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INVENT GROUP. about group 2 INVENT Group is a production- engineering holding united by consistent aim and development strategy. The main production capacities.

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2 about group 2 INVENT Group is a production- engineering holding united by consistent aim and development strategy. The main production capacities are situated in INVENT Technopolis, in the suburbs of Kazan. There are production sites in Naberezhniye Chelny, Zainsk and Urussu. The production of the holding is oriented to the enterprises of power engineering.

3 3 Structure INVENT GROUP INVENT-Elektro TATKABEL Tatteploizolatsiya TatEK UEMP Main activities of INVENT Group:  Cable & wire production;  Electrical engineering production;  Production of heat insulated pipes;  Infrastructural construction of power engineering and other industrial objects. INVENT-Engineering INVENT-Tekhnostroi ZZMK-Timer Stroikommash Kamsky Beton Tagum RiSD Resource base companies

4 Cable manufacture (ТАТКАBЕL)

5 5 ТАТКАBЕL The TATKABEL plant is the biggest manufacturing enterprise of the Group. The location is in INVENT Technopolis (Stolbishche, suburbs of Kazan). The plant is equipped by the most modern machinery represented by the world‘s leading producers: Niehoff (Germany), Caballe (Spain), Rosendahl (Austria), Maillefer (Switzerland-Finland), SIF (Italy), Haefely (Switzerland), Hipotronics (USA). Cable manufacture (ТАТКАBЕL) This is the biggest cable manufacture created for the last 40 years in our country. The plant does not have any analog in the Russian Federation in cable-wire production, equipment & machinery, production management and technology.

6 6 ТАТКАBЕL Cable manufacture (ТАТКАBЕL) production Wires  Non-insulated wires for overhead transmission lines  Self-supporting and armored wires for overhead transmission lines Power cables 0,66; 1; 3 kV  XLPE insulated  Silan XLPE insulation  Low flammability  Flame retardant, low smoke & gas emission  Flame retardant with insulation and sheath, halogen free  Fire resistant, fire retardant, low smoke & gas emission Insulated power cables: medium, high and super high voltage  For air suspension XLPE insulated 6-20 kV  XLPE insulated 6 kV  XLPE insulated 10, 20, 35 kV  Single-core XLPE up to 330 kV

7 7 ТАТКАBЕL Cable manufacture (ТАТКАBЕL) Advantages Uniqueness of production  Manufacture of high tension cables up to 330 kV inclusively (presently, it is imported to Russia for there are no local manufacturers);  Possibility to manufacture the current-carrying conductors (Al & Cu) up to 2500 mm 2 ;  Manufacture of cables with long factory lenght for the drums with up to 3600 mm flange diameter (installation cost decrease, reliability of the cable lines). Uniqueness of technology  Self-cost reduction of the production (all technological operations are run in one workshop according to the exact schedule with minimal costs of the work material transport);  Manufacture of the cables with the highest accuracy of the parameters given (material consumption reduction and securing of the stable characterisitcs of the cable producion);  Own laboratory, testing the high tension cables in KEMA laboratory (the Netherlands) (the certificates of this laboratory are generally acknowledged by the world‘s biggest energy companies of the world).

8 Electrical engineering (INVENT-Electro)

9 Electrical engineering (INVENT-Electro) about plant 9 The plant produces electrical engineering production of medium and low tension, including the power saving equipment:  Cubicle switchboard (single side operation cabinet)  LVPD (Low voltage package device)  Cubicle switchboard  VFD (control station with variable frequency drive)  CRP (compensators of reacting power)  Cabinet equipment  UPTS (Unitized package transformer substation)  PTS (package transformer devices) The production is characterized by high quality thanks to the modern and smoothly running manufacture technology, and usage of the components of high quality. Nowadays, there has been produced and supplied more than 2 000 equipment items and transformer substations for Universiade 2013, municipality of Kazan, Naberezhniye Chelny, Ufa and Kazan Grid Company OJSC projects. INVENT-Electro

10 10  COC 6(10)-E1 and COC 6(10)-E2 of medium tension Riveted galvanized box and 3 position switch devices with aerial and SF6 insulation (3 position operating mode prevents the wrong operations).  Low voltage package devices High-strength box, sectzionizing (the entire box is sectioned, what secures normal performance of the rest of the sections when breakdown), flexible module costruction, 2 busbar system, 6300 А. INVENT-Electro Electrical engineering (INVENT-Electro) Production

11 11  Control stations with variable frequency drive (VFD) and soft starter On the basis of low voltage package device of own develoment, development of any operation scheme.  Compensators of reacting power 0,4 and 6,10 kV Automatic regulation, highly reliable condensators with fuses preventing the sheath rupture by Siemens.  Cubicle switchboards 6(10) UZ.1 of medium tension Solid galvanized sheath, modern construction, minimal dimensions, usage of various types of relay protection, possibility of single and double-side operation, access to the cable section wihout rolling out the switch, up to 3150 А. INVENT-Electro Electrical engineering (INVENT-Electro) Production

