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New hydraulic 24V barriers: B680H

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1 New hydraulic 24V barriers: B680H

2 Summary Why a 24V hydraulic barrier? Barriers future scenario USPs
Technical specifications 2

3  Why a 24V hydraulic barrier?
Extend the Hybrid technology (Hydraulics + 24V) to the barriers: consolidation of FAAC technological leadership in the automation market Get the maximum performance united to the maximum safety: very high opening speed, full reliability and obstacle detection 3

4 New FAAC 24V hydraulic barriers: B680H

5 Summary Why a 24V hydraulic barrier? Barriers future scenario USPs
Technical specifications 5

6 } } Barriers future scenario
Performances (freq. use, beam length, speed) } 640 620 615 New barriers B680H from 2m to 8m in length } Restyled, will be kept as the entry level hydraulic barrier (residential application) 6

7 Summary Why a 24V hydraulic barrier? Barriers future scenario USPs
Technical specifications 7

8 USPs (Unique Selling Points)
8 1 Modular beams up to 8m Hydraulic technology 2 9 DC brushless motor Very high speed (adjustable) 3 10 Removable case Single version for left and right 4 11 “Unlimited duration” springs Body and Beam Lights 5 Integrated encoder 6 Integrated control board 7 High sensibility integrated loop detectors 8

9 1 Advantages of hydraulic technology
Duration and reliability: up to 4 times higher than an electromechanical operator. In a hydraulic operator all the components are in oil bath, therefore less subjected to wear. Thrust force: a thrust up to 2 times higher than an equivalent electromechanical operator can be generated in a very small space. Resistance: very suitable for harsh environments (humidity, sand, salt, etc.) High operating frequency: the continuous lubrication of the components makes hydraulic operators suitable for heavy duty applications. Maintenance: limited and cheaper with respect to a electromechanical operator. Operating noise: the oil guarantees a very low operating noise. In the medium term, the cost of an hydraulic operator is compatible with an electromechanical operator 9

10 2 24V DC brushless motor Maintenance free and precise control
The 36V DC brushless gives an optimal control in any position Flexible acceleration and deceleration Adjustable opening/closing time Long lifetime No thermal issues Motor in oil bath Hyraulic pump unit with DC brushless motor 10

11 24V + Hydraulics = 1+2 Hybrid Technology
High reliability in any application 24V + Hydraulics = The technology, core of the B680H barriers, combines both the advantages of a 24V DC motor with hydraulic technology. On one hand, the 24V motor allows a continuous duty, making these barriers suitable also for high traffic applications (e.g. toll ways, parking lots, etc.). On the other hand, the hydraulic technology and the use of high quality components make the B680H very reliable and durable products. 11

12 3 Removable case Self supporting structure and removable case
The barrier has a strong centerpiece bearing the load, while the removable external case acts as a cover: in this way it is easy and cheap to change an eventually damaged case, without affecting the barrier structure. The external case, treated with Epoxy Zinc Primer 100um, is available in four different colors (RED RAL 3020, BLUE RAL 5011, Light GREY RAL 9006, WHITE RAL 9010) and in stainless steel version. The foundation plate is compatible with the 620/640 one so old barriers can be easily replaced by B680H. Foundation plate compatibility with 620/640 12

13 4 “Unlimited duration” springs
Maintenance free The two springs of the B680H are designed to have an expected life longer than the entire barrier life expectancy: more than cycles. Springs never need to be changed 13

14 5 Integrated encoder Maximal accuracy and respect of the safety standards The integrated encoder allows to perfectly control the beam in any position. In addition, it ensures a high accuracy in obstacle detection and inversion quickness, according to the current European safety standards: B680H can be used to control pedestrian accesses The encoder is mounted directly on the shaft for a more precise control of the beam. Absolute Encoder 14

