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WEBGATE Premium to your security 2011 HD-CCTV Solution

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1 WEBGATE Premium to your security 2011 HD-CCTV Solution
Innovation Creator Premium to your security 2011 HD-CCTV Solution H.264 DVR Series HD IP / NVR Solution CMS Solution HD-CCTV First HD-CCTV HD-CCTV World The compliance !!

2 Application Site HD-CCTV solution is mostly suitable system
Real time playback 720P/1080P HDD 64TB Premium to your HD-CCTV Solution Why HD-CCTV ? High-Definition is no more the terminology for IP solution since the world’s first certified WEBGATE HD-CCTV solution is about to come into the market. With long developing experiences both for IP and analogue DVR, WEBGATE do know how to combine them into new technology for the future CCTV market adopting IP’s High Definition as well as conventional CCTV’s reliability and user friendly usage. The answer is HD-CCTV. What is HD-CCTV ? An HD CCTV System is a video surveillance system wherein specialized surveillance features defined by official HDcctv alliance for CCTV market is used. Video(HDTV) signals are transmitted digitally over conventional CCTV media based on standard HD-SDI transmission technology. What is HD-SDI ? HD-SDI is short for HD-Serial Digital Interface that were derived from SDI foundational technologies which were developed for the professional HDTV market and widely deployed and defined to be world standard protocol. So the HD-SDI transmission will be only and best way to deliver HD quality image without any loss. The advantages of HD CCTV 720p(1280*720) /1080p (1920*1080) resolution Full HD live view and recording Plug-and-Play on the coaxial cable Lossless image transmission , No time latency Compatibility assured by world’s standard Progressive scan Efficient installation & maintenance for installer side Application Site HD-CCTV solution is mostly suitable system which superior image quality is supportable without missing any frames and having complexity of IT networking such as Casino, Jewelry store, Traffic Control Center, Illegal parking zone, Bank, Airport etc. Image quality (HD-CCTV vs Analogue CCTV) Stopped Object Stopped Object Moving Object Moving Object HD-CCTV Analogue CCTV Long reach transmission of HD-SDI VS Ethernet WEBGATE’s HD-CCTV products support analog conventional CCTV system-reach Installation using HD-SDI repeater up to 200m with RG6 and 140m with RG59. Using couple of Repeater(optional)can help cable length reach from hundreds meters up to 1KM so that user can have large scope of HD- CCTV installation. User will have longer installation scope compared with IP solution of which CATx cable goes max100m. HD-SDI : Max 200m of RG6 / 140m of RG VS Ethernet (CATx): Max 100m

3 HD Real-time multi channel Playback
WEBGATE HD-CCTV Solution HD-CCTV full lineup WEBGATE is developer and total provider for HD-CCTV products from Recorder, Camera to Accessories with all 720p / 1080p selectable. Simply update your conventional analogue CCTV into HD-CCTV using full range of WEBGATE HD-CCTV products. World’s first HD-CCTV compliance achieved WebGate HD-CCTV camera , HD-SDI repeater First to Pass Rigorous HDcctv Compliance Tests. HD-CCTV DVR Resolution selectable and real-time multi channels playback WEBGATE HD-CCTV DVR supports both 720p and 1080p signals for dynamic selection on the HD-CCTV cameras. And high performance playback feature of WEBGATE HD-CCTV DVR enable user to activate playback function in Multi channels under real-time speed. 1080p 720P 1080P HD Real-time multi channel Playback Multi Signal Input HD Real-time playback per channel in screen division Other special features WEBGATE HD-CCTV DVR shares most of key features of H.264 such as ‘Multi Streaming’ , ‘Built-in Mirroring’ , ‘SNS‘ , UpNP’ , ‘Lightning Protection’ , ‘Mobile viewer’ and so on. * Please see major features of H.264 DVR in this catalogue for more information Large storage capacity allows the user to extend recording period and improve image resolution. WEBGATE HD-CCTV DVR series can be connected with external storage of NVS04R (optional) to expand storage capacity up to 64TB via Gigabit Ethernet port. External storage connection to record data up to 64TB with NVS04R HD-CCTV camera Superior picture quality under low lux WEBGATE’s HD-CCTV cameras ensure high-sensitivity under low lux. environment. Other features - - DC Iris, Video Iris(720p only), C/CS lens - 30fps/60fps are selectable for optimizing for DVR recording(720p only) - External Light can be controlled by Strobe  Signal for dimming function - TDN Feature    HD-CCTV cameras support IR cut filter removable (ICR) type of    TDN with which camera performs best at night - CMOS 2.0M Sensor (1080p) / 1.3M Sensor (720p) WEBGATE C720B, 1/3” CMOS [0.1 Lux BW mode - fluorescent lamp] Accessories HD-SDI converter & repeater SDI to HDMI converting Upgrade conventional CCTV picture quality using WEBGATE converter to view HD live image on the HD monitor. And secure longer cable length by using WEBGATE Repeater to maximize capacity of cable length up to 1KM. SDI input HDMI input HD TV or Monitor Repeater Max 1KM reach with series of Repeaters attached