12 12 INVENT-Electro  Unitized package transformer substation 6-20 /0,4 kV, 100 – 1250 kVA according to own technology and Schneider Electric Ready to operate,monilithic case,portability,anti-vandal, possible to manufacture bigger distributive points consisting of 1 and more units.  Kiosk and mast-type package transformer substations 25 – 630 kVА Well acknowledged in non-urban area.  Distribution devices 0,4 kV Protection level IP54 by means of the thickener, high quality of welded joints and powder painting. Electrical engineering (INVENT-Electro) Production

13 Insulated pipes (Tatteploizolatsiya)

14 14 The plant manufactures the pre-insulated pipes and shaped goods made with foam-polyurethane insulation in polyethylene sheath (galvanized winding insulation) of pipe-in-pipe type, Diameter (steel pipe):  32 - 1020 mm (PU sheath),  32 - 1220 mm (galvanized sheath). The plant supplies production to the projects of Universiade 2013, Kazan Thermal Grid Company OJSC, MTK OJSC, MOEK OJSC and Special Economic Zone of technical implementing type „DUBNA“ etc. Tatteploizolatsiya Insulated pipes (Tatteploizolatsiya) about plant

15 Insulated pipes (Tatteploizolatsiya) advantages 15 Tatteploizolatsiya Production  Operation period is not less than 30 years, up to150 o С;  Wide temperature range of operation( -80 o С up to +130 o С);  Low coefficient of thermal conductivity;  Operative remote controlling system;  High mechanical durability. Technology  Simultaneous pipe manufacture in polyurethane foam insulation and shaped goods, technical parameters in: - size; - Thickness of the heat insulating layer; - Materials applied in working environment and other characteristics.  Projecting and installation works, turnkey projects.  Installation of steel-shot abrading of steel pipe, and also the installation of the coronal treating in polyurethane sheath extrusion lines allows manufacturing the pipes and shaped goods with high degree of adhesion. Manufacture  The plant is within the 4 biggest producers of PU pipes in Russia;  The plant takes the 2nd place in shaped goods production.

16 Infrastructural construction (INVENT-Engineering: ITS & RiSD)

17 Infrastructural construction INVENT-Tekhnostroi 17  Construction of the energy and other industrial projects up to the turnkey;  Construction and repairs of the gas, oil pipelines and reservoirs;  Laying and installation of the hot water supply pipelines;  Repairs of the electric and heat engineering equipment;  Construction and reconstruction of the electric stations and substations;  Construction of the overhead transmission lines 110 kV and higher;  Civil engineering and special works. INVENT-Tekhnostroi INVENT-Tekhnostroi possesses licenses for all types of the works implemented according to the Federal Law (Licensing of the separate types of activity No. 128. Total workers : 1 400 people, including engineers & technicians – 356, working staff – 1 044 The enterprise has 205 units of machines, including specialized. The enterprise possesses 4 production bases in Kazan, Naberezhniye Chelny and Nizhnekamsk).

18 INVENT-Tekhnostroi reference list 18 INVENT-Tekhnostroi Customer: TANECO OJSC Works: Construction of the „Waste water treatment facilities“ of the oil refinery and petrochemical plants Complex, aerial transmission lines:110 kV and 220 kV, construction of the external thermal grids (steampipes) and heating unit of the TANECO Complex. Customer: Transneft OJSC Works: Reconstruction of the reservoirs, pipes replacement and relaying of the underwater passages in oil-trunk pipeline, overhaul and construction of the electric motors, energy equipement. Customer: Gasprom OJSC Works: Re-insulation of the oil-trunk pipelines. Customer: Generating Company OJSC (hydro-electric power station, state district power station) Works: Reconsrtuction of the boilers, makeup demineralizer, pumping module equipment, implementation and modernization of the electrical engineering sections, water treatment facilities implementation. Customer: Kazan Thermal Grid Company OJSC Works: Reconstruction and overhaul of the heating grids. Customer: Energoinvest LLC Works: Construction of TATKABEL,cable manufacturing plant.

19 Infrastructural construction Road repair and construction 19  Manufacture of asphalt concrete of different types;  Road repair and construction;  Land improving;  Ground works;  Civil engineering. RiSD

20 Resource base Enterprises 20 Stroikommash CJSC Metal construction manufacture of any purpose. Capacity: 2000-2500 tonnes metal/year ZZMK-Timer OJSC  Projecting, metal construction manufacture of any purpose and complexity, overhead transmission lines towers 35-500 kV;  Manufacture of regenerative air preheaters Capacity: 7000 tonnes metal/year Kamsky Beton LLC Manufacture of custom concrete Tagum CSJC Non-ferrous and ferrous metal scrap collecting in industrial scales. The enterprise possesses several manufactural bases in the Republic of Tatarstan.

21 INVENT Group Republic of Tatarstan, Kazan, G.Tukay st. 125 Tel.:+7 (843) 533-28-00 Fax: +7 (843) 533-28-31

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