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FX 80 – 105 -135 High spin, freestanding washer extractors Product Sales Guide.

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1 FX 80 – 105 -135 High spin, freestanding washer extractors Product Sales Guide


3 Eco 3 wash technology 25% less energy consumption 15% less water consumption 25% less residual moisture

4 Saving calculation - Eco 3FS7FX80FS7FX80 Liters / wash cycle68,7358,51,881,44kWh / wash cycle Eur / wash cycle0,1930,1640,3340,256Eur / wash cycle Wash cycles20.000 Wash cycles Saving Eur- 580 - 1.560Saving Eur WaterEnergy Total saving 2.140 Eur Invest / spend Your saved money: / /

5 Washing results FS7FX80Difference Wash water (l)30,1724,6- 18,46% Total water (l)68,7358,5- 14,88% Energy (kWh)1,881,436- 23,62% Time (min)0:38:200:43:02+ 12,26% Spin speed (rpm)9801165+ 18,88% Rest humidity (%)63,847,2- 26,02% Temperature (°C)55,8355,3+ 2,73% Comparison of washing results - program No.11 (30°C gentle) - A gentle laundry program for wool, silk and garments that should be washed by hand - A gentle laundry program for wool, silk and garments that should be washed by hand * Tested i TZÚ Brno

6 FX range design FX80FX105 FX135

7 Cabinet Standard: Top panel: stainless steel Front panel: painted Ornamental plate: galvanized coating Option: Front panel: stainless steel AISI 304

8 Side panels Painted side panels Reinforcement in side panels for extra strenght: - U-profile: FX80/105 1x FX135 2x

9 Colour options

10 Guiding information NavigationSelect Cancel Start Extra functions selectionHidden navigation buttons (for menus) Graphical display - Anti-reflexive foil (sunshine) - Anti-vandal protection XControl 7 buttons + 2 hidden

11 1. Program selection2. Soap information 3. Price information4. Run information XControl Well-arranged screens for simple control

12 XControl Main features – Wash programs 15 free adaptable programs Factory pre-programmed programs: - 5x Standard - 4x Eco - 4x Super Eco - 2x Extraction Possibility to update wash programs: - Manually on machine - Through USB memory stick - With PC and TraceTech SW

13 XControl Main features – Wash process Consumption (water, energy) reduction by: - Precise water level measurement (step 0,1 unit) - Exact temperature measurement (step 0,1 °C) New spin sequence to reduce residual humidity

14 XControl Main features – TraceTech connection Washer management tool – TraceTech SW: - Machine set-up - Wash programs update - Monitoring + alarms (e-mails, SMS) - Traceability - Reports, statistics Connection: - Wired RS485 - Wireless WiFi

15 XControl Main features – Other Extra functions: Prewash, Soak, No spin, Gentle wash, Delay start Texts can be shown in 19 languages 8 liquid soap signals Ready for connecting water recycling kit Buzzer signal to inform about significant events (end of cycle, error,..) Simple firmware update through USB memory stick

16 Detail program information Navigation Select Cancel Start Stop Navigation Graphical display - Anti-reflexive foil (sunshine) - Anti-vandal protection Numeric keypad XControl+ 21 buttons

17 XControl+ Additional features Up to 99 programs Factory pre-programmed settings: - 5x Standard - 4x Eco - 4x Super Eco - 2x Extraction - 5x Special (Sport, Mops, Jeans,..) Extra wash / drain steps: - Spray - Static drain - Cool down - Reverse drain - Soak

18 FX80FX105FX135 Volume (l) 77,2105,6135,8 Capacity (kg) 81114 Diameter (mm) 530620 Depth (mm) 350 450 Inner drum 3 lifting ribs for ideal mechanical action Stainless steel AISI 304 Perforated ribs („PowerWash™“) New perforation („Cascade™“) All drums are „statically balanced“ Rib in inner drum

19 Inner drum - Cascade™ Extraction over 400G » not sticky linen to the drum More perforations » optimized water evacuation Less residual water » lower rest humidity Cascade shape of holes » better washing results

20 Water inlets Standard 3 high volume inlet valves Optional 2 Standard cool down ¾“ inlet valves Easy to remove filter without having to remove the valve: service friendly Water inlets

21 FX80FX105FX135 kW6 / 9 (4,6)6 / 9 / 129 / 12 Heating - Electrical Positioned in front of machine Easy access for quick service Short wash cycles Heating element Heating elements in the front

