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State of the art in Hands Drying New Generation Hand Dryers.

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1 State of the art in Hands Drying New Generation Hand Dryers

2 Paper is the most common hands drying system worldwide; 80% approx. This happens even though paper is not really ecological and despite the waste it generates. This situation is due to the bad image of traditional hand dryers and hygienic difficulties to maintain cloth towel dryers. Nevertheless thanks to VELTIA, this is about to change... New Generation Hand Dryers VELTIA

3 VELTIA Innovation – The Big Difference The Key: It really works! Operates based on high speed air jets (120 mph), without heating element. there is no risk of burning for the users. Efficiency: It dries in just 12 to 15 seconds. Savings: It saves 66- 85% of power consumption compared to traditional hand dryers. Comparing VELTIA with paper drying systems it saves operational and maintenance costs. Precision: Our hands detector system works on a barriers basis (not bouncing) so it is far more precise than traditional dryers. Safety and Hygiene: Operation completely automatic, there is no need to touch the dryer. Stops for security after 25 sec of continuous operation. Moreover, as it doesn't work with hot air, it will not collaborate with bacteria reproduction. New Generation Hand Dryers

4 VELTIA Innovation – The Big Difference Cleanness: Water falls into an internal tank (neither over the user nor on the floor) so it helps to keep cleaner facilities eliminating the risk of slipping. The tank would take up to one week to fill up in typical installation. When the tank is full, an acoustic and a visual alarm start warning that it must be emptied. However the dryer keeps working normally. Fortress: VELTIA is made of high impact ABS, with very strong and flexible. A vandal proof model is available for hostiles environment; it is made of Poly-Carbonate with a higher mechanical endurance and flexibility Conclusion: VELTIA is the first real option to substitute paper as drying system thanks to its effectiveness and power savings. Moreover it is more environmentally friendly as it doesnt generates waste. New Generation Hand Dryers

5 VELTIA Extra Features Odour Elimination: ZeroSmell-Gel selectively eliminates bad smells from the air. It doesn't mask the bad smells so it maintains a fresher and cleaner environment eliminating the agents responsible for disgusting scents: Sulfur, Nitrogen, organic compounds (Methane, ethane, etc). The elimination is about 90% of the volume of bad smells from the air that get in touch with ZeroSmell-Gel. Design: VELTIA´S attractive look as well as its wide variety of finishes (9 colors + 3 finishes) allow even those most exigent designers to match our Hand Dryer with their decoration. Besides we can customize our dryer according specific needs. New Generation Hand Dryers Aluminium Black BCK Snow White Burdeaux Red Cherry Red Groc Champagne Atlantic Blue Deep Blue Red F1

6 VELTIA Extra Features Comfort: VELTIA doesn't over dry the skin and gives a feeling of a soft massage when used, as it doesn't work with hot air. Warranty: 5 years. For Engineering, Design and Prescription offices From our web site these professionals may download files necessary to insert our Hand Dryer directly in drawings and 3D designs. These files are compatible with most used software in this sector: Autocad, MicroStation and 3D Station. All available colors are included in order to get the best possible match. Hygienic Protocol: For highly demanding locations where traditional hands drying can not be used (Hospitals, Drug and food industry, pharmaceutical Industry, etc), our protocol assures a disinfection compatible with the highest sanitary standards. Filters: Retain dust, hair, and other elements in the air avoiding them to reach the hands of the user. New Generation Hand Dryers

7 VELTIA Distribution Channel: VELTIA doesn't sell directly to end customers but thru our distribution network in 30 different countries in America, Europe, Africa and Middle East. Support to our distributor: We support our distributors with catalogues, training, products presentation, etc. In order to assure the distribution success. Distribution Channels: We have 2 different channels to distribute our Dryers: New buildings and remodeling: to be included right from the original design. Service, Maintenance and cleaning: For the substitution market. To replace already installed dryers. New Generation Hand Dryers

8 VELTIA Objections This section shows all objections we have found when we introduce VELTIA not only to End Customers but also to new Distributors. VELTIA is a very new and different product; Therefore we think it is very important for all staff related with commercial distribution to be aware of these objections and the real situation about it. New Generation Hand Dryers

