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ENGLAND 2000 – AT MY FRIENDS Veronika Staňková student from grade second.

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1 ENGLAND 2000 – AT MY FRIENDS Veronika Staňková student from grade second

2 I was sent for one-month stay in England by my father. In August I flew to Manchester.

3 AT THE FAMILY I lived at the Turner three-member family. It is a married couple who has decided to have a child in their old age. Little David is brought up according to this fact. He is allowed to do anything what he likes and his parents always forgive him. Sometimes Christine got angry with him but just for a while.

4 TRIPS WITH DAVID I spent most of my time with Christine and David. John, the householder, worked so I could see him only in the evenings. We made trips in the neighbourhood of Bridlington where they lived. Bridlington is such a big village or rather a small town. It is very different from typical Czech villages and towns. Anyway, it is a very lovely town. The sand beach was very near but unfortunately the sea was too cold, as cold as a fish. I bathed in the sea only twice. At least I got rid of David for a while when I dug him in the sand. He couldn't move and so he was the best boy in the world (if only I had been able to stuff the sand into his mouth to stop his yelling). Allanah, David's niece, helped me to tame him many times, too. David is her uncle and at the same time he is one year younger than her. She spent with us about two weeks.


6 ENGLISH DELICACIES I put two kilos on my weight in England owing to their different way of eating. Breakfast is substantial, a toast or müsli, bacon and eggs and the disgusting English tea with milk. Lunch is mostly made up of a cheese toast and a tiny bag of crisps or a biscuit. And big dinner, the only good, warm meal during the day, is served too late in the evening - at about eight p.m. It usually consists of meat with potatoes and vegetables salads with small onions. We ordered China food twice but after eating it I nearly started vomiting. I also tasted "Fish and Chips". That was "another kettle of fish" than the China stuff!

7 DAVID AGAIN We had almost to ask David for eating something. Christine used to buy him special chicken medallions in the shape of dinosaurs to make him eat. Otherwise he had a soft spot for seafood. Especially fish and not just for eating - I have never seen so many plush fish.

8 NATIONAL HOBBY - CLEANING During the whole month I didn't notice anybody vacuum cleaning their carpets. The paradise of the mess. And that's why I like England so much.

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