4 Premium H/W & S/W features
: Various choice of models equipped with special features required in the market : Experience unique technology of MH series designed to meet with various requirement of project : Double the performance of your DVR with powerful remote software Premium H/W & S/W features SNS (Social Network Service) Check DVR event reports or status at anytime , anywhere on your mobile phone by integrating DVR with Twitter® or Facebook®. This is more effective way to share information with others as well compared with conventional 1 on 1 service. For security reason, only authorized person can access to this feature. HDD Playback, Copy in the PC HDD of DVR can be installed then played in the PC throughout CC remote software in case DVR has unexpected damage. Also HDD can be copied to another HDD in the PC as well. I phone / Android WEB Download WEB application to access to your DVR and have a major management feature such as screen display, Event viewer, Multi units management, Remote control on I-phone and Android phone. UPnP Enabled DVR UPnP Router Video Request Free from port Forwarding No configuration CC or Smart phone Monitoring UPnP Feature WEBGATE DVRs come with built-in UPnP that supports automatic discovery and no configuration for integration and connectivity of your local network to Internet. Just activate UPnP feature of DVR after connect router to your local network. Time info Time server NTP server NTP client Manage DVR time equally RTC (Real Time Clock) & NTP time sharing feature User can manage time of each connected DVR equally. Set your DVR as either NTP server or client so that server DVR can share time information from time server to client DVRs that are connected. And even if DVR is not in the position to have network time the built-in real time clock will keep DVR close to real time. Lightning Protection system The surge protectors in video input or serial port of WEBGATE DVR will protect video port against lightning and RS-485 port against potential differences between connected devices.

5 HD-CCTV DVR Series HD-CCTV Camera Series
HD1600M 16ch rec. HD800M 8ch rec. HD400H 4ch rec. HD400ME 4ch rec. 1 HDMI/ 1 VGA output 2 HDD + 1 DVD E-SATA Economic model 1 HDMI/ 1 VGA output, 4 HDD + DVD, E-SATA, External network storage (up to 64TB) Mouse, Jog & Shuttle, Remote control, Touch panel front, HD-CCTV compliance under procedure HD-CCTV Camera Series C1080B / C720B HD-SDI Box Camera STROBE for External light Accurate lens mount H/W C1080VD / C720VD HD-SDI Vandal Dome Cam IR Type LED IP 66 Support C1080D / C720D HD-SDI Dome Camera IR Type LED CMOS 2.0M Sensor (1080p) / 1.3M Sensor (720p) Min illumination: 0.5 (Color), 0.001(BW) Lux (720p / 1080p) True Day & Night Mass Storage for DVR Accessories NVS04R External Storage for DVR Mirroring Cascade up to 64TB 4 Hot-Swap HDD Rack Gigabit Ethernet RP102 HD-SDI Repeater & Distributor HD-SDI Input & Output 720p & 1080p Connector BNC In(1ch), Out(2ch) Cable Length Max 140m(RG59) / 200m(RG6) Up to 1Km(Multi connection) SDI2HDMI HD-SDI to HDMI Converter HD-SDI Input 720p & 1080p Auto Detect HDMI Output 720p & 1080p Selectable Video Input Status by OSD

