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Framestore Bournemouth Jonathan Turner Bournemouth Studio Manager.

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2 Framestore Bournemouth Jonathan Turner Bournemouth Studio Manager

3 Who am I? Bournemouth Studio Manager Creation, start up and development of an external facility. Managing up to 40 artists, from both Paint & Roto and Matchmoving, across multiple shows in both 2D and 3D. Recruitment, hiring and training. Liaising with Higher Education Previously a Senior Lecture at The Arts University College at Bournemouth

4 Who are Framestore? One of the largest VFX studios in Europe Offices in London, New York, LA, Bournemouth – 25 years old Opening Montreal in early 2013. Aiming to hire 200 artists by the end of the year Worldwide employ approx 750 people

5 Outpost Story Our 2011/12 roster of projects required growth, particularly in prep-teams In an environment of high graduate unemployment – why look outside of the EU? Opened in August 2011 Employing 26 graduates in “prep” tasks on mainstream projects Mainly sourced from the Bournemouth Universities (AUCB and BU) A “hub” of talented graduates Based on the campus of the AUCB Expansion – we now employ 40 young artists

6 Secret of Success The post-graduation move to London can be daunting for many graduates The Outpost provides training and real jobs in a familiar, supportive and fun environment Bournemouth – facilities to service a large student population – 2 Universities plus language schools Rigorous selection procedure = best chance of selecting “future stars” Win-win – if we don’t have jobs for them in the future they’ve had a great start to their VFX career

7 The Challenges Reasons for success also present the greatest challenge – distance Systems support, training Have to work hard to keep it “Framestore”

8 The Future Promotions to more senior roles London and New York office. Promotions to Animation and compositing teams Outpost has matured – home-grown supervisors and mentors Cornerstone of our Graduate Strategy Close, mutually beneficial relationship with the university

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