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Investment project «Modernization of the foundry» MAGNOLIA NaberezhnyeChelny city Naberezhnye Chelny city 2014 г.

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1 Investment project «Modernization of the foundry» MAGNOLIA NaberezhnyeChelny city Naberezhnye Chelny city 2014 г.

2 About the company Date of foundation of the foundry-mechanical plant "Magnolia" in Naberezhnye Chelny is the 20th of November, 1989. Activities of the company: Aluminum die casting, chill casting and sand casting; Design and production of aluminum radiators and components for LED lamps; Production of energy-saving LED lamps. The company has developed more than 100 types of aluminum castings. These are products for machine industry as well as for household appliances and national economy. Over the past 3 years output has increased tenfold. Magnolia is a supplier of aluminum products for the main conveyor of OJSC "KamAZ". Production capacity allows to produce up to 200 tons of castings per year. 2 MAGNOLIA

3 The content of project Due to risks to engineering, arising as a result of Russia's accession to WTO a deep modernization of our foundry is required to achieve the level of competitiveness with the world's leading manufacturers. Modernization will be carried out using high-tech and cost-effective equipment, establishing effective methods of production. Five years ago Foundry, which was previously operating for 13 years, was purchased, its best revenue reached 6 million rubles per year. 3 MAGNOLIA *2015 г. – launch of the project

4 14, 120 million rubles 183, 086 million rubles 1.Introduction of energy saving technologies: - circulation water supply system; - autonomous heating system; 2. Acquisition: - die casting machines; - equipment for machining; - express laboratories. The total project cost is 197.206 million rubles The content of project 4 MAGNOLIA

5 Purchased equipment 5 MAGNOLIA №EquipmentQuan-ty (pcs.)Sum, thousand rubles. 1X-ray machine РПД "200"110 016,00 2 Coordinate measuring machine Axiom too 600 CNC12 702,30 3Machining center M650 R AIS16 780, 00 4Foundry complex TST 250 K243 365, 00 5Foundry complex TST 400 K4101 407, 00 6Furnace melting - TA 200/12 K31 535, 10 7Express Lab FVN-F20 CNR Italia12 070,00 8Universal milling machine FUV 40114 070, 00 9Grinding machine 3Д72515 470, 00 10Internal Grinding Machine15 670, 00 Total: 16183 085,40

6 Furna ce САТ- 01 Before modernization 6 MAGNOLIA М die-casting machine mod.71109 Cast. machine mod. А711А10 Die-casting machine М711А07 Die-casting machine mod. 7А1108 die-casting machine mod.7А11 08 die-casting machine mod.71109 Mechanical workshop Casting Machine mod.А71 1А10 Temporary storage of metal Welding point Die-casting section Flash Canteen Fitter’s area Area of finished products Rejection area Instrumental and distributing storage Rooms Turning section Vertical milling machine 6Р82Г foundry complex TST 400 K - retiring equipment Furna ce САТ- 01

7 After modernization 7 5. Universal milling machine FUV 401 4. Foundry complex TST 400 K with furnace 3. Foundry complex TST 400 K с печью 4. Foundry complex TST 400 K with furnace 1. Foundry complex TST 400 K with furnace Canteen Rooms welding point Fitter’s area 10. Intragrinding machine Foundry complex TST 400 К 2. Foundry complex TST 250 K 3 Foundry complex TST 400 K with the furnace Warehouse turning section 6.Furn ace ТА/20 012К 7. Express laboratory Die-casting section Gates 9. Flat-grinding machine 3Д725 Machining center М 1000 б/у 12. Machining center М 650 R AIS 11. CMM Axiom too 600 CNC 8 The proposed location of the x- ray machine RPD 200 (50m ² of attached premises with a separate entrance) Gates Machining area (cleaners) New building MAGNOLIA