6 H.264 DVR Series Premium to your Premium, Enterprise solution
Various model choice Specialized for project Powerful remote software Premium, Enterprise solution With over 15 year’s experiences in this fields, WEBGATE has most up-to-date DVR in the market. We successfully have landed on high end market with superior hardware and software features which are required not only for simple monitoring but also for complicated integrated security solution. That’s one of reason why our products are always followed by the word ‘Premium, Enterprise. Various model choice on high-end DVR WEBGATE MH series offers various models lineup to satisfy customers requirement and meet special specification requested by large scale project or integration. MH3200M 32ch DVR Multi stream for Low Bandwidth Network WEBGATE H.264 DVR supports Multi-stream to ensure remote monitoring, Multi-Screen monitoring and Transmission in Low Bandwidth network. With this function, user can monitor full frame video signal remotely under low bandwidth network along with recording high quality video even using low-spec PC. D1 Stream CIF 30 fps CIF 1 fps for low bandwidth user Mobile stream Copy DVR HDD X 4 Specialized built-in Mirroring feature WEBGATE DVR provides mirroring feature which is best optimized to copy the data. User will be free of Rebuilding procedure which is to be needed by Raid 1 with several hours. No rebuilding procedure will be required in Webgate specialized mirroring feature. External storage connection to record data up to 32TB with NVS04R Large storage capacity allows the user to extend recording period and improve image resolution. WEBGATE MH series DVR can be connected with external storage of NVS04R (optional) to expand storage capacity up to 32TB via Gigabit Ethernet port. Multi Monitor outputs (MH series) 4 different monitors work as a main monitor performing multi or single monitoring, playback, alarm pop-up. And each monitor can be individually set up to make user’s own scenario about sequential screen division and channel sequential division turn and so on.

7 Up to 32TB via Gigabit Port
Other Features Mood lamp / Jog & Shuttle Touch panel button for channel selection Status window Major Function keys Design & Convenience WEBGATE MH series provide high-quality design and user friendly operation method with Jog & shuttle, Touch panel. Various Remote Viewer ActiveX Web Viewer for IE on PC. Java Viewer for Fire Fox , Safari , Chrome and Mac/Linux. Mobile Browser for cell-phone, smart phone. Radius feature Manage authentication and secure your DVR effectively by using Radius feature of the DVR. Unique File system structure Unique and stable file system structure will be best optimized for real-time data saving / playback for D1 resolution and it will make HDD performance best and longer by minimizing HDD head movement and managing HDD block efficiently in case there are HDD block error. H.264 DVR Series Model MH3200M MH1600H MH1600M EH1600L EH800M EH400H LH1600C LH800L ch 32 16 8 4 Design Monitor out 4 BNC, 2 DVI, 2 BNC, 1 DVI, 1 BNC, 1 Spot,1 DVI 1 BNC,1 Spot,1 VGA Audio-In/out D-Sub / 1 4 / 1 HDMI 2 DVI 1 DVI X Rec Speed (fps) 960 / 800 @2CIF 480 / 400 @D1 240 / 200 480 /400fps @CIF 240 / 200fps 120 / 100 HDD 2 1 ODD O Option Network Storage Up to 32TB via Gigabit Port N / A E-SATA Stream 3 Dimension 350(W) x 400(D) x 88(H) Weight 10 KG 8 KG Power AC 100~240V, 50/60Hz, Max. 85W, Typical 60W Lightning protection Real time Clock Under per day

8 IP / NVR solution Premium to your High Definition NVR Solution
Image data from max 16 IP devices including both HD and SD can be stored in NVS04S via network. The CMS software allows user remote monitoring and management. In addition, built-in hot swappable 4 HDDs enable user to replace HDD easily. Box type IP camera Video server IP Speed dome HD IP camera NVS04S (Record up to 16ea IP solution) Full NVR Control WEBGATE Control Center High Definition IP with high performance under low light D1 (720 X 480) 1.3M IP (1280 X 960) Resolution innovation from 720 X 480 to 1280 X 720P WEBGATE IP product provides clear Resolution with lighter file size. Webgate new HDC-730C Megapixel camera support High Definition picture quality ensuring remarkable picture quality under low light illumination circumstances (0.001 lux) compared with other Megapixel cameras. IP camera Video server NVR (NVS04S) Recording at CMS software MON 1 MON 2 Smart Phone / PDA Multi streaming is the main stream Multi streaming features flexible and usage. Today, higher quality and resolution are required for recording images. However, less computing power and network bandwidth are required for central management system. Multi Streaming is the only solution to satisfy those complex usage environments simultaneously. Recording Server Solution & Schedule Backup WEBGATE Server Solution provides high recording performance including real-time image recording, event information. System configuration, monitoring and searching and searching service through Control Center for WESP protocol based products (WebEye Series, eDVR Series). WEBGATE provides powerful schedule backup program as a bundle with CMS software through which user can backup the data of DVR through the network safely.

