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| 1 Universal Lighting Technologies Compact Fluorescents Presented by: Your Name HERE.

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1 | 1 Universal Lighting Technologies Compact Fluorescents Presented by: Your Name HERE

2 | 2 Universal Lighting Technologies Fluorescent vs. Incandescent Lamps  Before Fluorescent... Incandescent lamps were the only available electric lighting source, and they are still common today for a variety of applications. But… Incandescent lamps are not efficient and don’t last long. The heat that incandescent lamps generate demonstrate their inefficiencies as lighting sources. Fluorescent lamps are significantly more efficient than incandescent lamps, using less energy and lasting significantly longer. This efficiency can be measured in terms of Lumens per Watt (LPW). This is similar to Miles per Gallon with an automobile. Incandescent 18 LPW750 hrs. life Fluorescent 60-105 LPW20,000+ hrs. life Fluorescent lamps provide Energy Efficiency & Longer Life

3 | 3 Universal Lighting Technologies What makes a fluorescent lamp glow? 1.As an arc current passes through the gas in the fluorescent tube, the electrons flowing from the electrode at the ends of the lamp collide with the mercury atoms that are in the gases of the lamp. 2.The impact of the electrons and the mercury atoms produces ultraviolet rays. These ultraviolet rays strike the phosphors on the glass wall of the lamp, causing them to fluoresce and produce visible light. Fluorescent Lamp Glow

4 | 4 Universal Lighting Technologies Incandescent Lighting does NOT need a Ballast 120 V An incandescent lamp operates directly off the power line. Current flows through the filament, and the filament glows, providing light. The filament also acts as a resistor to limit the current passing through it. Ballast Requirement

5 | 5 Universal Lighting Technologies Which Lamps Need Ballasts? All arc discharge lamps such as fluorescent and high intensity discharge (HID) require ballasts for proper operation. Without a ballast, these lamps will not work. Screw-in compact fluorescent lamps include an extremely small ballast built into the plastic base where the socket is located. Circline Fluorescent HID Compact Fluorescent U-Bend Fluorescent Linear Fluorescent Lamps that need ballasts

6 | 6 Universal Lighting Technologies CFL Family: Universal’s Offering Mult-E Kit CFL Ballast Replacement Kit 347 V CFL Models Ideal for down lights and wall sconces CFL Lampholders Available in 10- packs to add conveniently to CFL Replacement Kits for the Complete Solution. CFL for Quad, Triple, & Multi Lamp Applications 13-70 watt CFL for Long Twin T5 Lamps Ideal for track light surface mount fixtures 18, 24/27, 36/39, 40, 50, 55 and 80 watts CFL for 2D lamps and T5 Circline Ideal for surface mount fixtures Universal offers broad selection of electronic Compact Fluorescent ballasts to address the most commercial applications!! Universal’s CFL Family

7 | 7 Universal Lighting Technologies CFL Family: Primary Benefits Triad® Electronic CFL:  High efficiency for maximum energy savings.  Universal input voltage of 120-277V.  Installer-friendly universal input voltage, which reduces inventory and ensures that you have the right voltage ballast every time.  Programmed Rapid Starting (PRS) incorporated.  Increases lamp life for those frequently switched applications where occupancy sensors are used.  Metal can construction.  Metal housing construction meets all plenum & construction code requirements. Delivers maximum heat transfer to extend ballast life.  Meets all applicable regulatory and safety standards.  Meets ANSI/NEMA requirements.  1- or 2- lamp operation of multiple lamp applications.  Multiple lamp options on each ballast for added versatility in applications.  Low profile form case fits in any fixture.  Small size means less wasted space than full alternative.  End of lamp life shutdown circuit.  Allows you to replace failed lamps without turning off power.  75° C Temperature Test point.  Maximum Case Temperature of 75° C allows for easy ballast/fixture testing, assuring proper temperature application.  Lamp proximity.  Lamps can be mounted in close proximity to these ballasts due to no temperature critical components near the can sides.  Type CC and Type HL (hazardous locations) rated.  Color coded connectors. Dual entry color coded wire trap terminals make wiring accurate and installation easy. Backed by Triad® five year warranty.

