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Oxford Deanery Training Practice Managers’ Study Day 8 th June 2010.

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1 Oxford Deanery Training Practice Managers’ Study Day 8 th June 2010

2 The Structure of the GP School Glynis Buckle ACTING GP DEAN / HEAD OF SCHOOL Barbara Gow GP School Manager Julie-Ann McKeeTemp Chris Morris Windsor Nicki Williams Reading Chris Smith Aylesbury/Wycombe Greg Simons Milton Keynes Jill Edwards Banbury/Oxford Marion Lynch HEIs / CPD Simon Street Assessment/ARCP Richard Jones Recruitment Sarah Whiteman New Trainers Course ASSOCIATE GP DEANS PROGRAMME DIRECTORS AYLESBURY Michael Mulholland Nicky Turner Anne Turner BANBURY Caroline Nixon Richard Mumford Sarah Goulding WINDSOR Jo Byfleet Sufian Jabbar Manjinder Uppal Aman Dosanjh David Taylor (T&D Co-ord) OXFORD Mandy Fry Barbara Wallis David Griffiths Vacancy (Course Manager) MILTON KEYNES Sarah Egan Akin Osakuade Claire Stewart WYCOMBE Steven Cox Mark Reed READING Andrew Goode Anna Magnusson Alison Malcolm Roland Hardyman(Course Manager) SENIOR PROGRAMME DIRECTOR Marion Lynch Leadership Fellows CPD TUTORS BUCKINGHAMSHIRE Marion Lynch BERKSHIRE WEST Ros Crowder Maggie Woods MILTON KEYNES Anne Howard OXFORDSHIRE Honor Merriman SENIOR PROGRAMME DIRECTOR Honor Merriman GP Retainer Scheme / GP Returner Scheme

3 School Report Context Recruitment Assessment Appeals Initiatives The Future

4 Finance 2010/11 Budget £12.5m GPStR Salaries £1m Educator salaries £850k Everything else £650k Year end underspend £250k A freeze on replacing staff/educators who resigned A freeze on using locum staff to cover maternity/sick/sabbatical leave Low uptake on the use of study leave allowance by GPStRs

5 Recruitment Scheme Intake August 2010 Intake August 2011 Banbury10 Milton Keynes1213 Oxford1918 Reading1816 South Bucks2524 Windsor18 TOTAL10299 Oxford GP School attracted 201 applicants at stage 1 Of whom 158 were allocated to Oxford for stage 3 with 105 being successful at stage 3 Unlike many deaneries we were able to fill all vacancies at round 1 and did not have to partake in a second recruitment round.

6 Assessment – CSA/AKT  CSA results November 2010CSA results February 2011  Pass15Pass48  Fail*1Fail**8  *7th attempt** 5 x 1 st attempt 1 x 2 nd attempt 2 x 5 th attempt AKT results January 2011AKT results May 2011 Pass22Pass43 Above national average score14Above national average score32 Fail*8Fail**11 *2 x 1 st attempt (ST2) 4 x 2 nd attempt 1 x 4 th attempt 1 x 5 th attempt **8 x 1 st attempt (6 ST2) 1 x 3 rd attempt 2 x 5 th attempt

7 Extensions/Appeals AKT Failure2 CSA Failure0 WPBA Failure0 AKT/CSA Failure0 AKT/WPBA Failure1 CSA/WPBA Failure2 AKT/CSA/WPBA Failure1 No appeal against decision4 ARCP decision upheld on appeal2 ARCP decision overturned on appeal3

8 Training Practice Approval/Re-approval New trainers approved for training 23 Existing trainers reapproved for training 44 Practices not approved for training 1 We have revised the training practice approval criteria to bring it up to date and in line with the GMC domains We are piloting a change in the frequency with which we visit a training practice for re- approval

9 Common concerns raised by visiting teams Trainer has insufficient time for training Trainer’s knowledge of e-portfolio not up to date Trainees timetable does not reflect 7/3 split or not WTR compliant Little or no evidence of audit Practice Manager not involved in training Other doctors/nurses not involved in training

10 Challenges - Change in Culture The ‘Me’ Generation Financial crisis, downturn, meltdown - no money! Office support staff Educator pay/recruitment Faculty development Reduction in hospital posts Innovation and creativity

11 The Uncertain Future – Who needs the Deanery anyway!

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