9 Premium to your CMS Solution 3,000 channels 1,000 units 50 monitors
Max. 3,000ch Monitors e-MAP function Thumbnail search Rule base auto action Max. 256ch 6 Monitors Max. 128ch Dual Monitor Control Center Std Control Center Pro Control Center Ent. MAX 3,000 channel video, 1,000 units (DVR or IP devices), And 50 monitors Each window(Video, event, view, map, etc) can be arranged and configured in max 6 monitors via layout manager. It can manage and control the monitors of other PCs as an extension video monitor in max 50monitors and 3,000 channel’s video via network. Rule Based Auto Action The action manager coordinates various types of events that are occurred from managing DVRs or IP devices with a user-designated action such as alarmed channel popping-up, latching windows, controlling relay, sending , and so on. Therefore, user doesn‘t need to pay attention and manipulate worthless events and perform repeated actions any more. When configuring action rules, user can define an action schedule. Motion Detection Sensor Text Input No Video Configuration Saved Authentication Failure Unit Disconnected HDD Failure Channel Popup Latch Window Turn Relay on Send Go to Preset Record Save Image Play Audio Efficient Management Mode WEBGATE CC provides most efficient way of management to users. User can monitor general status such as Event, Sensor, Alarm information from each unit connected to CC software. Unit list connected to CC software Status information about Event, Sensor,Alarm from connected units Powerful SDK (Software Development Kit) WESP is Webgate Embedded Standard Protocol. User can create Video, Event, Recording, Search, Playback functions of DVR and IP using WESP SDK. Make your integration easier and efficient with powerful Webgate SDK. C++ VB .NET Java Script WESP Protocol WESP SDK Web Page Standalone Exe Other features Multi codec (H.264, MPEG-4, JPEG, 64ch view, 6 type of monitoring mode, All Webgate model connection, DDNS, Watermark, Schedule backup, Max 5 accounts, Smart search

10 Mega-Pixel IP & Server and software
Product lineup HD CCTV Solution HD1600M 16ch MAX / 1 HDMI / 1 VGA output E-SATA, External storage (up to 64TB) HD800M / 400H 8 / 4ch MAX / 1 HDMI / 1 VGA output E-SATA, External storage (up to 64TB) HD400ME 4ch / 1 HDMI / 1 VGA output External E-SATA C720B/C1080B / 0.5Lux(color), 0.001Lux(B/W) TDN / DWDR C720VD/C1080VD / 0.5Lux(color), 0.001Lux(B/W) TDN / DWDR , Built-in IR C720D/C1080D / 0.5Lux(color), 0.001Lux(B/W) TDN / DWDR , Built-in IR Accessories SDI Repeater and Distributor SDI to HDMI Converter H.264 Stand alone DVR MH3200M 32ch Half (Real-time) H.264/JPEG Dual codec, Multi streaming E-SATA , External storage (up to 32TB) MH1600H 16ch (Real-time) H.264/JPEG Dual codec, Multi streaming E-SATA , External storage (up to 32TB) MH1600M 16ch Half H.264/JPEG Dual codec, Multi streaming E-SATA , External storage (up to 32TB) EH400H/EH800M/EH1600L MAX real time recording/Monitoring H.264/JPEG Dual codec, Multi streaming E-SATA, Jog & Shuttle, Mouse LH800L/LH1600C MAX real time recording/Monitoring H.264/JPEG Dual codec, Multi streaming E-SATA, Jog & Shuttle, Mouse NVS04R External storage, 4 HDD Hot-swap bay Gigabit Ethernet port MAX 32TB expandable Mega-Pixel IP & Server and software HDC730C HD 1280 X CMOS 1/3M sensor 8 Multi streaming simultaneously 0.5Lux(color), 0.001Lux(B/W) Two way audio E30M Sony CCD 410k pixel 8 Multi streaming simultaneously 2 way audio B101M / D101M 1CH Server/Decoder 8 Multi streaming simultaneously 2 way audio VD101MD / VD101MI Network Vandal Dome camera Day & Night + IR / IP66 8 Multi streaming simultaneously 2 way audio SPD350M / SPD260M Network Speed Dome camera 8 Multi streaming simultaneously Area Zoom, 35x/26x Zoom Two way audio NVS04S IP camera Network Video Recorder (NVR) 4 HDD Hot-swap bay Gigabit Ethernet port Up to 16 IP devices ControlCenter (STD / PRO / ENT) MAX 1,024 site management H.264/MPEG-4/JPEG Dual codec Various search function WinDVrS (STD/PRO) Window based network storage system MAX 128 CH MAX 1,000 user monitoring simultaneously WESP SDK Support all range of Webgate product features Supportable platform : Windows XP/Vista/2008 Supportable language : VB, VC++, VB Script, C# 6F., Hanlim Venture Town B/D, 689-6, Geumjeong-dong, Gunpo-si,Gyeonggi-do, Korea T , F

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