15 6 Integrated control board E680
High flexibility and programmability High energy efficiency switching power supply with extended voltage range (90V – 240VAC). Control board E680 integrated in the upper rear part of the barrier in a transparent case to avoid crashes and humidity and to allow easy installation or maintenance. The board is conceived as the evolution of the 624BLD, therefore it keeps the same flexibility and number of logics of its predecessor. Moreover, the board is compatible with a great number of interfaces, i.e. 2Easy Bus, G-COM, NET-COM, WI-COM. X-Bat24 Control Board On the side of the FAAC XBAT 24 batteries could take place. 15

16 7 High sensibility integrated loop detectors
Top performance 2-channels integrated loop detectors The 2 channels integrated loop detectors are totally renewed in SW and HW. High sensibility: they can even recognize a bicycle. Total compatibility: they work well even with loops not specifically designed as by instructions (i.e. preexisting loops). Automatic setup and calibration: there is no need for selecting the frequency or other parameters but sensibility level; a sophisticated algorithm execute an automatic calibration setting the best resonating setup possible for the loops connected. Installer has only to chose the level of sensibility requested by the application. 2 Loop detectors The achieved performances are better than the commercial loop detectors ones taken as benchmark (Bircher Reglomat ProLoop 2) 16

17 8 Modular beams up to 8m net in length
Modular Beams: suitable for a wide range of applications 4 m + 4 m Invisible joint (once mounted) B680H 5 m B680H Wide range of applications: B680H can mount beams from 2m up to 8,3m in length. Simplified logistic: beam longer than 4m can be achieved combining two pieces of different length through an easy-to-mount joint. Example: 4,3m base + 4m extension = 8,3m beam 17

18 9 Adjustable speed FEW versions for MANY applications
In the B680H the beam speed can be adjusted through the electronic control board. This implies that there’s no more need for many versions (STD, R, TT, etc.) because the barriers can be configured to suit very different applications. Speed: 2m  <1,5 sec. 8m  <6 sec. 18

19 10 Single version for left and right
Logistic complexity reduced The B680H can be mounted in as a left or right version, depending on the application, by simply removing the spring and fixing it on the correct side. In this way, the logistic complexity is considerably reduced and the stock management can be optimized. Right version Left version 19

20 Integrated Semaphoric Flashing Lamp (rosso/verde)
11 Body and Beam lights Perfect visibility in every environmental conditions Integrated Semaphoric Flashing Lamp (rosso/verde) LED strip Environmental conditions can hardly affect the visibility of the beam (at night, with fog, etc.), therefore B680H provides: LED strip, that runs along the beam signaling its presence Flashing bicolor (red – green) LEDs lamp, not protruding and integrated in the body, designed to be vandal resistant. 20

21 + + Significantly reducing of ordering codes
Aste S intere o modulari (2 spezzoni) con giunto fino a 5m Aste L intere o modulari (2 spezzoni) con giunto fino a 8m 21

22 Summary Why a 24V hydraulic barrier? Barriers future scenario USPs
Technical specifications 22

23 Technical specifications B680H
FAAC B680H Input voltage 90÷240 Vac 50 (60) Hz Power supply type Extended range switching power supply Electric motor Brushless 36Vdc Absorbed Power 240 W Electronic slowdown Absolute Encoder Anticrushing device Absolute Encoder (inversion on obstacle) Beam type Round or elliptic profile with rubber and LED light prevision Max length of beam Modular beam from 2 m up to 8,350 m (net passage 8m) Opening time Adjustable: from 1.5s for 2m beam up to less than 6s for 8m beam Electronic control board E680: Integrated, placed at the upper side, easily programmable by display, two high sensibility integrated loop detectors, integrated Master-Slave management, slowdown management, BUS 2EASY, 4 programmable outputs, Led strip on the beam and semaphoric flashing lamp management External case treatment Epoxy Zinc Primer 100 microns Ambient working temperature and IP rate IP 44; °C Weight 85Kg (65Kg supporting structure+ 20Kg case) Dimensions (L x P x H) in mm 469x279x1100 23

24 B680H dimensions 24

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