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COMPOSER WEBQUEST [Who will you research & why?] by Jack Turner October 16, 2009 Music by Aaron Copland.

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2 COMPOSER WEBQUEST [Who will you research & why?] by Jack Turner October 16, 2009 Music by Aaron Copland

3 Who is the “greatest” of their time (era)? Baroque (1600-1750)

4 Classical (1750-1825)

5 Romantic (1825-1900) erDetail.aspx?composerID=35

6 20 th Century (1900-present)

7 Work with a partner... (groups of 2 or 3 if we have odd #) Determine roles & duties: Ex. Someone can get the composer facts & the other person can get the history facts. One person types & other person does the main speaking @ the presentation.

8 COMPOSER CHOICES: Johann Sebastian Bach George Frideric Handel Ludwig van Beethoven Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky Johannes Brahms John Philip Sousa Aaron Copland

9 Decide on a composer: Do a quick search about all of the composers and decide on the composer you would like to research more or which Era (Time Period) you think would be interesting. [You need to convince the people in “Facebook” that this composer IS the greatest in their time! You’ll read my project idea in the WebQuest.] NOTICE HOW THIS SLIDE HAS TOO MANY WORDS!

10 Use the resource links: I’ve given you various “links” to find your materials. PLEASE only use these links when doing research. I have also given you “links” in my credits. You may use these other “projects” from other teachers to find appropriate material or graphics.

11 History then Biography: Your slide presentation should first include material about what was happening during that era or unique situations. Once you’ve set up the “times,” you can continue with the Biography about your composer! Tell us about him.

12 Create your PowerPoint: Be sure to follow the Rubric (Assessment) There are specific guidelines for creating this presentation. Make the presentation “fun” with special effects - transitions, AFTER you have the information.

13 Just like this! This PowerPoint transitions that you may use! It also more than 3 graphics. This PowerPoint also has a Title page with a graphic and credits @ the end. Notice how some of the slide backgrounds are different colors with other changes too!

14 Adding a “music link:” Notice how I copied and pasted the website link onto this page. During your presentation, you can click on the link and play a short excerpt of music! ail.aspx?composerID=43 ail.aspx?composerID=43

15 Timeline for working: 2 Music classes for “research” 2 Music classes for “creating” 2 Music classes for “presenting” the final project. Your projects will be gathered and put on my computer.

16 Work from home? Sure! Just write down the information on paper and bring it to school to look from or copy onto your worksheet! Remember you can access both my WebQuest and PowerPoint from any computer.

17 Presentation: Following your presentation, all students should be prepared to answer the following: Why did you choose this composer? Was it the time period or something about his life? What did you learn about your Time Period & composer that surprised you?

18 Congratulations! Hopefully you learned some things about a “Great” Composer and their Era in time! I hope you enjoy this in-school project. 21 st Century Skills: Working on teams, making connections, using technology & communicating.

19 Credits: All material taken from and related to WebQuest for 5 th Grade @ Mr. Turner’s website. You would copy & paste other website links that you used on this page. webquest/Introduction.html webquest/Introduction.html

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