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Social Influence Joshua M. Phelps February 21 st 2005.

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1 Social Influence Joshua M. Phelps February 21 st 2005

2 Explanation of Survey Study Attitudes toward Illegal Immigrants

3 Lecture Outline Intro to Social Influence Social Norms Conformity Obedience Minority Influence

4 Exam Questions 1.Drøft Asch sin studie av konformitet. 2.Hvordan kan en minoritet påvirke en majoritet? 3.Gjør rede for undersøkelser som kaster lys over ulike former for sosial påvirkning og de konsekvenser sosial påvirkning kan ha.

5 Social Influence Sosial Påvirkning Process whereby attitudes are influenced by the real or implied presence of other people (Hogg & Vaughan, 2005) Changes mainly in behavior resulting from interpersonal interaction (Fiske, 2004)

6 Social Norms Normer Generally accepted way of thinking, feeling, or behaving that is endorsed and expected because it is perceived as the right and proper thing to do (Turner, 1991 pg. 3).

7 Examples Greeting Standing in Line What happens when you violate a norm? –How do you feel? –How would others react?

8 Conformity Konformitet Definition: Deep-seated private and enduring change in behavior and attitudes due to group pressure (Hogg & Vaughan, 2005) The tendency to change our perceptions, opinions, or behaviours in ways that are consistent with group norms (Brehm et al. 2002, p. 222)

9 Sherif (1936) Autokinesis effect Two Conditions –Alone - Group –Group - Alone Conclusion

10 Asch (1951) Conformity to unanimous majority Unambiguous situation

11 Asch (1951)

12 Results –Average conformity rate: 33% Public conformity to unanimously incorrect majority in unambiguous situation

13 Factors Influencing Conformity Situation –Group Size –Group Unanimity –Group Cohesiveness Individual Characteristics Culture

14 Why do people conform? Informational vs. Normative Influence –Validation of Reality (Informational) –Social Approval and Acceptance (Normative) Referent informational influence Cialdini & Goldstein (2004) Motives –Accuracy –Affiliation –Positive Self Concept

15 Conformity Example American Beauty Video

16 Obedience Lydighet Conformity to direct orders from a person of high status and authority (Worchel et al., 2000)

17 Milgram (1974) Obedience to Authority

18 Videos Milgram’s Study Danish Authority Experiment

19 Factors Influencing Obedience Commitment Proximity of Victim Proximity of Authority Legitimacy of Authority Group Pressure

20 Why do people obey authorities? Adaptive Motives (Fiske, 2004) –Controlling –Trusting –Understanding

21 Ethics and Milgram Participant Stress and Freedom Informed Consent –Rights to quit study at any time –Debriefing at end of study

22 Minority Influence Minoritet Påvirkning Social influence processes wherby numerical or power minorities change the attitudes of the majority (Hogg & Vaughan, 2005)

23 Minority Influence Criticism of Conformity Bias Moscovici –Blue/green slide study –Innovation Conversion effect

24 How can a Minority influence the Majority? Be Consistent –Be Active and Unwavering Invest in the Cause Act out of Principle Balance between rigidity and flexibility Become part of the ingroup

25 Consequences of Social Influence

26 Compliance Føyelighet –Superficial, public and transitory change in behaviour and expressed attitudes in response to requests, coercion or group pressure.

27 Last Week’s Compliance Examples Republican National Convention Advertisements

28 Social Influence in Practice Violate a social norm Observe conformity to a group norm Watch an authority Influence the majority

29 Sources Hogg & Vaughan (2005). Social Psychology, 4th edition. Fiske (2004). Social Beings Cialdini & Goldstein (2004). Compliance and Conformity (Annual Review of Psychology) Turner (1991). Social Influence

30 Read on Own Power Types of Norms Variations on Conformity and Obedience Studies

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