8 Retiring and purchased equipment 8 MAGNOLIA №Retiring equipment year of manufacture Quan-ty (pcs.) № Purchased equipment, instead of retiring one Quan-ty (pcs.) 1 Casting machine mod.А711А10 19801 1 Foundry complex TST-400K1 2 Die-casting machine mod.7А1108 19802 2 Foundry complex TST-250К2 3 Die-casting machine М711А07 19791 3 Foundry complex TST-400K1 4 Die-casting machine mod.71109 19822 4 Foundry complex TST-400K2 5 vertical milling machine 6Р82Г 19781 5 Universal milling machine FUV 4011 6 Furnace САТ-0119803 6 Furnace melting- ТА 200/12К3 Total10Total:10 Additionally acquired equipment 7 Express lab. FVN-F20 CNR Italia1 8 X-ray machine РПД "200"1 9 grinding machine 3Д7251 10 Internal Grinding Machine1 11 CMM Axiom too 600 CNC1 12 Machining center M650 RAIS1 Total:6 10Total:16

9 1.Increase of orders from automakers will help to replace import of automotive components and to create conditions for transition to the Russian-made components. - «Toyota» (Japan, Leningrad Region) - «Ford Соллерс» (USA, Naberezhnye Chelny and Elabuga) - «Knorr-Bremse» (Germany, Naberezhnye Chelny) - «Federal Mogul Naberezhnye Chelny» (USA, Naberezhnye Chelny) - «Kamminz - Kama» (USA, Naberezhnye Chelny) - «ZF КАМА» (Germany, Naberezhnye Chelny) - «КамАZ and Marcopolo» (Brazil, Naberezhnye Chelny) - «КамАZ and CNH» (Italy, Naberezhnye Chelny) - «Fuzo КамАZ Truck Rus»(Japan, Naberezhnye Chelny) - «Камаz» (Germany, Naberezhnye Chelny)/ 2. Creating of export potential: - Access to foreign markets (Belarussia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, India, Germany). Modernization goals 9 MAGNOLIA

10 Aluminum die casting, chill casting, sand casting, machining 10 MAGNOLIA die casting chill castingsand castingmachining aluminum radiator of LED Lamp of housing and public utilities die casting Pump housing ИЮАШ 4061- 1307015 (for YAZ vehicles) chill casting Housing 37.1702209-200 for mechanism of gear box on Kamaz and Nefaz vehicles sand casting Cover ФТОТ (fuel system Of KAMAZ vehicles) Die-casting

11 Design and production of aluminum radiators and components for assembling LED lamps for housing and public utilities 11 Radiators of lamps are specially designed for sufficient heat removal from the LED and are made of aluminum. Radiators are different with their wear resistance and vandal-proof qualities. Today we have the possibility to produce more than 20 000 pieces of aluminum radiators, assembly sets and LED lamps per month. We supply our assembly sets to more than 80 manufacturers of LED lamps of different regions of Russia. MAGNOLIA Assembly set of parts for assembly of LED lamp for housing and public utilities Aluminum radiator of lamp for housing and public utilities Aluminum radiator of budget lamp for housing and public utilities

12 Production of energy-saving LED lamps of housing and public utilities Radiator of energy-efficient LED lamp LED lamp for public places Lamp for public places is in series since June 2012 with capacity of 20 thousand pieces per month. 12 Radiator of budget energy-efficient LED lamp LED lamp for public places MAGNOLIA

13 Quality system of products, services The company currently has a system of quality management, "Magnolia" is certified for compliance with GOST R ISO 9001-2008 (ISO 9001: 2008). Registration number ROSS RU.IK79.K00273. Expiry date: 30.11.2015. A program on implementation and preparation for the certification of quality management system is drawn up in compliance with the international standard ISO / TY 16949. On May 16, 2014 under a contract with the Association of certification "Russian Register" LLC "PP-Volga region" the first stage of certification audit QMS was successfully passed, the second stage of certification audit is appointed in late July 2014. Preliminarily obtaining of the certificate ISO / TY 16949 is scheduled for August 2014. Also, since 2011 the concept of "Lean production" including 5 S Kaizen TPM is developed and implemented in the company. 13131313 MAGNOLIA

