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Mind Research Network University of New Mexico

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1 Mind Research Network University of New Mexico
ALFF Analysis Mind Research Network University of New Mexico Bryan Galindro

2 Sponsors Dr. Jessica Turner
Associate Professor in Translational Neuroscience Dr. Vince Calhoun Professor of Electrical Engineering Director of the Mind Research Network

3 Project Overview Develop a general-use software package to run ALFF analysis on resting state fMRI data of schizophrenic subjects Subjects information will be gathered from various sites

4 Project Overview Software needs to:
Read in subject files from various sites Perform Analysis Save results in arbitrary directories All of the programming will be done in Matlab

5 Schizophrenia 1% of the human population is affected by schizophrenia
Effects of Schizophrenia Decrease in neural connectivity Functional disability Degeneration of gray matter

6 ALFF Amplitude of Low Frequency Fluctuations

7 ALFF Frequency Range: 0.01Hz – 0.08Hz Low frequency fluctuations are
correlated with functional connectivity An increase in ALFF reflects an increase in functional connectivity between brain regions

8 rFMRI Resting Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging

9 rFMRI Measures blood flow with respect to neural activity
Neurons fire -> blood flows into region Measures oxygenated/deoxygenated hemoglobin in the blood Hemoglobin is diamagnetic when oxygenated and paramagnetic when deoxygenated

10 Project Milestones ALFF Analysis (default parameters) Early Psychosis
Low pass filter 0.01Hz to 0.08Hz Look at reliability of different ALFF measures Early Psychosis Before and after antipsychotic medication Spectroscopy Analysis Comparing ALFF measures with spectroscopy MRN Processing Analysis Run ALFF analysis on subjects with chronic schizophrenia undergoing a change in medication

11 Project Goals Develop software package that that will allow users to dynamically customize functionality to suit application specific requirements in the neuroscience filed Automatically include the ALFF into the MRNs centralized system for data management and analysis

12 Size/Scope of team Working with Dr. Turner
After I run the ALFF analysis I will go over the results with Dr. Turner Will be working with the imaging data analysis team at the MRN

13 Challenges Finding the correct file types located in large databases over multiple sites Run various analyses on data from several sites without changing the data or file path

14 Goals for the Month Write Matlab program for early psychosis
Run ALFF analysis on early psychosis data sets

15 Deliverables Software package that will allow us to run ALFF analysis on fMRI data from several sites and over multiple large scale studies

16 Why is this a good senior design project?
I am using my engineering background to explore different areas of science

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