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LINKS – A Peer to Peer Approach Eastern Upper Peninsula Intermediate School District Recipient of the 2012 MAASE Mini-Grant President’s Award.

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1 LINKS – A Peer to Peer Approach Eastern Upper Peninsula Intermediate School District Recipient of the 2012 MAASE Mini-Grant President’s Award

2 24 Evidence-based practices for students with ASD Antecedent-Based Interventions Computer-Aided Instruction Differential Reinforcement Discrete Trial Training Extinction Functional Behavior Assessment Functional Communication Training Naturalistic Intervention Parent-Implemented Intervention Social Narratives Self-Management Peer-Mediated Instruction and Intervention Social Skills Groups Prompting Reinforcement Response Interruption/Redirection Pivotal Response Training Speech Generating Devices Structured Work Systems Task Analysis Time Delay Video Modeling Visual Supports PECS


4 EUP was the 2011- 2012 Host Site for the K-12 Intensive Training Series So - What is Peer to Peer Mediation?

5 Turner Howson Elementary School Rudyard Area Schools K-5 Building serving approximately 450 students 8 students with an ASD attend the school 3 receive services at the Rudyard Area Center

6 Turner Howson LINKS Parent Permission Staff Training ASD 101 + LINKS Overview in Classrooms Medium of Exchange Parent Night Regular Activities

7 Staff Training

8 LINKS Lesson in Classrooms



11 Kaidon’s StrengthsKaidon’s Challenges

12 Some Quick Information… Autism Spectrum Disorder is sometimes called ASD Most students with ASD are born with it Autism is NOT contagious There are more boys than girls with autism Some students with autism talk, and some do not Most students with autism have strong interest areas Most students with autism have a difficult time understanding social situations Students with autism often need to learn in different ways Kids with an ASD are often very knowledgeable in certain areas Many of Kaidon’s challenges occur because he has… Autism, really, is just a different way of thinking…a different way that a brain works!


14 Teachers and staff are working really hard at Turner Howson to assist Kaidon. But…many, many, many smart people have done a lot of research and studies and found that the people who can best help kids with autism learn and grow are… PEERS! (other kids their age!)

15 That’s right! You could be one of Kaidon’s strongest LINK S to success! So, you are wondering, just what is a LINK? A LINK will be a student who is about Kaidon’s age who will support him. Most importantly – a LINK is a good friend! A LINK will play and talk about things that Kaidon is interested in, and help him discover other fun things, too! A LINK might work next to Kaidon on a classroom assignment. Kaidon will need a LINK at recess and lunch and perhaps even some other areas like the classroom or speech The LINKS will meet frequently to talk about what is going well with Kaidon, where he’s struggling, and discuss how YOU can help. The LINK meetings are usually pretty fun and treats or special lunches are often involved You can volunteer if you are interested. We have applications and permission slips for you to fill out if you are. We’ll let you know when the first LINK meeting will be very soon!

16 Medium of Exchange Linking General Education Students with Students with an ASD General Education Curriculum Students with an ASD General Education Students

17 Regular LINK Meetings Case Conferences Teaching

18 Case Conferences Positives!Concerns?Ideas…

19 Teaching Opportunities as Part of the LINK Process Flexible Thinking Strong LINK vs. Weaker LINK Theory of Mind (20 Questions, Charades, etc.) K’Nex – Cooperation

20 LINKS Community Event

21 Quarterly LINK Activities  Fun activities beyond the school building.  Keeps LINKS motivated and actively engaged.  Opportunities for social modeling  New experiences of visiting places with peers instead of adults.

22 LINK Celebration  Half day barbeque and kickball game.  Collect reflection questionnaires from LINKS on their experiences  Good time to recruit next year’s LINKS

23 Decreased need for paraprofessional support Increased exposure to general education Decreased office referrals Increased interests and participation in general education curriculum Friends – Last Year… This year…

24 Changing the School Climate  Parent Perspective from Community Night  Teacher perspective  General Education Special Education Collaboration – LINKS became our medium of exchange!  LINKS become advocates.

25 Peer to Peer Resources The MUST HAVES! OCALI Autism Internet Modules Peer to Peer Mediation Statewide Autism Resources and Training (START) Peer to Peer tab National Professional Development Council (NPDC) on ASD Evidence Based Practice Briefs Peer to Peer Mediation Checklist for implementation

26 Rachel Byma Special Education Supervisor EUPISD Carrie Carr Autism Specialist EUPISD Jessica Clark MoCI Classroom Teacher EUPISD Angela Craven School Social Worker

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