14 Key project figures Sum of investment attraction – 177,485 million rub. (90%) Own capital – 19,721 million rub. (10%) Investment period – 4,5 years Interest rate – 12 % Project implementation period - 5 years Discounting rate – 16 % Net present value (NPV) – 29,865 million rub. Internal rate of return (IRR) – 23 % Profitability index of investment (PI) – 1,17 Payback Period (РВР) – 3,3 years Discounted payback period (ДРВР) – 4,4 years 14141414 MAGNOLIA

15 Efficiency of the project Economic effect - 29 865 thousand rubles. Budget effect - 60,170 thousand rubles. To the budget of the Republic of Tatarstan - 19 269 thousand rubles. To the federal budget - 40 901 thousand rubles. Social effect - creation of 55 workplaces 15151515 MAGNOLIA

16 Kama innovative territorial production cluster In November 2012 foundry-mechanical plant of Naberezhnye Chelny "Magnolia“ was included in "Kama innovative territorial production cluster". (Minutes of the extraordinary general meeting of the members of Non-Commercial Partnership "Kama innovative territorial production cluster" from 27.11.2012). 16 MAGNOLIA

17 As part of the state support of small and medium business in 2014-2016 an application for grants is filed: 1.for professional training, advanced professional training and internships of employees in the amount of 3,096 million rubles. 2.for participation in the exhibition - fair and communicative activities in the amount of 1.995 million. rubles. create "Center of prototyping with introduction of modern technologies of scanning and 3D metry on the basis of the existing foundry-mechanical plant" Magnolia", amounting to 80, 596 million rubles. 17 MAGNOLIA Kama innovative territorial production cluster

18 Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Republic of Tatarstan 1. The project "Modernization of the foundry" entered the catalogue of investment projects of the Republic of Tatarstan in 2014. 18 MAGNOLIA Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Tatarstan 1. The project "Modernization of the foundry" entered Investment Memorandum of the Republic of Tatarstan in 2014. 2. As part of "Promotion of social economic development strategy of the Republic of Tatarstan for the period up to 2030" the project "Modernization of the foundry" is included as a priority investment project in 2014.

19 Support letter of the Ministry of Industry and Trade Tatarstan Republic 19 MAGNOLIA

20 Support letter of the President of Tatarstan Republic 20 MAGNOLIA

21 Support letter of the Ministry of Economy of Tatarstan Republic 21 MAGNOLIA

22 Pre-investment studies are carried out; Project documentation and business plan are drawn up; project "Modernization of the foundry" passed two stages of the competition of the Strategic Initiatives Agency in Moscow: primary and comprehensive examination of the field of "A new business"; an application for protection in the Investment Council under the President of the Republic of Tatarstan is filed. Today the search for an investor is in progress. A register of potential investors from May 2012 to today is created (more than 100 potential investors). 22 Stage of project implementation MAGNOLIA

23 Government support is needed to attract investments in the amount of 177,485 thousand rubles. 1. Ensure available, cheap and long financial resources at 12% per annum for a period of 4,5 years. 2. Support in provision of financial resources via mechanisms of government guaranties on the amount of attracted investments of 177 485 thousand rubles. 3. Creation of the possibility to provide grace-period (delay in payment) for a period of 12 month to pay: - main debt in the amount of 177,485 thousand rubles. - accrued interest in the amount of 16,784 thousand rubles. 23 MAGNOLIA

24 Together to the heights of success 24242424 MAGNOLIA

25 423808, Republic of Tatarstan, Naberezhnye Chelny, p/o box 50 Academician Rubanenko Boulevard, h. 12, p. 2. Теl.: +7 (800) 100-29-12 (toll-free in Russia) +7 (8552) 53-07-07 (multichannel) Fax: +7 (8552) 53-43-20 Mobile tel: +7 (965) 610-47-11 Е-mail: Site: www.magnol.ruMAGNOLIAContacts 19

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