9 VELTIA Objections Size: It is not as big as it looks like, it is the Traffic Light Effect. VELTIA´s depth and width are pretty much like traditional dryers; just the height is bigger. Nevertheless if the dryer was shorter, what would we install below anyway? Surely nothing as nothing is currently installed on that area of the wall On the other hand, when a traditional dryer is installed usually nothing is installed under it because the water falling down would wet anything there; so at the end a band of wall from the dryer down to the floor is dedicated to the dryer. Something similar happens with a paper dispenser when you take into account the paper bin. So actually our dryer needs less space than traditional drying systems and thanks to the height where it is installed; the top of the wall can be an element of decoration. New Generation Hand Dryers

10 VELTIA Objections People might be concerned about putting their hands in the dryer thinking that someone else already did it so the area could be dirty Actually when somebody dries his/her hands they are already washed so the risk is lower than when opening the door or the sink faucet so if you think about it the risk is not real. However we are developing an anti-bacterial treatment directly into the plastic of the dryer to kill any biological agent (virus, bacteria, fungus) that touches the surface avoiding a potential transfer from person to person. This will be available for the last quarter of the year. New Generation Hand Dryers Seems to be noisy: VELTIA´s noise level is 71 dB (@ 2 mts). Traditional Hand Dryers have a noise level between 65 and 79 dB so our noise level is between the normal range in the market. If you consider that in every drying cycle VELTIA only works for 1/3 of the time of traditional dryers, the total noise generated by VELTIA is smaller. If the dryer operates without the water tank the noise is bigger because it is part of the silencer system. Of course as this product is completely new in the market everybody takes a closer look at it paying a lot more attention to every single detail.

11 VELTIA Objections What if somebody spills water inside the Dryer? The water drain is completely isolated and separated from electric and electronic parts so the water never would reach them. ZeroSmell-Gel is an extra cost for the end user; Can VELTIA be used without it? Yes it can be used without it but it makes no sense for 3 reasons: ZeroSmell is highly effective and necessary since the washrooms usually don't smell good. ZeroSmell makes VELTIA even more different from traditional Hand Dryer; this makes sales easier because turns VELTIA into a 2 in 1 product:: Hand Dryer and air freshener. It is a low cost consumable so creates a second line of business. Can the air nozzles get blocked? This is very unlikely because the high speed jet streams don't allow the dust to remain in the nozzles. New Generation Hand Dryers

12 VELTIA Objections Price: Comparing VELTIA´s price with traditional dryers prices is completely unfair because we talk about completely different products: VELTIA dries, most of traditional dryers don't VELTIA can substitute paper because of its fast operation, traditional ones can't VELTIA contains the water and keeps the floor cleaner, traditional dryers don't VELTIA eliminates bad smells, traditional ones don't However these differences could not be completely clear for a given customer (paradigms are not easy to change); therefore it is important to check to Appendix I where we calculate the benefits for the End Customers when uses VELTIA instead of: Paper or Traditional Hand Dryers. New Generation Hand Dryers

13 VELTIA Objections There are dryers that look almost the same (Mitsubishi, Toto, Dyson): Actually they are very different although they all work with the same principle: High speed air The first difference is our propelling system more efficient and it allows us to have a big number of nozzles ergonomically distributed to achieve dry without hands movement. Actually our drying system is patented worldwide (Patent Number: WO / 2006 / 042896) In other High Speed dryer the air is propelled trough a line of holes (Mitsubishi y Toto) or a thin slot (Dyson) on the top of the drying chamber forcing the user to move the hands in and out several times. the consequence is that most of the water drops over the user and on the floor of the washroom. Just like traditional dryers do. The dryer from Dyson has no water tank so if there is an excess of water (like somebody pouring water inside the dryer) it will fall directly on the floor; Moreover the noise level is a lot higher than ours, we have measured 79 dB. The dryers from Mitsubishi and Toto have a water tank quite visible and it may be easily removed from the dryer. This is an inconvenient in locations where vandalism is possible since the tank could be stolen or just removed from its place so the water will end up on the floor. And finally any other dryer has the capability of eliminating bad smells as VELTIA does; this along with the wide availability of colors and chromed finishes makes VELTIA a really exclusive and unique product. New Generation Hand Dryers

14 VELTIA Objections There are dryers that... (Cont...) On top of the exclusivity and all special features already explained we can also count on an excellent price (compared with other innovative dryers); this proves our VELTIA is the best choice in hands dryer in the world market. However having other dryer without heating element appearing in the market confirms our opinion that VELTIA represents: The Evolution in Hands Drying New Generation Hand Dryers

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