22 Heating - Steam Direct steam 1-8 bars Positioned in the back Combination with electrical heating is possible Switch between steam and electrical heating is on the back panel Steam injectorSteam opening

23 Soap box 4 compartments on middle of the top - 2 for powder and 2 for liquid soap Scandinavian design Ergonomical position: - Front and center Easy service: - 4 compartments next to each other: No confusion Soap box Lid of soap box

24 Soap box – connection to the tub Chemicals enter the tub between the back plate of the tub and the drum No agressive chemicals directly on the linen

25 Soap mixer is a standard feature on FX line Liquid soap pumps can be connected to the mixer Chemicals are diluted before entering the tub No hot water directly on the linen Soap box - mixer Mixer Liquid soap connection

26 Easy-Soap ® Easy soap is an option on the FX line Electrical board with connection to the liquid soap inlets is added Easy service: - Machine remains unopened For fixation plastic box with PCB board and 8 LED please unscrew cover on rear bridge

27 Up to 13 liquid soap pumps possible, connected to the soap box by hose: - 2x Ø 19mm - 3x Ø 14,5mm - 8x Ø 11,5mm Connected to liquid soap (inlets are parts of mixer) No hot water directly on the linen Holes of the liquid soaps inlets must be drilled through the detergent suppliers according to their requirements Easy-Soap ®

28 Door handle, door lock Ergonomic door knob for easy opening Scandinavian design Strong overdimensioned door lock for safety Door knob Door lock

29 Door handle, door lock Safety system to protect destroying of the handle during operation - System (due to the possibility of slipping in both extreme positions) prevents accidental damage when using greater force

30 Door X treme big door openings FX 80FX 105FX 135 Door diameter (mm)330410 Easy loading & unloading Primus Girbau Electrolux FX80: FX105: FX135: Primus Girbau Electrolux Primus IPSO Electrolux Opening to 180°

31 Hinges Oversized hinges for long life span Integrated in the new design Open door hinges Hinges Close up hinges

32 Cross and bearing house Modular bearing house design Star shape cast steel out of 1 piece: - Sandblasted and degreased Red painted 1+1 bearing per model (1+2 on model FX135) Advantage: Long life span & easy service

33 Bearing house construction Bearing house is mounted at back of the tub inside the frame shell Vibrations are optimally diverted to the suspension Frame shell Bearing house Outer tub

34 Bearings High quality bearings SKF: - Ball bearings Advantage: Easy to replace bearings

35 Shafts Special black steel for X treme strength Oversized diameters Welded on the drum for long life span Shaft

36 Seal 3 radial seals FKM 1 hardened sleeve Long life span Easy service: - Quick replacement time Seals Detail of seal

37 Drain Directly under the tub: - Low water consumption - No wasted chemicals Standard 3“ drain valves: - Small objects are evacuated 90°drain valve: - Auto-rinsing effect behind the valve Easy service: - Access from the front of machine 2 nd drain valve optional for water recuperation Drain under tub

38 Suspension Soft springs for high G-force Optimized balance: - No anchoring required Easy installation Suspension Close up spring Spring

39 Pulley Main pulley: Aluminium Motor pulley: Black steel Easy service

40 V-belts 1 micro V-belt per machine FX80: V-belt with 6 ribs FX105-135: V-belt with 8 ribs Belts are mechanically tensioned by bolt Close up V-belts V-belt on motor drive

41 Tilt switch 1 out of balance switch positioned below the tub in the front Steel spring is activated during high unbalances Is positioned in the factory With extreme unbalances: - The machine will repeat maximum 10 times (is not changeable) Activated when unbalances occur during: - Low spin - High spin Note: During installation & service always check if the tilt switches are well positioned Tilt switch

42 Frames Zinc plated steel Connected by „CLINCH“ technology (not welded)

43 Frames - Clinch technology New technology Not welded Stronger assembly of parts First time use on FX platform

44 Clinch technology - Benefits Strength of the connections is same as by spot welding Strength of the connections is same as by spot welding Connection does not rust Connection does not rust Increasing productivity Increasing productivity Shorter lead times Shorter lead times

45 Coin operated Electronical or mechanical coin meter Large integrated coin box Central payment as an alternative Coin box Coin box facia panel

46 Safety FX machines correspond to all CE and EMC directives, WRAS approval Noise level below 65 dB Standard: Emergency button (none on coin and CPS machines) One mainswitch Buzzer signal at end of cycle Emergency buttonMain switch

47 Approvals and Technology CE CE CSA / UL CSA / UL WRAS

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