8 | 8 Universal Lighting Technologies CFL Family: Replacement Kit Mult-E® Kit CFL Replacement Kit:  Reduces Inventory. Contractors keep CFLs on their truck for quick and easy replacements as needed, so talk to them about the convenience of having a few SKUs cover most applications needed, so less wasted space on truck.  Versatile mounting. Mult-E kit has a variety of mounting options in just one kit. Contractors can be sure the CFL ballast replacement kit has everything they need.  Multi-Exit lead configuration for use in both side-exit and bottom-exit replacement applications.  Saves labor time. Having the right replacement in their truck at the time they need it saves labor time. ULT CFLs cover most applications with fewer SKUs.  Saves replacement time. The programmed rapid start feature increases lamp life, meaning fewer times up and down the ladder to replace the lamp.  Saves installation time - easy. The snap mount adapter plate speeds up installation time. No hardware is required for attaching the plate.  Wiring accuracy. Dual entry color coded wire trap terminals make wiring accurate and installation easy.  Installer friendly Universal Input voltage ensures that you have the right voltage ballast. Replaces multiple SKUs with 1 versatile kit covering most lamp applications.

9 | 9 Universal Lighting Technologies CFL Family: Replacement Kit Electronic CFL for Long Twin-Tube Lamps Benefits:  Smallest cross section available and universal input voltage. Electronic CFL for 2D & T5 Circline Lamps Benefits:  Unique solutions. Connectors for side and bottom exits reduce shadowing and provide maximum heat dissipation away from the sensitive electronic components.

10 | 10 Universal Lighting Technologies CFL Lampholder Benefits:  Packaged in convenient 10-pack size. Perfect to add to CFL Replacement Kit for the complete CFL solution.  Casing: Polycarbonate or PBT GF high-heat resistant material.  Push-in terminals for 18AWG solid or solder-dipped stranded cable. Unique twist and lock G24q series.  Made of high-temp resistant polymer. The fatigue- resistant stainless steel clip support springs for secure lamp fit.  Various mounting styles including snap-in and push-fit version for secure fast assembly  cUL listed Mult-E Kit + CFL Lampholders = The Complete Solution CFL Family: Complete Solution for Contractor

11 | 11 Universal Lighting Technologies Target Segments  Retail  Ggeneral shopping floor space, restrooms, recessed down lights, outdoor fixtures, track light, etc.  Healthcare  Patient rooms, hallways, restrooms, dining area, etc.  Education  Classrooms, labs, gymnasiums, restrooms, cafeteria, etc.  Hospitality  Atriums, corridors, elevators, vandal-resistant fixtures, hallways, lobby, ballrooms, conf. rooms, guest rooms, decorative, wall sconce, ceiling fixtures, outdoor fixtures, etc.  Commercial development and Office Buildings  Office enclosed, office cubicles open, restrooms, reception area, recessed down lights, hallways, etc.  Religious Institutions/Churches:  Recessed down lights, wall sconces, ceiling fixtures, replacing incandescent, etc.  Restaurants:  Ppen spaces, lobbies, restrooms, hallways, track light, outdoor fixtures, etc. Just about every industrial, institutional or commercial space needs replacement CFL ballasts. The Mult-E kit message (e.g. labor saving, one SKU covers all, and no matter what the situation in the ceiling we’ve got you covered) is particularly appealing to property managers, lighting maintenance contractors, and commercial maintenance contractors. CFLs offer long lamp life in frequently switched applications. CFL Family: Applications

12 | 12 Universal Lighting Technologies CFL Family: Quick Cross Reference Always consult the current spec sheet for details: Conveniently cross to Universal CFL ballasts... For Mult-E Kit: For Triad CFL:

13 | 13 Universal Lighting Technologies CFL Family: Quick Lamp Reference Quickly identify the ballast needed based on the lamp designation...

14 | 14 Universal Lighting Technologies THANK YOU For Additional Information, please visit our website or use your QR Reader for Smart Phone instant access. | 14 Website: Nashville Customer Service: (800) 862-8666 Universal Technical Engineering Services: 1-800-BALLAST (1-800-225-5278)

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