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John Napier Turner Liberal Leader June – Sept of 1984.

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1 John Napier Turner Liberal Leader June – Sept of 1984

2 Early Years Born in Surrey, England in 1929 Moved to Canada after fathers death in 1932 at the age of 3 to BC Moved again from BC to Ottawa where he attended school.

3 Education Ashbury College and St Patrick's College, Ottawa Attended UBC and awarded Bachelor of Arts with Honors Returned to England to study at Oxford University, where he earned a second Bachelor of Arts, Jurisprudence (the theory and philosophy of law), a Bachelor of Civil Law, and a Master of Arts.

4 Initial Accomplishments Was one of Canada's greatest track sprinters in the late 40’s, qualifying for the 1948 Olympic team. He held the Canadian record for the 100 metres. Was inducted into the UBC Athletic Hall of Fame in 2004 Started UBC at the age of 16

5 Political Career Before he became Prime Minister John also held the titles of Minister of Justice and Minister of Finance in 1972 as well as several positions in Cabinet. He ran for the lead of the liberals in 1968, after the resignation of Pearson, but lost to Pierre Trudeau.

6 Rise to Power After resigning from his position as finance Minister he became a corporate lawyer. 8 years later, Following the retirement of Trudeau in 1984, he chose to return to politics where he beat out Jean Chrétien for the spot as liberal leader and stayed for 6 years.

7 Problems While in Power Pope John Paul II tours Canada Lost the popular vote to the Progressive Conservatives due to his patronage appointments.

8 Greatest Accomplishments His finest moment was as Leader of the Opposition came in the 1988 election campaign when he stopped the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) While on vacationing in Barbados in 1965 he saved the life of John Diefenbaker who later became the leader of the opposition during Turners term as Prime Minister.

9 Final Days Turner attempting to repair the Liberal Party during his run as Opposition leader. Tried to take advantage of the scandals which within the Conservative Party. In the 1988 election campaign, Turner ended the (NAFTA). Finally he was unable to defeat the Conservatives. After two defeats, Turner resigned from politics once again in 1990, returning to his law career.

10 Websites Used bin/search.cgi?person_id=78 13006/

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