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Meeting Long Term Accommodation Requirements Public Private Partnerships A Presentation at The first Uganda-UK Investment Forum Congress Centre, London.

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1 Meeting Long Term Accommodation Requirements Public Private Partnerships A Presentation at The first Uganda-UK Investment Forum Congress Centre, London (15 th September 2010) Uganda Police Force September 2010

2 Uganda Kampala

3 Project Background UPF identified the need for suitable accommodation facilities to address: New barracks accommodation in the Greater Kampala Metropolitan Area A new head office building A new Police Training Academy UPF saw the commercial development of its land holdings not required for police use as a means to fund the identified accommodation requirement UPF and PU identified a Public Private Partnership as an appropriate procurement methodology Turner & Townsend were contracted in January 2009 pursuant to a tender process to: Undertake a PPP feasibility study Advise the UPF through the PPP procurement process 3

4 Project Description The Uganda Police Force has prime surplus land for investors to develop In return Uganda Police Force has certain requirements, i.e.. Family Barracks, Head Office and Training Academy Some land will be used to build Uganda Police Force requirements and remaining identified land, the developer can develop according to his requirements. Developer will be required to do certain maintenance aspects of the term of the contract in some of the facilities. Contract period is 30 years, inclusive of 3 years construction period. Project is a partnership between Uganda Police Force and Investors 4

5 Barracks

6 Current Status of UPF Accommodation Barracks Ageing facilities in poor state of repair Overcrowding / shortage of facilities Lack of utilities (toilets, bathrooms etc) Lack of drainage Temporary facilities unsuitable Negative impact on morale and ability to recruit and retain quality personnel Negative impact on image of police 6

7 Number of Units Required Number of 3 bedroom units required approximately 1100 Number of 2 bedroom units required approximately 6200 Total number of housing units required approximately 7300 Some auxiliary facilities required, i.e. community hall, nursery, playground

8 Training Academy

9 9 Current Status of UPF Training Accommodation Training Academy Training facilities are spread over the country Some facilities in poor state of repair (Kibuli Training School) Severe shortage of facilities General problems with ageing and limited infrastructure Trainee accommodation temporary and unsuitable Negative impact on ability to train and ability to recruit and retain quality personnel

10 Needs: Training Academy Size of land approximately 518 ha Size approximately 40 000m² built and 1 ha unbuilt but developed Location, Masindi district Site has been identified and is suitable for the development Single store buildings with a mix of training facilities and residential accommodation Residential accommodation will be required for trainees and staff 10

11 New Head Office

12 12 Current Status of UPF Head Office Head Quarters Current facilities too small to house new head quarters staff structure therefore HQ is fragmented Facilities inadequate and not fit for purpose (insufficient meeting rooms, messing facilities, no situation rooms, no command control centre) Insufficient parking Current solution is short term as building is rented

13 Needs: Head Office Size approximately 21 000m² Location, Naguru Site has been identified and is suitable for the development “A” Grade office accommodation with a mix of cellular and open plan work stations Detailed requirements will be specified in RFP, requirement is for standard Head Office accommodation 13

14 Regional Police Station

15 Local Police Station

16 Police Stations SiteStationRegionalDivisional Kawempe11 Katwe11 Kira11 Old Kampala1 Wandegeya1 Wakiso1 Kabalagala1 Kajjansi1 Entebbe1 Kira Road1 Jinja Road1 Mukono1 Matugga1 Kawala1 Kakiri1 Nsangi1 Natete1 Lubowa1 Kasanje1 Naguru - Ntinda Road 1 Nsmabya 1 Masindi - Training Centren/a TOTAL1932 Size Police Station250m ² Regional Station600m ² Divisional Station400m ²

17 17 Commercial Development Potential Site Name Site Size for Development (Ha) Possible Development Description Nsambya8.60Residential + retail Naguru20.30Residential, mixed use, office & retail Kibuli7.55Retail & mixed use Jinja Road2.30Mixed Use Kira Road1.27Retail Wandegeya0.61Mixed use Entebbe5.09Retail & residential Acacia Road0.35Residential Mabua Road0.55Residential 46.62

18 Commercial Development

19 Indicative Project Information Project consists of 5 different packages, that varies in value between 60 and 150 million dollars. Each lot has a commercial development as well as an institutional requirement attached to it. Project has the potential to provide above average returns. Approximate construction cost per m² in Uganda currently for: RetailU$443.00 ResidentialU$440.00 Office buildingU$460.00 19

20 20 Legal Framework in Uganda The legal and regulatory regime in Uganda is broadly acceptable for the Project and potential bidders and bank financiers should find themselves comfortable with it.

21 Economic impact Positive impact on GDP of Uganda Significant increase in temporary and permanent jobs for skilled and unskilled labour Tax collection base expanded Opportunity for local suppliers, contractors and service providers 21

22 Way Forward Investors’ ConferenceBeginning of July 2010 Issue RFQ Mid September 2010 Close RFQEnd October 2010 Evaluate RFQMid November 2010 Notification of selected biddersEnd of November 2010 Issue RFPEarly December 2010

23 Request for Qualification Development Consortia invited to submit a response to the RFQ RFQ will be available on the Web site: Respondents expected to develop the commercial opportunity and provide the Uganda Police Accommodation The Project is divided into development lots as described in the RFQ 23

24 Required information experience developer of PPP projects as a property developer and manager financial strength and credit worthiness to establish a Private Party to source the required Equity ability to raise all necessary finance commitment to implement the Project 24

25 Issues for Respondent’s consideration Property development capability Funding capability and capacity Understanding the Uganda market Participation of Ugandan entities Respondent will be responsible for own due diligence Communications only through identified channels 25

26 Communications Project Officer: Mr Jim Mugunga at Project Advisor Mr André Klopper at Website address: All communication to be via e-mail, addressed to the Project Officer, copied to the Project Advisor 26

27 Project Website 27

28 Meeting Long Term Accommodation Requirements Public Private Partnership Sept 2010

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