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Mind Research Network University of New Mexico Bryan Galindro.

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1 Mind Research Network University of New Mexico Bryan Galindro

2  Dr. Jessica Turner Associate Professor in Translational Neuroscience  Dr. Vince Calhoun Professor of Electrical Engineering Director of the Mind Research Network

3  Develop a general-use software package to run ALFF analysis on resting state fMRI data of schizophrenic subjects  Subjects information will be gathered from various sites

4  Software needs to : ◦ Read in subject files from various sites ◦ Perform Analysis ◦ Save results in arbitrary directories  All of the programming will be done in Matlab

5  1% of the human population is affected by schizophrenia  Effects of Schizophrenia ◦ Decrease in neural connectivity ◦ Functional disability ◦ Degeneration of gray matter

6 A mplitude of L ow F requency F luctuations

7  Frequency Range: 0.01Hz – 0.08Hz  Low frequency fluctuations are correlated with functional connectivity  An increase in ALFF reflects an increase in functional connectivity between brain regions

8 R esting F unctional M agnetic R esonance I maging

9 Measures blood flow with respect to neural activity Neurons fire -> blood flows into region Measures oxygenated/deoxygenated hemoglobin in the blood Hemoglobin is diamagnetic when oxygenated and paramagnetic when deoxygenated

10  ALFF Analysis (default parameters) ◦ Low pass filter 0.01Hz to 0.08Hz ◦ Look at reliability of different ALFF measures  Early Psychosis ◦ Before and after antipsychotic medication  Spectroscopy Analysis ◦ Comparing ALFF measures with spectroscopy  MRN Processing Analysis ◦ Run ALFF analysis on subjects with chronic schizophrenia undergoing a change in medication

11  Develop software package that that will allow users to dynamically customize functionality to suit application specific requirements in the neuroscience filed  Automatically include the ALFF into the MRNs centralized system for data management and analysis

12  Working with Dr. Turner  After I run the ALFF analysis I will go over the results with Dr. Turner  Will be working with the imaging data analysis team at the MRN

13  Finding the correct file types located in large databases over multiple sites  Run various analyses on data from several sites without changing the data or file path

14  Write Matlab program for early psychosis  Run ALFF analysis on early psychosis data sets

15  Software package that will allow us to run ALFF analysis on fMRI data from several sites and over multiple large scale studies

16  I am using my engineering background to explore different areas of science

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