAL Emergency1974030 Nefrology16110027 Cardiology47119774 Neurology123706036289 Ambulatory11002 Internal Medicine53302115119 Surgery156139188106589 Orthopedy44914313568795 Neurosurgery11123127 Plastic surgery650112 Ginecology721010 Total8885314212342074

10 Key of sucess  Proffesional  Integrity  Spirit of team  Respect for institutions and beneficiary  Involvment and action  Able to adapt in very new conditions

11 What we succeeded in.  Succes reports → Public Utility status of our Institution  Total Transparence → Authorisation of Health Ministry  Accredited by National Health of Inssurance and Laboury Ministry.  Trust → Foundation Members of Romanian Federation of Home Care Suppliers  Finance strategies →increase of finance source numbers  Well practice model → Members in interministry commisions.  After 10 years of activity → positive evaluation and recognition for the best Non Profit Organisations of 2006  Replicate this model in 8 location all over Romania.

12 REPRESENTATIVE EVENTS AT A VERY HIGH LEVEL White Yellow Cross Conference - 12 octombre 2005  We had the honor to have together Mrs Inge Vervotte, Ministry of Health from Flandre  His Excellency, Mr. Philippe Roland, Belgium ambasador in Bucharest  Dr.Daniel De Coninck, President of White Yellow Cross Flandre  Romanian Ministry of Health, Mr. Eugen Nicolaescu

13 International Conference “ ” - november 2006 International Conference “Corporation Social Responsability ” - november 2006  The impact of Corporation Social Responsibility ( CSR) in Romania: Global Perspectives and Local Tendency  We have nothing to loose if we invest in CSR  Creating partnerships Private - Public  Financial Sector like an engine for CSR: Future chalanges.  How, the government and private companies can promote a good management of CSR  The influence of mass media on CSR

14 FEDERATION OF HOME CARE SUPPLIERS FROM ROMANIA – FOUNDING MEMBERS Netherland Embassy in Bucharest Swiss Embassy in Bucharest Foundation White Yellow Cross Humanitarian Association EquiLibre Confederation Caritas Romania Project made with courtesy of:

15 FEDERATION OF HOME CARE PROVIDERS FROM ROMANIA  The purpose of Federation was creating a proffesional representative structure at a national and international level, for home care providers in Romania.  The first FFIDR conference was in october 2005 when “ The Cart” of Federation was accepted.

16 CONCLUSIONS  All along the 10 years of activity, can be seen the absence of motivation as well as the absence of authorities implication, which haven’t understood yet, the role of home care within the frame of Health System. The main reason was, without any doubt the frerquent change of the responsible people having in view the political algorithm.  We sincerely hope that the EU requirement concerning health policy will certainly help the romanian authorities to change their approach.  The Scepticism present at the beginning at all levels has been diminished  The present financial resources can assure only the survival and do not allow any further development.  The way toward accomplishment is always long and difficult, but we think that it is worth take it because we have succeeded to mark a path to be continued.


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