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Colombia Presentation by Mario Santana Major Cities and Tourist Attractions.

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2 Colombia Presentation by Mario Santana

3 Major Cities and Tourist Attractions

4 Bogota Population – 7,243,698 Nation’s capital

5 Medellin Population – 2,281,085 Known for its beautiful women

6 Cartagena Population – 888,012 Culturally African-influenced coastal city

7 San Andres Islands Population – 50,049 Considered as paradise and has the most beautiful water in the world

8 Santa Marta Population – 417,514 Breath-taking beach scenery for all tourists

9 Barranquilla Population – 1,174,971 Shakira was born here

10 Cali Population – 2,183,042 Much of Colombia’s best music comes from this city

11 Famous Rivers Orinoco River Magdalena River

12 Mountain Ranges Andes Mountains Cordillera Occidental Cordillera Central Cordillera Oriental

13 Natural Resources Fuel Resources –Coal, petroleum, natural gas, and hydropower Mineral Resources –Iron ore, copper, gold, nickel, and emeralds

14 Natural Hazards and Environmental Issues Natural Hazards –Droughts –Earthquakes –Volcanic eruptions Environmental Issues –Poor quality of soil and water –Air pollution –Deforestation

15 Colombia’s Departments DepartmentCapital City AmazonasLeticia AntioquiaMedellin Arauca AtlanticoBarranquilla BolivarCartagena BoyacaTunja CaldasManizales CaquetaFlorencia CasanareYopal DepartmentCapital City CaucaPopayan CesarValledupar ChocoQuibdo CordobaMonteria CundimarcaBogota GuainiaInirida Guaviare San Jose del Guaviare HuilaNeiva La GuajiraRiohacha

16 Colombia’s Departments DepartmentCapital City MagdalenaSanta Marta MetaVillavicencio NarinoPasto Norte de Santander Cucuta PutumayoMocoa QuindioArmenia RisaraldaPereira San Andres, Providencia and Santa Catalina San Andres DepartmentCapital City SantanderBucaramanga SucreSincelejo TolimaIbague Valle del CaucaCali VaupesMitu VichadaPuerto Carreno Capital DistrictBogota HOME

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